Friday, December 31, 2010

15 Things For 2010

1. Sold my old nikon. Bought a D90.

2. Travelled to Penang, Sungai Petani, Kuala Kangsar, Ipoh, JB, Melaka and KL with my friends.

3. Won a medal for the basketball tournament during KMKN sports day.

4. Won prizes and hampers on KMKN's photography challenge.

5. Get pranked during my birthday. (Horlick basi..kicap..kari ayam..air basuh..etc..)

6. 4.00 for two semesters. :)

7. Enrolled to UniKL Micet.

8. Played Dota for the first time. (Suck at it)

9. Passed IELTS exam with flying colours.

10. Tried ice skating.

11. Bought my first ever audiophile headset.

12. Bought an Ipod Touch.

13. Attended a concert at JB- Gego.

14. Rode a roller coaster. (My first time! At Sunway).

15. Failed in biology. (I think)

Oh, hello 2011!! Please be nice to me. :3

Wednesday, December 29, 2010

Shell Scholarship Interview

I still remembered how badly I did during the Shell scholarship interview.

It was 2 years back.

I really wanted the Shell scholarship more than anything else because they offered the course that I was interested in- petroleum engineering.

It was a telephone interview. (I know..sounds weird right? But its the same as a normal face to face interview. Its just that, you can sit comfortably in your home and you won't get too nervous about it).

That wasn't the case for me because my interview started at 11.30 a.m. At 10.30 a.m. which is an hour before the interview, I went for breakfast. I had a very simple meal and I thought that I should finish my meal as fast as I could and get back home before 11. (My house was quite near from the place that I've eaten my breakfast).

But. Just 10 minutes before 11 a.m nightmare struck. As I approached my car, my telephone rang; please let it be my parents who called.

As I took out my handphone from my pocket. Ahh.

It was not a local Sarawak number. It was from KL. And I know it must be be from Shell.

I blew it. All of my documents are at home. To think that I should do the interview inside my car was ridiculous; but that was an option. Do the interview inside the car without any documents and make a good impression? Or. Go home 1st. Do the interview with my documents so that I could lay down my facts easily.

"Hello, this is Emily (not real name) from the Shell Scholarship Foundation. This must be Mohammad Bazil"

Oh shit. Oh Fuck. Damn it!

"Yes..this is Bazil, an applicator of the Shell Scholarship Awards"

"Are you ready for your interview?"

I chose option 2.

After that call, I drove straight back home and cursing myself why did I took the freaking breakfast for the 1st place? I should've sit in my room and waited for the call! How I've wished that I've got a face to face interview rather than this! (Or a time machine) I wanted to smash my head on the wall, but I guess that was a stupid idea.

The 2nd call was exactly on 11.30 a.m.- the exact time when I should undergo the interview. I was frustrated and felt pissed of myself. I knew I've blew my chance of getting the scholarship away. I knew this was the end.

The interview, lasted around 45 mins was truly an adventure. I talked and said everything that came across from my mind. From education, sports, co-curriculum activities and friends, you name it.

The 1st call has done its job. I've failed to make a good impression. An opportunity came down knocking on my door.

And i've failed to take a full advantage of it. A week later i've received an email that I was not the right person that they wanted to look for. I was disappointed. I felt that this was the end of the world.

I never felt so fucked up in my life.

That was one of the most painful experience i've ever been too. And the most painful lesson that I've learnt.

"Be Prepared"

If Malaysia Wins The Fifa World Cup

Malaysia Won The AFF Suzuki Cup!!!

Indonesia menang. Tetapi Malaysia Tetap Juara.

I guess that statement would really haunt the Indonesian football fans. Nevertheless, it was a thrilling final. Credit to the Indonesian team. Fahmi was superb last night.

So. Since we won the AFF Suzuki Cup PakJib declared Friday as a public holiday.

OMG..that was when I wonder..what if Malaysia win the gold medal for football in the olympic games?

I think all of the players and the manager will be given prize of gelaran "Datuk"?

Imagine "Datuk Khairul Fahmi Che Mat". lets say..if Malaysia did really win the World Cup..(a very bif IF)..what do you think PakJib will give to our national team players?

My best bet would be all of the players and the manager will be given the prize of gelaran "Tan Sri". Or one week of public holiday! Or even a banglo house for every player! (Remember during the 2002 World Cup the Arab Sultan/Prince gave the players if im not mistaken a house or a rolls royce for every goal they managed to score in their matches).

"Datuk Tan Sri Rajagopal"

Well, what do you think PakJib will give if our national team won the Fifa World Cup? :P

Again, congratulations to Malaysia, the crowned champions of the AFF SUZUKI CUP!!!

Tuesday, December 28, 2010

Mee Sotong @ Penang

One of the best things about Penang is their vast diversity of food. You just can't get enough of them, really. Foods everywhere.

During one of my recent trips to Penang, I tried this dish, called Squid Noodle, which is also known as, "Mee Sotong" at Taman Kota Lama.

I can't really remember the exact price of the dish, but I think it was around RM3-3.50. From my own tongue of personal tastes, I do find that the Mee Sotong is delicious indeed- just that its very spicy.

People who loves spicy dishes should really try one of these at Penang. And oh, before I forget, you guys should also try their Coconut Shake. Very yummy!!! :p.

Monday, December 27, 2010

The Best Fruit Tart. Ever.

Feeling hungry?

This is one of the best fruit tarts I've ever eaten in my whole life. See those strawberries? Can you imagine taking a piece of the tart, and put it inside ur mouth?

Feel the crunchiness of the crust. Feel the sweetness from the chocolate inside the tart. Feel the smooth and luscious strawberries inside your mouth in each bite. ARGHHH!!!

And did you know that the fruit tart, pictured above only costs RM15? (Its really big! I can eat the whole tart if im feeling stingy-lol) For those people who lives in Kuching, give yourself a treat at Delizze and try their awesome fruit tart!

I'm craving for one now. =(

Sunday, December 26, 2010

Malaysia Vs Indonesia; 3-0

Goals from Safee Saily and Mohammad Ashari undeniably outclassed Indonesia during the 1st leg of the finals of the AFF Suzuki Cup. 3-0. I really love the 3rd goal from Safee. What a header that was.

I watched the game from the start till the end and fortunately the supporters were calm and didn't do anything stupid or ridiculous, except for the lasers.

During the match, there were lasers being beamed at the players. Most of the time the lasers could be seen during set pieces, corner or even goal kicks. At one particular moment, (if I could recall it was during the 52th++ minute), Markus, the goalkeeper of Indonesia were furious of the laser beams headed towers him and called the referee to halt the game.

11 players of the Indonesian players walked off from the pitch and so did the Malaysians, when the referee saw that the game should be halted for a moment to let the game to cool of a bit. This proved vital to Malaysia where 5 minutes after the game was halted-  Malaysia, dubbed The Malayan Tigers roared the National Bukit Jalil Stadium with 3 goals.

Can Malaysia stay with the lead at Stadium Bukit Jalil and hold on during the 2nd leg at Stadium Bung Karno? No one can ever tell. But surely Malaysia are one foot away from lifting the cup.

In football, shit can happen anytime.

Recall the UEFA champions league 2005 where Liverpool gave AC Milan the most embarrassing moment of their lives when they bounced back from a 3-0 deposit to win at 3-3 on penalties.

Hopefully, in Indonesia, Malaysia will defend and lift the cup to give Malaysia a day that they would never forget. (I heard that the commentators were suggesting that Malaysia should give a public holiday tomorrow the celebrate the win- lol)

Malaysia Boleh!!

Saturday, December 25, 2010

Photo Sharing: 15

My sister got some decent results for her PMR so I bought a Sony mp3 for her as a gift. :p

Well, she earned it. Congratulations! SPM is waiting. I still remember how badly I've flunked during the PMR and fortunately I've bounced back during the SPM.

Don't take the results for granted, because SPM, will determine your real future. :).

Again, congratulations! :)

Thursday, December 23, 2010

Funny/Weird/Bizarre Pictures That'll Make You Laugh. Or Smirk. Or even gasp. ;)

Another fun day at the internet. After walking/shopping/eating all day, I just had to post these pictures. They're funny. They're weird. They're bizarre.

Words of wisdom once said;

"Pictures are worth a thousand words".




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