Saturday, August 6, 2011

Ramadhan Bazaar

Nothing beats Ramadhan bazaars!

Foods galore! Foods, they're everywhere!

I went to a lot of Ramadhan bazaars lately in Kuching. There's a lot of them such as the one in Satok (worse jam), at Jalan Tabuan, Taman Sukma, Matang Jaya, Kampung Boyan..etc..etc..i could list them all here, but the one and only Ramadhan bazaar that never fails my appetite is the one at Jalan Semarak, Gita.

Clean environment, and a hell lot of good foods. (Plus, its easy to find a parking and not heavily congested).

Food picsss!!!

N..for the best kebab i've ever tasted in my whole life-

RM3 a was heaven made on earth!

Lol. How's the Ramadhan Bazaar at your place?

Enjoy the good foods while you guys can!


Elisha said...

Thanks for sharing. I'll get myself some food for dinner at the Gita's Ramadhan Bazaar.

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