Wednesday, February 9, 2011

Longest Roti Tisu I've Ever Seen.

Before I say anything, let me introduce to you what Roti Tisu is. Well, from my understanding, roti tisu is a type of roti canai which is very thin, crispy and usually eaten with some syrups or sweet milk.

Ok, so..look at that. It took 3 plates to place that roti tisu. (Bought it from a Kayu's Nasi Kandar at Penang). It was such a pleasure to bite those crispy and delicious roti tisu into my mouth! 

I miss Penang's food. :(


gabanMorka said...

mak aih..panjang bebenor

syaEYRA said...

waww... saya ingat yang saya mkan dulu dah cukup panjang, ada yang lagi panjang rupernye!

LadyKath said...

Had the same at Kayu's Nasi Kandar at Dataran Prima, PJ :)

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