Monday, August 27, 2012

Raya 2012!!

I could see some spiderwebs on this blog.

It's been weeeeeeeks since i've updated and a lot of my friends and cousins were asking me why didn't i update my blog like I used to last time? Well, long story short- I was lazy and busy. Jusssttttt a lil bit busy and more to laziness.

I'm back in Kuching now after spending a week for Hari Raya. My 2 months summer holiday in Sheffield has been a blast. Right after the exams I went to Italy, earned myself pocket money enough to get me own PS3, some furnitures for my room and of course my ticket back home. Not only that, I've experienced a few parades in Sheffield- like the Tramlines and Olympics Torch Relay. My roadtrip with my friends from Sheffield to Oxford, Cardiff and all the way to St.Ives was the highlight of the holiday and probably i'll write about it after this post- that is, if im not that "busy" today. Lols.

Before heading to Malaysia, me and my friends went to Anfield to watch Liverpool against Bayer Leverkuson and on my flight back home to Malaysia from Dubai, I managed to take some pictures with our national team squad. They played 3 friendly games in Austria which they lost 2, and drew 1. One thing that I've realized when I step out from that Emirates plane from Manchester to Dubai was how hot Dubai was- even in its airport. Belum gik sampe Malaysia dah rasa panas..sampe2 klia nang confirmlah berpeluh.

You guys know what, in my opinion, KLIA is the best airport there is. You could seat anywhere you want, free wifi connection (although you can't surf youtube), 24 hours food restaurants and of course plugs everywhere to charge your laptop or handphones.

Right, enough of me talking some crap- how was your Raya?

Mine was splendid. There's no other place to enjoy Hari Raya with your loved ones- your close friends and family, all together in this joyous celebration. It's the only time where you could visit and catch up with what's going on and get served with delicious food such as satay, laksa sarawak, nasi briyani, ayam masak kurma, daging masak hitam and endless refills of carbonated or juice drinks-


And best of all, after filling your stomach with so many kinds of delicacies, you'll get a special colourful packet that contains money! a.k.a duit raya!! (datang rumah datuk/YB kalau nasib baik dapat RM50..wakakaka)

Not only you get to eat free food, but you get paid to eat!

Nothing beats celebrating Hari Raya in Malaysia. Nothing.


So far since the 1st day of Raya until yesterday (26th of August) i've been to a lot of open houses served by my family, teachers and friends. We get to laugh, chat, and enjoy our time together as I used to remember during my younger days.

I have another 3 weeks of holidays left. 3 weeks to indulge Malaysian and my favourite Sarawakian dish- Laksa and Kolok!!!

Thursday, August 2, 2012

Continuing What I've Left Behind

That picture, above, is the sole reason (apart from the olympics and work) why I am currently away from blogging this past few weeks. I know I have been blogging a lot less lately but I'll always find time to get in touch with everyone and update with you guys as soon as possible.

You know, I always wanted a PS3 ever since secondary school but it was bloody expensive and I don't have the money to buy those original games. PS3 games can be pirated nowadays but the true fun of playing with a console, such as PS3 is its ability to play online with others (which you can't if you play pirated games) in the rest of the world. I don't have much games with me at the moment as I'm still collecting and searching for a few deals on PS3 games.

I bought it for £120 and it's the 160gb hardrive version (roughly RM600) on ebay in which the seller only used the PS3 for a mere 3 hours ever since he bought it (I've got my salary already so this is a present for myself for completing my 2nd year for my master course). So it's like new anyways and I got a few games from him. RM600 for a nearly new PS3 is bloody cheap! And original games here are cheap too and is constantly on sale everywhere.

Here, most of my friends have atleast a PS3 or an XBOX 360 in their house. I finally got one, and will keep me company when there's rain outside of Sheffield. I've been away from console gaming ever since my PS2 broke down after my PMR..which was like, 6 years ago, probably.

Right, now where's my controller..God Of War is calling for me name.
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