Friday, December 3, 2010


I've watched The Social Network at MBO. It was a great movie. I recommend those movie go-ers to watch it. A thrilling epic movie about how facebook was created and how Marc Zuckerberg, the co-founder of facebook was filed to damages by his own best friend. not going to talk how great the movie was, since the movie was out ages ago..the thing that I wanted to point out was that how SUCKS it was to watch the movie at MBO; KUCHING just now.

Why so?

When I entered the cinema (no-one was guarding the door so I assumed that the movie is going to start soon) and sat on my allocated seat with my cousin, there were some commercials being shown at the screen..until suddenly a women next to me asked,

"Is the movie finished?"

Okay..what the hell? What movie I asked? Weren't we supposed to watch The Social Network? I was shocked when people started to get out from the cinema as early as 6.55p.m and the screen went blank. (The movie started at 7)

What the hell was happening?

Everybody went out, except me and my cousin, who sat doing nothing, confused. After a few minutes, I walked out from the cinema and searched for the one who's responsible for the movie. In like a minutes later, a group of people went inside the cinema again, and me and my cousin joined in too. Would this be the one, then? is. So I sat back to my seat and watched the commercial again, but now- there was no sound. No sound until the movie started..and continued until the next 15mins..WTF MBO?! There were some people shouting to rewind and play the movie back again but to no avail. We've just lost the first 15 minutes of the movie.

I was reading the subtitles and I couldn't really read them because there were too fast. Plus, when I've watched Unstoppable with Aizat a couple of weeks ago at MBO; KUCHING, the screen went blank on the middle of the movie!!

I'd say, when some tourist watch a movie here in Kuching and suddenly something wrong happen (no sound; screen goes black/white/green ), I would gladly tell them..


P:S// There were also no cleaners around to pick up rubbish when I've entered the cinema at MBO. It was quite dirty..hopefully the management could do something about this matter..


theeggyolks said...

there're more cinema coming to Kuching already. I bet MBO is going down soon. Now MBO is popular is just because there's no strong competitor. i hope GSC in Samarahan will be a big one! :D

Celeste said...

I think Swk cinemas are all dat way
Star Cineplex in Miri is the same..n i totally hate it when the whole screen went blank in the middle of the movie ><

selipar biru said...

That's terribly annoying.
I'm a movie goers as well.
Hate it when it starts late and when the first part is cut!

Badree said...

True cuz.. i really hate it when they wont rewind the movie..haha.. anyways,i did enjoy the movie that day.. thank man..

Midori said...

I have a few bad experiences at MBO kuching as well:

"Unstoppable"-No airCon from Beginning till end
"The Mechanic"-Film Hanged about 3rd quarter down the movie. Projector prob.
"Sherlock Holmes"-Hanged at the climax part of the movie and then a few moment without sound. (video n audio prob)

Anonymous said...

The fact of the matter is its MBO. It's nothing to do with its location at Kuching or anywhere else. MBO just sucks! flat SUCKS!!! I'm staying at KL. Just watched Transformers 3, like just now, at MBO Spark, Desa Petaling. Sound problem man... it was not muted, it's playing. But when you hear the sound, its like as though you were hearing it underwater with the sound amplified. How stupid is that. Me and some other guy went out to complaint, after a while they fixed the prob, but only for a short moment the sound went crazy again. I went out again and ask if they could get the sound fixed and rewind the movie for a bit. They couldnt because it will affect their movie schedule. So i asked if I could get a refund. She's like gladly accpeted my request as though she had been through this all the time with the customers. So I asked again, "Can you refund for all the others inside"?. She's making some face and turned away. So there I was 'trying hard' not to waste my time, finishing the movie in a cinema not worth watching.

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