Thursday, February 3, 2011


One of my heroes, when I was 12 was Michael Owen.

But on 2005, my new hero was Steven Gerrard. And on 2007, I've added another hero on the list, namely Fernando Torres. (El-Nino)

I idolized El-Nino. I loved him. I adored him. Everytime he touches the ball with his feet I get horny and when he scores I become crazy in euphoria.

I knew inside my heart that he would be a future Liverpool legend. A future Liverpool legend. A legend who keeps the Liverpool crest inside his heart. A legend that battles and keeps his enemies scared with his elegant skills and touches.

Though Torres never won anything from club level, but Fernando have won the Euro 2008 and Fifa World Cup 2010 winner's medal; enough to highlight his Liverpool and International achievements.

Every time I scored a goal in a football or futsal match, i'd dedicate those goals to Fernando, wishing that one day I could be just like him.

In every football match I always hoped that he scored on every team that we face and one of the sweetest goal I've celebrated was the one he scored on his debut, against Chelsea, whom Torres went to a few days ago.

I was really shocked and frustrated and it was like a slap in the face- a betrayal. What really happened to the real Fernando, who had a tattoo on his arm,

"YNWA", it said.

For a few days I was really mad and emotional. What happened to "loyalty" in football? Though we, the supporters and players of Liverpool faced some tough times during the recent years but I was really hoping that you could stay and push yourself to your limit and show us what you're capable of- a future Liverpool legend in the making.

I guess when you've handed your transfer request really summed up who the hell "El-Nino" was.

A greedy, ungrateful and bloody selfish person. A traitor.

I thought that every goal that you scored was for us, to keep us on the top of the table and to win us cups. But I guess those goals means nothing to you.

In every Liverpool transfer that I could recall, Liverpool would congratulate and wish them luck with their current clubs, but unlike Fernando, a statement only read,

"Liverpool can comfirm that Fernando is a Chelsea player."

I really wished that you could bear with us during this bad time of the year and battle. You wanted success. A short termed success and only thought about yourself, not to the fans who gave them all to you.

You said you moved to Chelsea because you wanted to play for a bigger club. You didn't said how grateful you were to defend the colours of the red shirt with the Liver bird crest at Merseyside.

Fernando, Fernando.

Thanks, for the short memories.

Here, I wish you all the best with your "new" club and as always, we, the Liverpool players and supporters will always walk on.



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