Thursday, July 8, 2010


Today, I went to Klinik Astana to take my medical check-up results. I was glad that almost all jobs are done for my scholarship, hopefully tomorrow everything will be settled. 

Something happened when I was at the clinic while waiting for the results. As I was sitting infront of the clinic counter, suddenly I saw an old man, in his mid 50's, approached me and asked,

(I'll put this conservation in a dialogue manner to make it easier for you readers to read).

Pak Cik: Salam nak..kitak nunggu sapa..? (Hi there're waiting for who?)

Me: Salam pak cik..kamek agik molah medical check up..nunggu results. (Hello uncle..I'm doing some medical check ups..waiting for the results)

Pak Cik: Oh..polah medical check up..kitak nyambong blaja kah? (Oh..medical check're going to continue your studies?)

Me: Aok..nyambong blaja di Melaka..UniKL..ambik degree..setahun. (Yup..continuing my studies at Malacca..UniKL.. pursuing for a year)

Pak Cik: Setaun? Pahal degree pande setaun indah? (A year for a degree?) 

Me: Oh, sorry..kamek pun course nya transfer degree..nya one year kat Melaka..3 years kat UK.. (Oh, course is a transfer degree year at Malacca, 3 years at UK)

Pak Cik: Alhamdulillah..kitak pergi overseas? Bangga Pak Cik denga..course apa di ambik kitak? ('re going to overseas? I'm proud to hear that..what course are you taking?)

Me: Makseh..kamek ambik Chemical process. (Thanks..I'm taking Chemical Engineering, in process)

Pak Cik: Oh..jarang denga miak bumiputra kinektok maok ngambik chemical..salunya ambik civil..macam anak pak cik ngambik civil, dah dpt ijazah..tapi susah mok carik kerja. (Oh..its quite unusual for bumiputra's right now pursuing for chemical..they usually take my son, he's taking his degree certificate..but it's hard for him to find a job)

Me: Ohh..

Pak Cik: As a Bumiputra..pak cik bangga ktk dapat pergi overseas..and ngambik course chemical engineering. It's in high demand. (As a Bumiputra myself..I'm proud that you could go overseas and pursuing chemical engineering. It's in high demand)

*At this point I was kinda flattered and was blushing*

Nak..bila kitak pergi? (When are you going, son?)

Me: Kamek pergi Jumat tok..esok..tengahari camyalah. (Im going this Friday..tomorrow, probably in the afternoons).

Pak Cik: Ohh..blaja mena2 tauk..blaja mena2 not because of your parents..but..for yourself. ( hard okay? Study hard not because of your parents..but..for yourself.)

*I was seriously touched when I heard this*.

Jangan jadi macam pak cik..mun pak cik tauk hidup pak cik macam tok..pak cik nang blaja mena2 masa pak cik masih mudak..kelak mun tak dah jadi sorang bapak klak..kitak akan paham..betapa susahnya dan peritnya dunia tok.  (Don't become like uncle..if uncle knew that my life is like this..uncle would study really2 hard when I was still a teenager..someday if your to become a will hard and unfair the world is)

*I kept myself silent..I didn't even realize that the doctor called me twice for my results already.

Dah..kitak pergi ambik medical check up should study hard..and again, pak cik tumpang sekaki, gembira nanga kitak dapat belaja jaoh and last but not least..jaga dirik bait2..(Okay..go take your medical check should study hard..and again, I'm happy to see you to study far and last but not least..take care of yourself..)

That conversation ended when I took my medical check up results..and shook the old man's hand. As I walk out from the clinic, I feel someone new, someone who is willing to sacrifice and learn and to be successful in life.

Although it was such a short conversation, I knew the old man was talking with his heart because when I saw his was kinda teary..

The conversation truly struck me..deep.

P:S// The Old Man was working as the doctor's personal driver and assistant.


kenwooi said...

meaningful.. luckily you had the english words.. convenient! =)

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