Friday, July 2, 2010

I feel so EMO at the moment.

Sorry, but i just couldn't help it, i want to write it out.

I feel so stressed and emotional just because of one silly thing. It makes my hand trembles, it makes my pair of leg to shiver so vigorously and makes my brain numb.

I don't feel like eating, and i don't really feel like sleeping at all. I have problems sleeping last night; probably thinking too much, of the possibility where I would be thrown in UK.



I heard that we have to submit the paper and documents by today, but sadly the offer letter was nowhere to be seen, sigh, and we have to register by this 11th of July.

Plane tickets are a problem at the moment as last minute would surely cost a bomb.

Sigh. Sigh. And more sigh.

I just can't bear to wait any longer......!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! T____T.

I pray that the postman comes by tomorrow and hands in my letter. =).

P:S// I've finally got my salary! W00t. Hard work payed off. =3. (Still emo btw)


suhaisweet said...

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kenwooi said...

the salary should overcome the emoness =P

Anonymous said...

sabar k!! ;)

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