Monday, August 29, 2011

Selamat Hari Raya!! :D

It's that time of the year again!!

Selamat Hari Raya to all my friends, families and my beloved blog readers. I hope that this year's Raya could bring back all those joyous laughters and smile..lovely childhood memories and fun time together with friends and families.

This would be my 1st time celebrating raya without my aunt, whom passed away a few months ago because of blood cancer. The house surely feels a bit quiet without her usual chattering in the kitchen.

Again, Selamat Hari Raya everyone!! Eat all you can in this festive season, Rendang, Ayam Masak Kurma, Layer Cakes..etc..etc..and be sure to come visit me if you guys are free!! =)

I miss those firecracker sounds..


P:S// Maaf Zahir Dan Batin!! Sorry if I ever ter-insult, write and do anything wrong that hurt your feelings. 0-0 ya? Have a blast everyone!

Friday, August 26, 2011


Check out these photo's..they're funny as hell. Be cautioned that some of them are NSFW!

Talk about a hand job..

Which also explains that there's nothing in between his legs.

And oh, btw, JEWS..

As a kid, i've used to watch the cartoon, Arnold at Nickelodeon whose head looks like a football. But I guess his granpa ain't so lucky..

Speaking of "dickheads", DISNEY does them better.

Oh waiiii..not that funny. I guess this would do.

Cocktical illusion at its finest.

Pokemon..they really know how to screw us up..big time.


And diglett..he's been fucking with us all this while.

I never knew that there was a tooth..I thought that it was his nose!! FUUUUUUUU!!

Well, if that doesn't crack you up..maybe this would.


Again, another one.

That is one hell big buttcrack.

Ever heard of OGC? No?

Yeah..that's OGC.

Ok..almost all of these pictures are totally sex-related, so here's some that doesn't say, "penis at pic".

This is it? No! It's PATRICK!!

Beware rabbit owners..your rabbit's dung could be one man's gold.


What's so unique about EXIT?

If that doesn't give you some brain damage..maybe this would.

That is something that I've never seen before..seriously.'s a last one from me; I'm sure most of you guys played Super Mario before, right? Well..this pic would certainly tell you,



LOLOLOLLOLOLLLL...check out for moarrr!!!!

Had a good laugh with this website..I hope you guys had a "cracking" good time reading!! haha!


Thursday, August 25, 2011

Uniqlo Screen Saver

Ever heard of Uniqlo? That stylish Japanese shop at Fahrenheit that sells t-shirts, sweaters, pants, underwears and boxers? 

I've just realized that they have this cool screensavers which is available for your mac/pc.

I've just downloaded mine..and it's pretty cool and kinda hip too (they are a lot of other cool downloadable contents from uniqlo). Give it a try and see wether you like it, or not.

Gotta love that uniqlock. Those Japanese girls are

Ok, i'm seriously bored.

Wednesday, August 24, 2011

Petaling Street

Or KL's Chinatown- is one of the best place to shop for bargains.

It's the only place where you could buy Louis Vuitton's handbag for RM50.

Fake ones, ofcourse.

I went to Petaling Street last Monday and stayed at LeHotel (booked using which was at the heart of Petaling Street. The Hotel was pretty decent. For a price of RM70 for a standard room, you get one cozy bed, air cond, tv with astro and a very clean bathroom with a water heater.

Long story short, my KL trip last week was a disaster because I've just realized that my passport expires next year, on the 31st of December 2013, so my visa application would be automatically rejected if I didn't renew it. My visa application is done so i'll be enjoying the rest of my holidays, for now.

(During my visa application, I came as early as 6.45a.m and people have already started queueing at the front registration desk! A friend of mine who came at 8a.m had to suffer a long wait until 2p.m just to get his visa application done)

Ok, back to Petaling Street.

Interestingly, there a lot of tourists who come over Petaling Street to buy these fake products. (Well..not that many, but most of them). There's this cute Korean tourist that I saw the other day..damn, if only I had her Anyways, I have nothing against fake products, (since they're cheap while the original ones are sooo fucking expensive) but, a few of my friends have told me to be very careful while shopping at Chinatown.

"Jangan tanya harga kalau ko taknak beli..kalau ko tanya harga pastu ko tak beli..ada kemungkinan yang tauke kedai tu akan tahan ko sampai ko beli barang tu.."

I don't know how valid that statement is, but, have you guys ever experienced such things? Hmm..

Saturday, August 20, 2011

Middle Finger

Did anyone noticed Meireles showing his middle finger yesterday on the Arsenal vs Liverpool game?

Was kinda shocked to see that..funny that Suarez swatted his hand down

Picture Source: Tumblr

Still, fantastic away win (First win at the emirates and against arsenal on their own turf for 10 years) and 3 points in the bag for Liverpool!

Btw, I love this picture a lot..sums up my weekend today. A win for my team surely gives me that feel good mood.

P:S// I kinda like that Frimpong guy..nice name..haha

Friday, August 19, 2011

Photo Sharing: 27

The government restricts "websites" such as filestube, piratebay, megaupload, etc in order to "fight" people who steals softwares, downloading movies and so on but in this recent picture i've took at the KL monorail station, i'm sure people would think-

"Apa ini..cakap mau membasmi cetak rompak..ini pulak dah kantoi pakai pirated software..booo"

I rest my case.

An Awkward Moment At Bukit Bintang

In one of my recent trips in KL, I went to Bukit Bintang to get myself a foot massage. It feels good and I was quite reluctant to pay RM25 for half hour but for the sake of trying, why not?

There were these two Iranian guys inside the massage boutique, one who had a massage and another one who filmed the guy who was massaged by some woman. It was weird though, filming while you're getting a massage. I was like...(=.=")

But, that was nothing, compared to when I went out snapping some pictures at Bukit Bintang, suddenly, there was this his middle 20's..short, bald and big, approached me and I had the most awkward conversation ever.

Bald Guy: Yo bro..nice camera.

Wei..wei..sape kaw? Ape bro-bro? I'm not your bro la botak.

Me: Yeah..its a Nikon.

Bald Guy: By the mau lancap-lancap?

I was like, WTF? Lancap-lancap?! I went silent.

Bald Guy: Bro..we ada mau japanese? Kita ada japanese.

You think my face shows me that i wanna lancap-lancap??!

Me: Berapa ringgit satu jam? (trollface)

Bald Guy: Murah saja bro..rm50 satu jam.

Me: Mahal sangatlah. Takde diskaun ka?

Bald Guy: 10 minit pun boleh bro. RM10.

10minit pulak dah..

Me: 10minit skejap sangatlah. Takpe. kthxbai.

And I walked back to my hotel smiling and laughing all the way..wakakakakaka! 10minit pun boleh. The Fark!!

P:S// Now, humans would do anything for the sake of money. Sheeesh.

Thursday, August 18, 2011

Photo Sharing: 26

This is me, with a little smirk on my face.

I rarely post pictures of myself in my blog. So here's one for my blog readers. =P

I went to KL last week..and just came back. I had to make my visa on that particular week, but failed since a catastrophe came beckoning. What a stressful week at KL it was. And I have to go again in these few days to finally hand in my visa application.

I'll tell you guys about my story in this weekend. Sorry for the lack of updates!

Visa is such a pain the ass.


Thursday, August 11, 2011

Lucid Dreaming

I'm sure most of you guys watched the movie, Inception.

For those who haven't, its a story where one could possibly control his/her dreams. (Or if you guys want more details of the movie, you guys can check it on for more info's)

One sentence that i'd like to quote from that movie-

"In a dream, you never know where's the beginning nor the ending. The dream always starts from the middle,"

Frankly true.

It's not entirely impossible that you could control your own dreams. Well, I did though. I could control my own dream but it's not always successful. Sounds bullshit doesn't it?

That is what scientists call- "Lucid Dreaming". The ability of which you could control your own dream.

To be able to control your dream, it requires a lot of exercise such as being able to recognize that you're in a dream.

Like, for example, you're dreaming and ofcourse to tell your mind that you are aware that you're dreaming is almost next to impossible. If you could control your own dream, you could venture with it and no, I couldn't do all that inception thingy's yet- that require's total awareness that you're in a dream.

I've only gone through partial awareness though and through it, I could explore my dreams but couldn't really influence anything about the dream. (Like changing the course of the dream and do whatever I want)

It's pretty amazing though, what dreams could bring you in.

Difficult to master, but once successful, it's fun and totally intriguing.

Tuesday, August 9, 2011

Nothing Much

Sorry for the lack of updates recently. There's nothing going on' around much and most of my days are filled with sleeping, internet hogging and playing a few games.

I'm back working as an addmaths tutor to gain a bit of side income during this holiday and it's way better than working at ipohtown a year back. Working as low as 3hours a day could earn you as much as RM50. I could only get RM7.50 if i'm working at ipohtown. (Education is a fucking good business, i'd say)

This month i'm surely going to cut some of my futsal games and tennis (racquet broken) and it would sorely be miss. Life's ain't complete with a good round of sports.

Then there goes the visa thingy. I find it quite stressful though, why Sheffield University doesn't want to hire agents to help their students in obtaining a visa to study in the UK. I mean, they told us that hiring a visa could adhere us from being independent and restricting us from improving our soft skills.

The UK's visa application center is at KL goddamnit and to go back and forth to KL ain't cheap in this fasting Ramadhan month.

Sigh, there goes my temper.

Saturday, August 6, 2011

Ramadhan Bazaar

Nothing beats Ramadhan bazaars!

Foods galore! Foods, they're everywhere!

I went to a lot of Ramadhan bazaars lately in Kuching. There's a lot of them such as the one in Satok (worse jam), at Jalan Tabuan, Taman Sukma, Matang Jaya, Kampung Boyan..etc..etc..i could list them all here, but the one and only Ramadhan bazaar that never fails my appetite is the one at Jalan Semarak, Gita.

Clean environment, and a hell lot of good foods. (Plus, its easy to find a parking and not heavily congested).

Food picsss!!!

N..for the best kebab i've ever tasted in my whole life-

RM3 a was heaven made on earth!

Lol. How's the Ramadhan Bazaar at your place?

Enjoy the good foods while you guys can!

Wednesday, August 3, 2011

Safee Sali- The Malaysian Tevez

Little do we know that we have such a gem in our football squad.

Though with the size of an average asian joe, Safee Sali has the skills, aggressiveness, power and determination with the likes of the current EPL's venomous striker, Luis Suarez.

I knew Safee back when he was playing for Sarawak. He was one of my favourite local strikers and to be honest, I thought that he was a Sarawakian at first.

But now, Safee is recognized by the whole Malaysian people as the one who could replace SuperMokh, or Mokhtar Dahari and Safee himself proved, that he could shine in the big stages with recent goals at the finals of the Suzuki cup,  against Liverpool and both of home and away matches against country rivals Singapore.

I first saw him play against Liverpool and once he went into the field as a sub, he made an impact by scoring two goals and the way he plays does remind me of Tevez.

Hey, EPL clubs, why don't you guys give our "Tevez" a shot at the epl? I'm sure he could score a bag of goals!

Wouldn't cost a lot I'd say, is 1 million pounds for a transfer fee enough?

Safee, one of my favourite football players.

P:S//Hopefully new breed of players could emerge for our next 2018 world cup qualifiers. Our exit against Singapore was abit harsh, Apek should've played at the 1st leg at Singapore. Oh well, time to root for our olympic squads!

Monday, August 1, 2011

My Fascination With The North

One thing that I know is that most Malaysians are obsessed with South Korean singers, popstars, actors, drama, songs or whatever.

I don't give a shit really and no,

I do not watch Boy's Over Flowers.

(Except for a few episodes and that's the Japanese version)

Well, my point is-

Those actors, singers and popstars- I can say that 99.9999999999999% of them are South Koreans and not many people know about these North Koreans.

I don't have anything against them really (heck, I wish that I have a Korean girl as my wife..haha)'s just that, I pity the North Korean citizens..a lot.

While the south side of Korea enjoys a wealthy dose of economy, social and entertainment; the north side in the meantime, suffers under the communism-led government.

I've written a few blogposts regarding North Korea and read a lot of other people's post too. I love the picture collection sets from regarding life in North Korea..really sums it up for me.

North Korea is such a fascinates me a lot..i hope these photo essays could show a few glimpses of what would be the life of communism really is.

The Capital City Of North Korea- Pyongyang

The North Korean Army

The North Korean Society

Fascinating, isn't it?

Appreciate our lives here in Malaysia- we don't have to undergo such hardships to continue our lives and one interesting fact-

The citizens of North Korea never tasted chocolate before.

You guys can read more of it at,, and
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