Monday, February 28, 2011

My Top 10 Songs In My Ipod

I listen to music.

Most of the the time really-

I mean, everyday.

I just love music and if I have the chance to be alone in my room without my roommates (no- im not doing any porn surfing or anything; i'm not that kind of guy) i'll have the pleasure to dock my ipod into the holiest ipod speaker there is- the logitech S715i and turn on the volume out loud.

A monster, I'd say.

Ok, so whatever. Here's my top 10 songs that I always listen to my ipod. :p

10. Stutter, Maroon 5

9. Life After You, Daughtry

8. All My Life, K-C & Jojo

7. How, Maroon 5

6. Wonderful Tonight, Eric Clapton

5. Drops Of Jupiter, Train

4. Wind Of Change, Scorpions

3. Nothing Lasts Forever, Maroon 5

2. November Rain, Guns And Roses

And..for number 1-

1. Rahsia Hati, Element

9 out of 10 songs from my top 10 lists are English. But my number one song is in Malay, which is sung by an Indonesian band, Element.

This song really gives me the cold shivers every time I listen to it. The lyrics are strong and full with desperation- of love.

I never get bored listening to it over and over again- its so good, it always makes my mind winded and jumbled up with memories and thoughts of the past.

I just freaking love this song! :)

P:S// And No; there's no Justin Bieber.

Saturday, February 26, 2011

So Sarawak.

Wheepee! I'm back in Sarawak!

Not that i'm really looking forward to this though, but I guess i'll take this opportunity to take some well deserved rest- as well as some studying time.


You know,

I've always had issues when i'm going back home in Sarawak.

I never liked the fact that I had to take at least 2 bus trips from Micet to LCCT. When I first arrived at Bukit Jalil last Friday, I wanted to take a cab to KL sentral because I was sick/asthmatic and couldn't really walk that far on the train with a bag that weighs a ton of books, notes and a laptop.

Guess what, when I asked what was the price for the ride from Bukit Jalil to KL Sentral, an old lady in her 30s at the taxi waiting area quoted me a price of "RM30".

Urgh. Hello?

It's like RM3.50 if I walk from here to KL sentral using the train. I expected the most was RM20. The last time I took a cab at KL was earlier this year, from KL Sentral to Bukit Jalil, was RM20.

I was totally pissed off and walked away- but there was a taxi driver, yelling at me;

"RM25 la dik. Discount"

Fuck you.

I was in a very stressed mood the other day and I didn't have a lot of cash with me so what the heck, I'll just walk instead of paying RM30.

Well, my journey to Kl sentral wasn't the most pleasant walk I've ever had though, with ah bengs and promoters constantly harassing me to take those so called "free" gifts and prepaid cards and those smokes from the cars, construction works and cigarettes gave no-help at all. (No wonder some people say KL was "hell"). Overall it was nothing more satisfying than saving RM26.50- and used it to buy a double fillet o' fish burger and a vanilla milk shake at McDonalds at LCCT.

As I enter for boarding, I saw this guy at a shop buying shitloads of breads, Gardenia in particular.

And that was when, lightning struck my memory.

I remembered back when my mom and aunt usually bought a box full of gardenia breads for me and family in Sarawak each time they went to the peninsular for work. Every bite of those gardenia breads was something words can't describe back then. Usually i'll bring a few if there's some leftovers to school and eat it during recess. My friends usually ask where the hell I get those gardenia breads and I'll always proudly answer-

"KL- lah"

So I bet that the guy who bought that shitload of gardenia breads just now must've been a Sarawakian.

An instinct, of mine said, with an experience, that I've been through, when I was still a school kid.

Ah..good memories.. :)

Thursday, February 24, 2011

Ain, Supermodel In The Making

Meet Ain.

She's still a toddler but when she sees a camera right infront of her; she'll pose exactly just like a supermodel.  She really knows how to pose infront of the camera and "ujik-ujik".

Probably in another 1-2 years, Ain would be gracing the front pages of kid's fashion for Elle magazine.
Hah, I wish.

Anyways, here are some photo's that I would like to share with you guys. Enjoy! ;)

Oh yeah. You guys might have been wondering what "ujik-ujik" is.

Feast yourselves. :p

She's cute, isn't she? :)

Wednesday, February 23, 2011

Chemical Engineers

Its a fact, that Chemical Engineering are one of the toughest course that engineering has to offer.

I can't blame myself for choosing Chemical Engineering, because I really wanted to study this course wholeheartedly. My second choice of study was Mechanical, due to the reason that I always love robots. Or anything that involves mechanics.

Well, kinda.

Anyways, today I had a talk with my sponsors and we had the shock of our lives when we saw the statistics, in which most Chemical Engineering students fail during their second and third year in the UK.

Our first batch has resulted in 2 failures so far, and the second, resulted in 4. The third batch has already done their exam but their results are yet to be known. Me, myself and my friends here in Micet are the fourth batch of students who are going to pursue Chemical Engineering as the desired course of study and to be honest, I felt somewhat scared of what challenges lies ahead that I could face in the near future.

To be honest with you, I am struggling for my first year in Micet and the challenges present are not that easy to face with what I've got in my guts now. I've studied and done my tutorials but the fact is, it is still not enough.

As I was playing with my imagination and thoughts what was the fucking reason of why i'm struggling, the talk did the job really well.

One of the speakers, told us that attitude, plays an important role that determines who, what and where we really are.

Knowledge, Skills, Information and Attitude are the 4 core elements that one has to be available to oneself, in order to be successful in their ventures. And it was surprising, that Attitude, accounts 93% of the success rate of what we Malaysians call as,


For the past few weeks i've been in a constant amount of stress and I couldn't really think much about what to blog about except my current thoughts and feelings.

Still. A. Long. Way. To. Go.

Sunday, February 20, 2011

Photo Sharing: 18

If I could really do that type of overhead kick in Sepak Takraw, im sure that my leg tissues would be torn immediately. =.="

I've got no talent in ball balancing to play Sepak Takraw anyways. :(

A game of tennis, anyone? Hehe

Friday, February 18, 2011


I went to KLIA yesterday.

Me and my friends were going to meet some of our friends who were going overseas to further their studies and boy- what an experience it was.

As I enter KLIA, I saw swarms of people lingering around, where most of them are students and their families. Those students wore their MARA jackets and I could really see their sadness, in leaving their beloved hometown and the joy of opening a new chapter in a new place and people.

It was not surprising to see parents crying when they see their children's boarding for overseas and wave goodbye. It was totally predictable. But to see it with my own eyes I've thought to myself,

I wonder, what are the things that are going through their parents mind right now.

And then I wondered, again-

What if I'm the one whose wearing that MARA jacket, boarding for overseas, waved goodbye-

And saw my parents crying right in front of me.

What emotions would run through my very veins? Would I cry too? Would I run back from the boarding area just to give them one last hug?

I couldn't think less.

To see my friends pursuing their dreams is really a joy to watch, and feel. I am under their shoes now. But they're going a bit earlier than us.

For once my only source of inspirations are my family. The ones who guided me through my whole life. Ever since I saw my friends whose waving goodbye to me and said,

"See you there"

I guess; friends, are one of my source for inspirations too.

Going back home thinking how am I fucking gonna do this shit was something that I really thought really well.

If my friends can do it, so do I.

Thursday, February 17, 2011

The Writing Culture

I love writing.

When I was still in school, I used to write letters, short stories and poems. I love writing down my thoughts on a paper and I've used to kept it all over myself. When it comes to language classes, I love writing essays- especially in english. I sucked in BM.

I've wrote myself a journal, and even a diary. Sometimes when I'm back here in Kuching i'll look upon those books and recap all of those silly things that I've done when I was younger.

When I was bored I'll write a short story.

When I was "today was a good day" mood I'll write it in my journal.

Or when I was falling in love with someone I'll write a poem.

But it doesn't make any sense now though. Ever since I leave school those things were a thing of the past.

Now, writing was just some sort of typing on a computerized programmed keyboard-

Which I call as;


Wednesday, February 16, 2011


Apart from being an engineer, I always wanted to be a teacher or even-

A Businessman.

When I was in school I did a small business among my peers and teachers, where I sold some of the pictures that I've took with my camera.

The profit was awesome, imagine a piece of picture that I've printed, I could sell them back for 100% profit. 50cents a piece and RM1 for sale; and thus it began the love for business.

Someday, if I could save up all my money, I would really like to have my own gas station or maybe, my own McDonald's restaurant!

I look at myself in the mirror and told myself,

"I wanna be a successful businessman!"

Ultimately, if I couldn't afford to open either business, a gas station or a restaurant, I want to become just like Mr. Lee, a successful teacher, and a businessman.

A tuition teacher with his own tuition centre, Sri Sarjana- one of the most sought after tuition centres in Kuching. I still remember those days when Mr. Lee always asked his students in the class,

"Who can answer this question I will give RM50"

And Mr. Lee ain't bluffing. If you answered his questions correctly, you're RM50 richer than the other students.

Nah, someday..sometime..

"Anybody who can asnwer this question, I will give him an ipod"

And that's me, being a successful teacher, with his own tuition centre and owns a McDonald's restaurant.

Who knows.


Sunday, February 13, 2011

Tennis Pictures!

During this weekend there was a sport carnival held at Micet. I've entered tennis (doubles) and football. I've played tennis this week and would be playing football on the next weekend.

Though we were battered quite badly by the seniors, but we gave them a good fight overall. Here are some snapshots of me and my friend, Muaz playing the tennis doubles. :). Thanks to Hafiy and Akmal for snapping up some shots of us!

If only I could play like Nadal and serve like Roddick, i'm pretty sure chicks would be screaming my name-

Go Bazil! Go Bazil! Go Bazil!!

It's your birthday!

Go Bazil!!

Lol. Joking. Anyways, would be looking forward for the football match! That, I'm sure we would thrive to the finals! Hehe.

Friday, February 11, 2011

Till Death Do Us Apart

When I was a child I witness both of my granpa passed away. And not long after that my granma, from my dad's side followed the same fate, too.

I never knew what happened. I never knew how much it means for my parents, to lose their beloved mother and father who raised them since they were children's.

All I knew was it's holiday and I could meet all of my cousins and play. Beneath all those playfulness of me when I was a child I felt a little bit curious during my grandparent's mourning.

I'm an adult now, and those feelings I understand really well and wish to avoid because the sadness is unbearable.

Right now, my aunt is battling with blood cancer and once I've thought all those memories I had together it pains me to see her in such agony. Her only foster child and my cousin whom she adopted few years ago would never understand the meaning of death.

I could imagine her cries,

"Mommy..mommy..where are you..?"

My aunt loves her so much and every time I've thought of that it brings so much sadness to me. Ain, the name of my cousin, is her only child. My aunt brought a lot of toys for her. Every time Ain throws her toys away my aunt would willingly pick them up and give it back to Ain.

But now all my aunt could do is watch her only child dazzled with my aunt's current situation in the hospital and sometimes, Ain teases,

"Mummy, come back home. Ain misses you".

"Mummy have work to do here Ain, maybe tomorrow, okay?"

"But mummy, tomorrow Ain have to go to school."

I couldn't bear to watch and listen anymore. For all these while I've kept those feelings intact inside my heart, but I don't think I could do it now.

The sadness it brings for losing someone you really love and care is too much to bear with heart.

As im typing this, I couldn't stop myself from crying..

Cancer, is such a dangerous disease and at this very moment my aunt is lying on her bed at the hospital, sleeping and my sister told me that Ain teased her mom again,

"Why mummy always sleep..?"

But still, there's always hope.

I'm begging, for those of you who are in Kuching, who's generous enough to donate some blood (O+) to my aunt, please do.

Your help, is very much, appreciated. Someone's life, and someone whom I and my family love and care, and a mother to her only beloved child is in, your hands.

P:S// Nadirah Bolia, 0168601510

Wednesday, February 9, 2011

Longest Roti Tisu I've Ever Seen.

Before I say anything, let me introduce to you what Roti Tisu is. Well, from my understanding, roti tisu is a type of roti canai which is very thin, crispy and usually eaten with some syrups or sweet milk.

Ok, so..look at that. It took 3 plates to place that roti tisu. (Bought it from a Kayu's Nasi Kandar at Penang). It was such a pleasure to bite those crispy and delicious roti tisu into my mouth! 

I miss Penang's food. :(

Sunday, February 6, 2011

I Was Caught By The Police!!!

It was just a typical Sunday afternoon before something bad happened. Or should I say "unlucky".

Me and my friends were going out for our lunch at our usual place (we call it as Seremban)-roughly 3-5 minutes drive from Micet.

On our way to Seremban, there was a police road block and as a typical Malaysian, we rushed to buckle our seat belts and unfortunately, one of my friends, Kuna didn't manage to buckle up. (I was sitting at the back btw).

So we parked the car approximately 100 meters away from the road block and Kuna tried to buckle his seat belt but to no avail. We thought about U-turn..

Or get chased by the cops thinking that we were some drug dealers trying to escape from the police.

We charged in and as soon we approached the police at the road block, we had this conversation.

Naki: Assalamualaikum Pak Cik..

Police: Hah, ni parking jauh tadi ape kes? (Checks our car for any suspicious things). Ni tak pakai tali pinggang apesal? (The policeman looks at Kuna, who's sitting at the front)

Kuna: Aaa..tali pinggang rosak la pak cik. Takleh nak tarik.

Police: Oooo..takleh tarik? Driver meh lesen ngan IC. Parking kat tepi tuh.

Me: (Goddamn it! Are we gonna get summoned?)

Police: Pegi jumpe pak cik yang tengah dudok kat ujong tu.

Naki and Kuna walked out from the car and went to see another policeman. I was sitting all alone in the car and suddenly the policeman called out

"Hah, tu yang dok blakang tu. Pergilah skali".


So I took out the car keys and walked out from the car as well. Feeling confused and angry I went to the other policeman and asked-

"Kiteorang kene saman ke ni pak cik?"

"Takdelah, yang dudok depan tu je yang kene saman. RM30. Dah. Bagi IC" replied the policeman.

After handing out my IC to the policeman, the policeman wrote our names and addresses at some kinda name list. I seriously thought that we were gonna get summoned. But still, I remembered that if we were getting summoned for not wearing our seat belts, it would be around the region of RM100~RM200.


Rasuah ke bang?

Police: Hah, ni yang tak pakai tali pinggang tu, sebelum saye saman, awak nak cakap ape-ape tak?

Kuna: Errr..

Police: Ni, saye tanye lagi, sebelum saye saman, awak nak cakap ape-ape ke tak?

Should Kuna hand in RM30? That would be bribing. I don't know. RM30 seems reasonable than getting summoned RM200 for not wearing a seatbelt.

Kuna: ....

Police: Oklah, ni last saye tanye. Sebelum saye saman, ade ape-ape nak cakap?

I can see that the police is getting frustrated. I mean, did the policeman really want us to bribe him? At this point we were panicked and didn't know what to say. In all of a sudden the policeman kinda shouted at us-

Police: Minta maaf. Lain kali saye tak buat lagi. Tu pun susah ke hah?!

All 3 of us: Minta maaf pak cik. Lain kali saye tak buat lagi..

After we said that, the policeman gave our IC's back and we walked back to our car. Relieved. The policeman that stopped our car earlier suddenly said this with a tone of sarcasm;

"Eh, tak kene saman ke?"

Corrupted police. Sheesh!

Saturday, February 5, 2011


I spent this year CNY holiday with my friends at my dorm, particularly doing some lab reports and light studying.

Sounds..sad, right?

Flashback to a year ago, I've had one of the best traveling experience I ever had during the same holiday. I traveled from Kedah to Penang, to Kuala Kangsar, Ipoh and finally to KL with my mates where I've sold off my old camera and bought a new one.

I love to travel when I have the time. But after registering for sem 2, i don't really have that luxury. Everyday, i'd be sitting infront of my laptop, doing my lab work and studying. I really, really want this to end as fast as possible.

Its killing me.

Speaking of holidays, as a Sarawakian I've traveled to a lot of places, esspecialy in Malaysia. I've been to Kedah, Penang, Perak, Selangor, Malacca and Johor. I've never been to Sabah, Perlis, Kelantan, Pahang and Terengganu. Hopefully after this semester I could travel and see the world like I've never been before.

If money persists, I'd like to go to Australia during the mid year to meet my fellow friends and seniors there. Australia is such an amazing place, as described by Farouq, one of my closest friends. I really wanna see those koala's and kangaroos. I've heard that these kangaroos can be as tall as 2m!

Ah. Whatever the reasons, I really have to finish my lab work 1st! Back to microsoft word, peeps! =(

Thursday, February 3, 2011


One of my heroes, when I was 12 was Michael Owen.

But on 2005, my new hero was Steven Gerrard. And on 2007, I've added another hero on the list, namely Fernando Torres. (El-Nino)

I idolized El-Nino. I loved him. I adored him. Everytime he touches the ball with his feet I get horny and when he scores I become crazy in euphoria.

I knew inside my heart that he would be a future Liverpool legend. A future Liverpool legend. A legend who keeps the Liverpool crest inside his heart. A legend that battles and keeps his enemies scared with his elegant skills and touches.

Though Torres never won anything from club level, but Fernando have won the Euro 2008 and Fifa World Cup 2010 winner's medal; enough to highlight his Liverpool and International achievements.

Every time I scored a goal in a football or futsal match, i'd dedicate those goals to Fernando, wishing that one day I could be just like him.

In every football match I always hoped that he scored on every team that we face and one of the sweetest goal I've celebrated was the one he scored on his debut, against Chelsea, whom Torres went to a few days ago.

I was really shocked and frustrated and it was like a slap in the face- a betrayal. What really happened to the real Fernando, who had a tattoo on his arm,

"YNWA", it said.

For a few days I was really mad and emotional. What happened to "loyalty" in football? Though we, the supporters and players of Liverpool faced some tough times during the recent years but I was really hoping that you could stay and push yourself to your limit and show us what you're capable of- a future Liverpool legend in the making.

I guess when you've handed your transfer request really summed up who the hell "El-Nino" was.

A greedy, ungrateful and bloody selfish person. A traitor.

I thought that every goal that you scored was for us, to keep us on the top of the table and to win us cups. But I guess those goals means nothing to you.

In every Liverpool transfer that I could recall, Liverpool would congratulate and wish them luck with their current clubs, but unlike Fernando, a statement only read,

"Liverpool can comfirm that Fernando is a Chelsea player."

I really wished that you could bear with us during this bad time of the year and battle. You wanted success. A short termed success and only thought about yourself, not to the fans who gave them all to you.

You said you moved to Chelsea because you wanted to play for a bigger club. You didn't said how grateful you were to defend the colours of the red shirt with the Liver bird crest at Merseyside.

Fernando, Fernando.

Thanks, for the short memories.

Here, I wish you all the best with your "new" club and as always, we, the Liverpool players and supporters will always walk on.


Wednesday, February 2, 2011

Photo Sharing: 17

I really love this picture of myself, which was taken a year ago at KMKN. A lot of fond memories there. Ahhhh..i miss the Dewan Selera.

Honey stars and coco-crunch for breakfast, anyone? XD
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