Friday, July 16, 2010

Nasi Ambang

Im spending my 4days holiday after the orientation for a trip to JOHOR. Staying at Najhan's house, there's this particular meal that I was so curious about during lunch..I asked myself,

"Woooo..this nasi lemak is huge!"

"It fills in one plate! Imagine what's inside!"

So I asked my friend, Najhan; "Wah..besar gile nasi lemak nih..memang style Johor ek buat nasi lemak besar2?"

"Itu Nasi Ambang." said Najhan.

Okay, I don't know what exactly Nasi Ambang is, so I quickly opened the paper wrappings and to my utter excitement;

"See it for yourself!"

Nasi Ambang is loaded with goodies! Mee goreng, ayam masak kicap, rendang, tempe, rice, salted fish and some potatoes really gave me a shocker. Never saw a food, this tempting with lots of side dishes!

As I slowly and gently place took some Nasi Ambang into my tastes sooooooo GOOD!

For anyone who's coming to Johor, you guys should try Nasi Ambang! Its a local favourite! (And mine too! :D)

Im craving for more! :p.


Rina said...

mmmmm...nyaman eh!! *laparmodeon*

marina anakcikbob said...

hee..i had the same entry bout this..

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