Monday, February 28, 2011

My Top 10 Songs In My Ipod

I listen to music.

Most of the the time really-

I mean, everyday.

I just love music and if I have the chance to be alone in my room without my roommates (no- im not doing any porn surfing or anything; i'm not that kind of guy) i'll have the pleasure to dock my ipod into the holiest ipod speaker there is- the logitech S715i and turn on the volume out loud.

A monster, I'd say.

Ok, so whatever. Here's my top 10 songs that I always listen to my ipod. :p

10. Stutter, Maroon 5

9. Life After You, Daughtry

8. All My Life, K-C & Jojo

7. How, Maroon 5

6. Wonderful Tonight, Eric Clapton

5. Drops Of Jupiter, Train

4. Wind Of Change, Scorpions

3. Nothing Lasts Forever, Maroon 5

2. November Rain, Guns And Roses

And..for number 1-

1. Rahsia Hati, Element

9 out of 10 songs from my top 10 lists are English. But my number one song is in Malay, which is sung by an Indonesian band, Element.

This song really gives me the cold shivers every time I listen to it. The lyrics are strong and full with desperation- of love.

I never get bored listening to it over and over again- its so good, it always makes my mind winded and jumbled up with memories and thoughts of the past.

I just freaking love this song! :)

P:S// And No; there's no Justin Bieber.


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