Wednesday, July 28, 2010


In this recent weeks I have been spending too much already. This week would be my third week in UniKL. Another 11months to go. Sigh. How I wished I could fasten the time. Staying 4 years here would be hell. It's a good thing that I would be studying here just for a year and I'm certain, by the end of the day, I'd be missing all of those precious moments when I fly to Sheffield. (Hopefully).

The first week when I arrived here, I've already spent more than RM100- the result of going to J.B with my friends. The second week though, RM150++ were burnt for expenditures and bills. If this goes on, I would be broke by next week. Something that I should be cautious about.

University life is challenging indeed. I wonder what are my friend's are doing out there at their university. Not forgetting my friends who are studying for form 6 and college too, how's everything?

"Challenges are those little things that make us stronger"

I bet everything is fine. To all of my friends out there, and to my teachers too, I miss you guys! :(.


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