Wednesday, July 7, 2010

My Top 5 School Moments


Walao! What do we have here..some of my old school photo's! :p. Ever since I was in school..i've always brought my camera whenever I go and capture some of my funny class moments, here's some of the picture's that I dug out from my old desktop. :p.

1. Playing PSP inside The Class

When class gets too boring and when it's time to get to work, it's PSP time! (If im not mistaken there's some porno included in that PSP). Im amazed that the PSP owner didn't get caught. Spot Check= Put PSP in underwear.

2. Torture the Bunsen Burner.

Bunsen Burner are always abused during Chemistry class. Have anyone tried shoving a bunsen burner at someone's ass? Our class did. Madam June told us we can produce fire from fart. Sadly no one tried though. =(

3. Chill Out Kopitiam Session.

WTF, TEACHER IS ABSENT FOR TODAY?! (Grab's my chair and go to the nearest friend's table for some kopitiam session and laugh aloud).

4. Play With Chalk.

Whenever there's leftover chalk, some of us would be using the chalk for some evil deeds. Such as menconteng seluar, tikam chalk at people's head and my favorite, draw a penis on the table.

5. Sleep in class.

Seriously, who never slept in class before? I've did it a lot of times, during english especially, that was the best time to sleep. Sejarah was the best time to sleep too, but the teacher seems to be quite strict, bawak rotan. Sleep=Get canned. (Or, get your head slapped-worse case scenario).

Usually when you sleep in class you'll rest your head on your shoulders. But, if you go too far, like, laying out your body sleeping on the floor, you might as well think twice, because..

"You never know when you'll get a wet dream when you are asleep."



kenwooi said...

wow.. you all really extreme eh! =)

marina anakcikbob said...

ala...anak sapa la ni...

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