Saturday, February 26, 2011

So Sarawak.

Wheepee! I'm back in Sarawak!

Not that i'm really looking forward to this though, but I guess i'll take this opportunity to take some well deserved rest- as well as some studying time.


You know,

I've always had issues when i'm going back home in Sarawak.

I never liked the fact that I had to take at least 2 bus trips from Micet to LCCT. When I first arrived at Bukit Jalil last Friday, I wanted to take a cab to KL sentral because I was sick/asthmatic and couldn't really walk that far on the train with a bag that weighs a ton of books, notes and a laptop.

Guess what, when I asked what was the price for the ride from Bukit Jalil to KL Sentral, an old lady in her 30s at the taxi waiting area quoted me a price of "RM30".

Urgh. Hello?

It's like RM3.50 if I walk from here to KL sentral using the train. I expected the most was RM20. The last time I took a cab at KL was earlier this year, from KL Sentral to Bukit Jalil, was RM20.

I was totally pissed off and walked away- but there was a taxi driver, yelling at me;

"RM25 la dik. Discount"

Fuck you.

I was in a very stressed mood the other day and I didn't have a lot of cash with me so what the heck, I'll just walk instead of paying RM30.

Well, my journey to Kl sentral wasn't the most pleasant walk I've ever had though, with ah bengs and promoters constantly harassing me to take those so called "free" gifts and prepaid cards and those smokes from the cars, construction works and cigarettes gave no-help at all. (No wonder some people say KL was "hell"). Overall it was nothing more satisfying than saving RM26.50- and used it to buy a double fillet o' fish burger and a vanilla milk shake at McDonalds at LCCT.

As I enter for boarding, I saw this guy at a shop buying shitloads of breads, Gardenia in particular.

And that was when, lightning struck my memory.

I remembered back when my mom and aunt usually bought a box full of gardenia breads for me and family in Sarawak each time they went to the peninsular for work. Every bite of those gardenia breads was something words can't describe back then. Usually i'll bring a few if there's some leftovers to school and eat it during recess. My friends usually ask where the hell I get those gardenia breads and I'll always proudly answer-

"KL- lah"

So I bet that the guy who bought that shitload of gardenia breads just now must've been a Sarawakian.

An instinct, of mine said, with an experience, that I've been through, when I was still a school kid.

Ah..good memories.. :)


Anonymous said...

pening ku baca tulisan kedak tok haih..

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