Thursday, December 9, 2010

ADV: Pre Medical Student Conference

I've always wanted to be a doctor. Being a doctor is a very noble job. Does saving someone's life, giving someone a chance to believe and making someone grateful for who you are appeals to you? I know- everyone wants that. You're lying if you're not. Or, have you ever thought about to learn more about the real world of medicine and have a better understanding of the various medical specialities?

To be a doctor, one must have great responsibility, dedication and willing to succeed. If you're a budding and a learning or a wannabe doctor, a parent who wants to learn or form 5 students who's going to pursue medicine as a career of choice, why don't you give yourself a chance to take part in the Pre Medical Student Conference in Prince Court Medical Centre, Kuala Lumpur.

Take a head start from others by joining this Pre Medical Student Conference. This would be an ingenius way to enjoy your holidays rather than having yourself wrapped up in your room playing games or watching televisions.

Talks by Y. Bhg Tan Sri Dato’ Seri Dr. Hj. Mohd Ismail Merican, Director General of Health, Malaysia, Dr. David K.L Quek (President of MMA), Mr. Stuart Pack (CEO Prince Court), Ms. Barbara Er (IUMC Malaysia) and many others would surely inspire the little doctor inside of you. 

The fee would be RM80, inclusive of 2 tea-breaks and lunch break. That RM80 is worth nothing from what you'll be getting and experiencing at the Pre Medical Conference. Knowledge, key points, experience and new friends would be waiting for you at the conference.

Interested parties can call,

Dhania- 0122805074
Dalila - 0136407209
Aizat- 0128938820

Places are limited! Be quick!!

For more info-


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