Wednesday, June 30, 2010

My First Buffered Earnings, Yeah! :D

It has been 3 month's now since i've been serving nuffnang.
Those 3 month's, nuffnang have been paying me well, and my earning is enough for me to cash it out, it wasn't big, but it was sufficient for me to pay atleast 2 months of broadband. Lol.

Today, when I checked at my blog, I kinda saw this ad, from Astro. It stayed there, at my website although i've been visiting my site hour by hour to check for any visitors and I was kinda suspicious, why does the leader board ad shows the same ad all the time?

So i went to check my earning at nuffnang, hoping to get those delicious buffered earnings.

And i did.

"First buffered earnings under 3 months!"

I was happy, ofcourse and it was kinda weird because my daily site traffic was only under 100 a day. As I read and heard from blogs, people and friends, you have to get atleast 100++ a day to get any buffered earnings from nuffnang.

I guess this wasnt the case here, though. =p.

"I guess the 100+++ visitors a day wasn't so true, after all, =p"

Here, I would like to say a big thanks to all my readers, especially my friends and families out there and to those blogwalkers who are kind enough to visit me at this blog. =3.

Not forgetting nuffnang too!

(I guess site content really gave the thumbs up rather than the amount visitors. =p)


kenwooi said...

but buffered earnings can only be maximized with better traffic.. =)

tembume said...

bila la I nak dapat! huhuhu

Rowena Chasez said...

i think nuffnang dont love me..
coz u wanna know why..
i've been serving it for a year now..
but my earning still rm26..
my traffic always 100++ per day..
& i still have the glitterati status..

smoochiesayn said...

lucky u. i'm still new with nuffnang. this post motivates me. =)

thanks for ur sharing!

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