Saturday, July 31, 2010

Talentime 2010: Could Be Improved.

Similar to American Idol, Talentime is a place where one could show their skills in dancing, playing music or weird instruments and even singing. The Talentime was held at the lecture hall, UniKL Micet. This was my first time watching talentime and my expectations were quite high, but after 10 minutes watching, I was quite disappointed.

"Hopefully the next one could be improved."

There were performances such as nasyid, some acoustic music and dances; but it couldn't bring out the X-factor of the talentime. Why? Because in some of the singing performances, some of them have forgotten the lyrics and some of the performances were under-par. Although they told us they were given a small amount of time to practice, the organizers, should give more effort in putting the talentime worth watching; by giving more time for the performers to rehearse. Macam tergesa2.

"One of the best performances from the talentime"

During the talentime, there's this performance that caught my attention. A group from the Seni Budaya Micet, played some songs using traditional music instruments such as Cak Lempong (wonder if I spelt that right). They sang Im Your's by Jason Mraz and other international artists songs- I was amazed.

"Amazing skills!"

Not only that, they also played Cak Lempong with electric guitars as well! I wonder if they could play Cliffs Of Dover using Cak Lempong?

"Now that is what I call as creative."

Traditional dances such as tarian Zapin were also shown during the talentime. Plus, there were some Bollywood dances as well.

"Not a big fan of bollywood dances, but the dancers did give a good show"

It's good to see the younger generations getting involved in preserving some of our Malaysian cultures. I still wonder why 1Malaysia only consists of a Malay, Chinese and Indian but no Sarawakian or Sabahan. Weird.

"Tarian Zapin!"

Overall Talentime was OK, nothing to boast about, really. The Cak Lempong performance was entertaining. The singing performances were nothing special but could be improved. The comments about that.

Hopefully the next one would be better.

Thursday, July 29, 2010


In university, everyone studies in the lecture hall, listening to the lecturer talking about the subject that the lecturer is teaching. But, for our case, its a bit different since all of our lectures are in the class since our batch only consists of 26 people.

If you don't do your tutorials and if you skip classes, the lecturer would know. In real situation the lecturer wouldn't mind but since we are in a small group, everything we do are monitored, so we couldn't do all the usual stuffs we did in college, such as sleeping in class.

"Its practically normal to see people sleeping in the lecture halls, I think"

As a ChemEng, we are exposed to subjects based on chemistry, maths, physics and surprisingly biology. Probably this post would benefit our juniors who are still studying at KMKN, but I advice that don't take your foundation lightly. Your foundation would be your basic knowledge when you step here in the university.

Sure, it's an IPTS, and we're a transfer degree students and are sponsored, but we would like to set an example to our juniors not to take things easily. Our world right now are full of entertainments that could pull you away from your conscious mind; put everything aside and concentrate on what matters most.

"There's a lot of entertainment nowadays. Don't let it them control you! XD"

I've seen a lot of people who take their SPM and foundations lightly and in the end, they caught themselves up with doing something that they hate after that. Some people would say that we are gifted or, so to say, "student's with special ability", but that's total bullshit. We worked hard for it and we earned it. If you want something really bad, then go and get it. It's better to fail trying rather than failing because we didn't try it at all.

We learn from mistakes, yes. Mistakes humiliates us. Mistakes makes people laugh at us. Sometimes, mistakes makes people hate us. Take mistakes, as an opportunity to improve yourself better. As a saying goes, "Although I have made a mistake a 1000 times, I have learnt how to avoid those 1000 mistakes". Sounds awkward, but that is how we learn.

"Please take mistakes seriously!"

To our juniors, we wish you all the best, enjoy yourselves while you can and when there is failure, that means your best is just not good enough.

Wednesday, July 28, 2010


In this recent weeks I have been spending too much already. This week would be my third week in UniKL. Another 11months to go. Sigh. How I wished I could fasten the time. Staying 4 years here would be hell. It's a good thing that I would be studying here just for a year and I'm certain, by the end of the day, I'd be missing all of those precious moments when I fly to Sheffield. (Hopefully).

The first week when I arrived here, I've already spent more than RM100- the result of going to J.B with my friends. The second week though, RM150++ were burnt for expenditures and bills. If this goes on, I would be broke by next week. Something that I should be cautious about.

University life is challenging indeed. I wonder what are my friend's are doing out there at their university. Not forgetting my friends who are studying for form 6 and college too, how's everything?

"Challenges are those little things that make us stronger"

I bet everything is fine. To all of my friends out there, and to my teachers too, I miss you guys! :(.

Monday, July 26, 2010


Seriously I was totally shocked when I got another buffered earnings from Nuffnang. My site traffic are very low compared to other bloggers around. Averaging traffic below 50 visitor's a day, (even as low as 13!) Random-Apples were gifted with another buffered earnings.

"Another buffered earnings! XD"

To gain buffered earnings from Nuffnang are not entirely 100% dependent on site traffic, I presume. Probably content quality did the job-again for this site. I was happy, of course, with this achievement. I hope this could motivate other bloggers around not to concentrate on traffics alone, but site content as well.

"High site traffic count doesnt mean you could gain buffered earnings from Nuffnang"

Thank you to all Random-Apples readers out there for supporting this site! Not forgetting Nuffnang too for their continuous support for Random-Apples! 

Love you guys! :D 

Sunday, July 25, 2010

One Night Trip To Bandar Melaka: Time was the enemy.

Me and my friends spent the whole weekend jerking off at Bandar Melaka. The trip started on Saturday, with a group of 10 people and approximately at 11am, we went to the bus stop at UniKL entrance and waited for the bus. We arrived at Melaka Central 1 hour later. As usual the bus trip was very tiring indeed. Went for a lunch at Mc'Donalds (some groups went for lunch at a nearby food stall) and straight after lunch, we head ourselves for our destination; Bandar Melaka.

"The gang"

Our first destination when we arrived at Bandar Melaka was Mahkota Parade. There's nothing interesting there though, just a mall with some boutique shops. Nothing unique. But during our trip to Bandar Melaka, we saw a lot of really nice statues and buildings like this big ship and this tower, called the Menara Taming Sari that I saw did gave me a breathtaking view of the city.

"Here's how Mahkota Parade looks like"

After hours of walking at Mahkota Parade, we went to Dataran Pahlawan, a place that looks quite similar to Bukit Bintang at KL. I liked the idea of the shoplots at the walking area; how I wished that Kuching had the idea of creating our waterfront somewhat like Danga Bay, but I guess that would take another 10 more years for Sarawak to achieve that. =p. At Dataran Pahlawan, shopping addicts would truly feel themselves at home. It's a shopping paradise. Ofcourse, money wise, we didn't bought anything except if there's something that is below RM10.
We also went to the famous Kota A'Famosa where I saw there were tons of tourist cam whoring around the area.

"Kimi bought this BigFud shirt for RM10 at Baden bundle shop. Rare?"

Strolling around Dataran Pahlawan was a joy. I even bought myself a new camera strap for my camera, Matin Camera Strap which I bought for RM35 (I haggled the price down from RM50). It looks good on camera and certainly feels comfortable to use. Love every inch of the strap. :P

"This is how the strap looks like. Like the neoprene thingy. Soft and very squishy."

We plan to stay overnight here at Bandar Melaka and the search for hotels was a very scrutinizing task; I really hope that the hotels weren't like Singapore Hotel which me, Kimi and Wakjoe stayed at Penang. All of us stayed at Hotel Senyum Mesra, just 20 minutes walk from Dataran Pahlawan. It costs us RM80 but it was worth it. It could fit 10 people and there was no "tompok" putih at the mattresses. So I think that it was a good idea. Had a tough time settling the price with hotel owner too since he didn't let us sleep 10 people in one room.

Tauke: Eh, mana boleh tido 10 orang. Ini bilik maksimum 6 olang.
Me: Tidak apa, kitaorang nak tido saja untuk malam ni.
Tauke: Jangan bising2. Kalau bising2 customer marah. You kena.
Me: *Snorts* (Then what about the couple's who had sex at your hotel screaming "ah, ah, ah??")
Fine, okay2.
Tauke: Kenapa nak tido 10 olang? Kamu Gay?
Me: Kita olang satu rombongan 10 olang. Kami olang baik2. Takde Gay2.
Tauke: Ok2..lapan pulo linggit. Bagi IC.

"It's a good thing that the room was comfortable."

Once the hotel problem was settled, all of us went for dinner at Madinah cafe. We waited for Haikal and Muaz since both of them are buying our movie tickets at GSC. Midnight movie, was our big plan for the night. To our disappointment, we had to watch a Walt Disney movie, The Sorceror's Apprentice, which, in my case, sucked. (I wanna watch Ong Bak 3!)

"Fazran at Cafe Madinah"

After dinner, all of us went back to Dataran Pahlawan and luckily that night, there was a concert going on. During the concert, the MC did really gave a scare to the 2 tourists who came to the stage and did some boogie dancing infront of the crowd. If there were Malaysians, I guess they'll just stand there and do practically nothing. Malaysians aren't really sporting. True? I'll let the readers decide.

"Love the lightings of the concert"

When the concert ended, me and my friends watched The Sorcerer's Apprentice at GSC. Apparently Najhan was sleeping during the show. I arguably understand that. Unless it was Ong Bak Porn. The hero of the movie was too nerdy and too old. :P.

After the movies, the time shows exactly 3am. We were seriously tired and as we arrived at the hotel, we slept straight away.

The night was surely exhausting; and was one hell of experience! :D

Should make a movie; Trip To Bandar Melaka- One night stand.

"Staring Kunalan, subtitles included."

Wednesday, July 21, 2010

Kedai Bundle: Something you should see.

It's hard to find bundle shops here in Kuching. I know we do have some bundle shops here, but it's not as big as the other shops here in the West Malaysia. During my 4 days trip here in Johor, me and my friends went travelling around Johor Bahru in search for bundle shops.

One of the best things about a bundle shop is that you could buy a piece of apparel for as low as RM5.

I'm not a frequent bundle shopper myself, but sometimes, when you're lucky, you could get some awesome clothes and pants; I bought myself one reebok long sleeve shirt and a brand new look shorts for just RM10.

"A very good bargain! :D. Naqie got himself a new leather jacket for RM10 at the Big Bundle Shop at the area around Danga Bay. That would cost 10x in a normal retail shop."

For those people out there..give yourself a favour and try have a look at some of the bundle shops around your town..who knows you could get yourself a louis vuitton shirt for cheaps. :P.

Monday, July 19, 2010

Photo Sharing: 9

"I love this KL photo that I took years ago..somehow it shows a very dark some kinda alien or zombie attack is coming at KL"

Saturday, July 17, 2010

Trip To JOHO: GEGO Concert and JB Arts & Culture Festival

After 4 days of orientation, I finally could spread my wings free. The orientation was a blast. Although we didn't get enough rest, (during the orientation, we could only sleep for about 2-4 hours a day and doing activities non-stop) but the memories gathered from the orientation always remains.

Straight after the orientation, me and my friends decided to travel to JOHOR. The road to Johor wasn't easy and cheap as it looks, but it was worth it. One hour from Alor Gajah to Melaka Central and another 3 hours from MC to Johor took another 3hours. (Costs me RM45.60 for the whole trip).

"Naqie doing what he does best"

Staying at my friends house, Najhan, our first priority of the trip was watching a gig organized by JOHO, a social and creative arts community.

"JOHO! :D"

The whole event was held at Bukit Timbalan, JB. Me and my friends came here as early as 3pm at Bukit Timbalan and I was overwhelmed by the atmosphere of the event- photographers, bikers, skaters, entrepreneurs and music everywhere.

You can never see these things at Sarawak, I think. =p.

"You could see bikes everywhere during the festival."

To my pleasant surprise, it was my first time that I saw people playing futsal with their bikes. Nak try gak lah kat Sarawak, =p.

"I did tried kicking the ball. It was hard as shit."

We walked around the area for hours. We saw a lot of t-shirts and pants for sale; most of them are bundle where it could costs as cheap as RM5. Plus, they also sell some old school photo's of marilyn monroe, those big CD's that were uses during our dad's rock and roll era and not forgetting those vintage buttons, too.

"Junk Sale! Kuala Nerang boleh dapat RM2 la bro.."

After spending hours shopping at the junk sale, my friends and I went out to see some live open show at the entrance of Bukit Timbalan. The performance pulled out from the guys and girls are entertaining. Especially the girl with the "small" guitar; she rocks my pants!

"The next OIAM"

The thing that caught my attention during the open show was this big vuvuzela that I saw. It's big. 5 times bigger than the normal one and sounds like one too. The sound of some swarming bee's.


As the time ticks on to 9.30pm, we went to the stage where the concert would be held. But before that, we were introduced with some culture dances from all over Malaysia.

"Usual stuff."

At 10.30pm, that was the moment that we're waiting for. Local bands from Johor are going to perform live with us here at Bukit Timbalan; one of the bands that I was hoping to see was Plaque Of Happiness and I was not disappointed and was thrilled by all the bands performing; Dewata, Radio Antique and Redemption. (First time watching people moshing was really one hell of experience..I saw this guy who jumped kick someone during the mosh.)

"Redemption pulling out some notes.. reggae style!"

When Plaque Of Happiness arrives at the stage, everyone jumps and screams the name of the band. Musics from Plaque Of Happiness really gave the gig a very vibrant mood. Everyone was jumping around, dancing and skanking with all the spectators. (Even the Mat Salleh was hopping around like mad). Photographers were clicking the shutters each second non stop; sad that I didn't bring some of my lens and flashes along..=(

"Plaque Of Happiness rockssss!"

Each and everyone of us had so much fun during the event. It was truly an enjoyable experience to see such performance by these bands. Thank You JOHO for organizing the event, it was truly a blast! Me and my friends are craving for more events from JOHO! Although Im a Sarawakian myself, but JOHO did really gave me an insight of a new way of creative social ways of interacting and enjoying with people and friends.

"The event was freaking awesomeeeeeee!"

Again, Thank You JOHO!

P:S// For those of you who are curious what JOHO is, click here. :). JOHO

Friday, July 16, 2010

Nasi Ambang

Im spending my 4days holiday after the orientation for a trip to JOHOR. Staying at Najhan's house, there's this particular meal that I was so curious about during lunch..I asked myself,

"Woooo..this nasi lemak is huge!"

"It fills in one plate! Imagine what's inside!"

So I asked my friend, Najhan; "Wah..besar gile nasi lemak nih..memang style Johor ek buat nasi lemak besar2?"

"Itu Nasi Ambang." said Najhan.

Okay, I don't know what exactly Nasi Ambang is, so I quickly opened the paper wrappings and to my utter excitement;

"See it for yourself!"

Nasi Ambang is loaded with goodies! Mee goreng, ayam masak kicap, rendang, tempe, rice, salted fish and some potatoes really gave me a shocker. Never saw a food, this tempting with lots of side dishes!

As I slowly and gently place took some Nasi Ambang into my tastes sooooooo GOOD!

For anyone who's coming to Johor, you guys should try Nasi Ambang! Its a local favourite! (And mine too! :D)

Im craving for more! :p.

Thursday, July 15, 2010

AirAsia: My Little Experience

I still remembered the day when AirAsia charged me RM105 for "extra baggage" at LCCT. I wasnt charged that amount when I brought that "extra baggage" at Kuching.

The officer in charge at Kuching saw me bring that "extra baggage" for checking in and said I could bring that "extra baggage" inside the cabin. Nothing wrong there. Everything seems to be fine until I arrived at LCCT, where an officer suddenly stopped me from going for next flight, just because of that "extra baggage".

"If only I could make a face just like that cat..=("

Officer: Sorry..tidak boleh masok dalam.
Me: Huh..? Why?
Officer: Tidak boleh, besar sangat.
Me: Mane ade besar..kotak ni kecik je lah..kat Sarawak mereke tak cakap ape2 pon mase sy nak check in masuk?
Officer: Takde2..takbleh masuk.

On that day I cursed LCCT for burning my RM105. Sarawak are very fortunate for having such blessed officers working at the airport! =(.

Last week, I fly using AirAsia again and was hungry during my flight to KL, so I ordered myself a Burkara Chicken Briyani.

"In flight briyani!"

I've spent RM9 for the briyani and it tastes okay. If only the briyani was added papadom, then it would taste yummy! :D. Love those papadom's..haha.

I was bored during my flight so I compared the actual briyani with the picture of the briyani inside the menu.

"Not bad. But still its RM9"

Mcdonald, Pizza Hut or KFC food picture's menu wouldn't look real if you buy it. At least AirAsia does..somehow.

Instead of getting myself crazy over the menu's..i've thought of an idea. Since I was sitting all by myself in the row of 3 seats inside the plane, so I've decided to try something out..

"Guitar Hero in the plane!"

Now, I'll never get bored when I come home to Sarawak! Wahahaha!

Friday, July 9, 2010


Imagine, you buy a car, for RM100,000 in shop A.

Then, on one fine day, you saw this particular shop, B.

The shop sells the same car like the one you bought at shop A, but this time, when you saw the price tag, it was RM70,000.

You guys would be screaming and yelling in disbelief that you were cheated for RM30,000. Really fucked up. Seriously!

Well, that was how I felt, when I arrived in KL, went shopping in Low Yat and saw the same cooler that I bought in Sarawak, Cooler Master Notepal U1, for RM40. (The one that I bought was RM70).

"I really felt like the guy who's walking inside the door!"

I am officially a douche bag.


Thursday, July 8, 2010


Today, I went to Klinik Astana to take my medical check-up results. I was glad that almost all jobs are done for my scholarship, hopefully tomorrow everything will be settled. 

Something happened when I was at the clinic while waiting for the results. As I was sitting infront of the clinic counter, suddenly I saw an old man, in his mid 50's, approached me and asked,

(I'll put this conservation in a dialogue manner to make it easier for you readers to read).

Pak Cik: Salam nak..kitak nunggu sapa..? (Hi there're waiting for who?)

Me: Salam pak cik..kamek agik molah medical check up..nunggu results. (Hello uncle..I'm doing some medical check ups..waiting for the results)

Pak Cik: Oh..polah medical check up..kitak nyambong blaja kah? (Oh..medical check're going to continue your studies?)

Me: Aok..nyambong blaja di Melaka..UniKL..ambik degree..setahun. (Yup..continuing my studies at Malacca..UniKL.. pursuing for a year)

Pak Cik: Setaun? Pahal degree pande setaun indah? (A year for a degree?) 

Me: Oh, sorry..kamek pun course nya transfer degree..nya one year kat Melaka..3 years kat UK.. (Oh, course is a transfer degree year at Malacca, 3 years at UK)

Pak Cik: Alhamdulillah..kitak pergi overseas? Bangga Pak Cik denga..course apa di ambik kitak? ('re going to overseas? I'm proud to hear that..what course are you taking?)

Me: Makseh..kamek ambik Chemical process. (Thanks..I'm taking Chemical Engineering, in process)

Pak Cik: Oh..jarang denga miak bumiputra kinektok maok ngambik chemical..salunya ambik civil..macam anak pak cik ngambik civil, dah dpt ijazah..tapi susah mok carik kerja. (Oh..its quite unusual for bumiputra's right now pursuing for chemical..they usually take my son, he's taking his degree certificate..but it's hard for him to find a job)

Me: Ohh..

Pak Cik: As a Bumiputra..pak cik bangga ktk dapat pergi overseas..and ngambik course chemical engineering. It's in high demand. (As a Bumiputra myself..I'm proud that you could go overseas and pursuing chemical engineering. It's in high demand)

*At this point I was kinda flattered and was blushing*

Nak..bila kitak pergi? (When are you going, son?)

Me: Kamek pergi Jumat tok..esok..tengahari camyalah. (Im going this Friday..tomorrow, probably in the afternoons).

Pak Cik: Ohh..blaja mena2 tauk..blaja mena2 not because of your parents..but..for yourself. ( hard okay? Study hard not because of your parents..but..for yourself.)

*I was seriously touched when I heard this*.

Jangan jadi macam pak cik..mun pak cik tauk hidup pak cik macam tok..pak cik nang blaja mena2 masa pak cik masih mudak..kelak mun tak dah jadi sorang bapak klak..kitak akan paham..betapa susahnya dan peritnya dunia tok.  (Don't become like uncle..if uncle knew that my life is like this..uncle would study really2 hard when I was still a teenager..someday if your to become a will hard and unfair the world is)

*I kept myself silent..I didn't even realize that the doctor called me twice for my results already.

Dah..kitak pergi ambik medical check up should study hard..and again, pak cik tumpang sekaki, gembira nanga kitak dapat belaja jaoh and last but not least..jaga dirik bait2..(Okay..go take your medical check should study hard..and again, I'm happy to see you to study far and last but not least..take care of yourself..)

That conversation ended when I took my medical check up results..and shook the old man's hand. As I walk out from the clinic, I feel someone new, someone who is willing to sacrifice and learn and to be successful in life.

Although it was such a short conversation, I knew the old man was talking with his heart because when I saw his was kinda teary..

The conversation truly struck me..deep.

P:S// The Old Man was working as the doctor's personal driver and assistant.

Wednesday, July 7, 2010

My Top 5 School Moments


Walao! What do we have here..some of my old school photo's! :p. Ever since I was in school..i've always brought my camera whenever I go and capture some of my funny class moments, here's some of the picture's that I dug out from my old desktop. :p.

1. Playing PSP inside The Class

When class gets too boring and when it's time to get to work, it's PSP time! (If im not mistaken there's some porno included in that PSP). Im amazed that the PSP owner didn't get caught. Spot Check= Put PSP in underwear.

2. Torture the Bunsen Burner.

Bunsen Burner are always abused during Chemistry class. Have anyone tried shoving a bunsen burner at someone's ass? Our class did. Madam June told us we can produce fire from fart. Sadly no one tried though. =(

3. Chill Out Kopitiam Session.

WTF, TEACHER IS ABSENT FOR TODAY?! (Grab's my chair and go to the nearest friend's table for some kopitiam session and laugh aloud).

4. Play With Chalk.

Whenever there's leftover chalk, some of us would be using the chalk for some evil deeds. Such as menconteng seluar, tikam chalk at people's head and my favorite, draw a penis on the table.

5. Sleep in class.

Seriously, who never slept in class before? I've did it a lot of times, during english especially, that was the best time to sleep. Sejarah was the best time to sleep too, but the teacher seems to be quite strict, bawak rotan. Sleep=Get canned. (Or, get your head slapped-worse case scenario).

Usually when you sleep in class you'll rest your head on your shoulders. But, if you go too far, like, laying out your body sleeping on the floor, you might as well think twice, because..

"You never know when you'll get a wet dream when you are asleep."


Monday, July 5, 2010


Finally! After hours of painstaking wait over the offer letter, finally it has arrived!

Seriously, I was so happy when I've finally laid my hands on my letter, although it was opened somehow when I received it, (did the postman took a peek on my letter?) but I don't care. The letter is here. It's on my fingertips and I do think it's time for me to unveil the surprise of my life. Or should I say, the turning point of my future.

I felt nervous. Anxiety gave me chills all over me. What lays ahead in this envelope would change my future, forever. As I open the envelope and took out some papers, I saw; and witness;

My Future University. The place that I would be spending in 4 years.

"University Of Sheffield!"

When I saw the word, "University Of Sheffield", I was awestruck.

I'm going to UK. I'm going to Sheffield. I'm going to study overseas!

Suddenly tears came dropping from my eyes. I couldn't believe it. Is this true? I slapped myself and realize the pain. It is true.

I jumped and punched the sky. Screaming in disbelief. All the hard work paid off! All my sweat, all my tears and all my time was paid.

Here, I want to thank to all of my friends, my teachers, and my family who keeps on supporting me, giving endless motivation and teaching me all this while.

I love you guys, seriously. I'll pray for us, and hopefully we will succeed in life!

"In the meantime, there's a lot of paperwork for me to do. Sigh. Busy day tomorrow."

Cheers! :D

Sunday, July 4, 2010

Visiting Permai

The last time i've visited Permai was more than 10 years ago..when I was a toddler which I didn't really know anything about sand and beaches.

Recently, I had this chance to relish the past again and see what changes were there to be seen at Permai.

Btw, for those of you who didn't know, Permai is another type of beach located at Kuching, Sarawak. (The beach is located just beside Damai. :D)

The road to Permai was similar going to Damai though, just that it's abit further. The gang consists of me, my cousin, Zul, Ezzan, Wan, Amal and Zura. When we arrived at Permai, we were introduced with "entrance fee" for 5 bucks. It's a good thing that I've bought my student card though, RM1 discount.

Again, I was quite frustrated when they charge to enter a beach, it's not like their dad owned the beach FFS. When I went to Puncak Janing at Kuala Nerang, it was totally FREE. =.=

"Entrance to Permai"

It was totally thrilling to be here, like seriously. When I was still a kid I dont give a damn about tree's, bridges made from wood and the sound of nature, but now, it seems totally different. I love it!

We went to the trails on the hills at Permai to have a dip at the Hilltop pool. When we were walking at the trails, we could see the beach from the top and it was such a breathtaking moment.

"It was cloudy..we expected rain though, but didn't happen. =p"

After 10 minute walking along the trails, we've finally arrive at the hilltop pool. To my utter disappointment, it sucks.

"The pool is small and it was crowded with people"

Since it was too crowded, we decided to take a hike at the beach instead.

The beach offered us a lot of stuffs. You guys can rent a canoe or surfboard or whatever there is that they have to offer. The price was "OK", wouldn't hurt your wallet that much but is still very expensive.

"Umbrella for RM30 half a day?! WTF."

And for those of you who wants to see some monkeys here, dont worry,

"There's a boat trip where you guys could visit gibbons..wakakaka! (I wonder if a human could have a nose size that big)"

There were a lot of rocks to be seen there at the beach, which I thought was quite romantic, if you could sit on the rocks with your loved ones and stare at the ocean.

"See, rocks everywhere"

Other than looking at rocks, I could see some teenagers playing with a surfboard. A very rare scene here at Kuching.

"Surf's up!"

I really couldn't hold on as a photographer much longer. The beaches are calling my name, but here are some more shots at the beach. Really awesome! :D

"Wan and Amal swimming at the beach"

As a normal guy, I was kinda hoping that I could see some topless action. I know that would not happen in Malaysia.

Unless you wanna see some topless guys.

"Baywatch scene"

Im not gay. Lol.
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