Monday, August 1, 2011

My Fascination With The North

One thing that I know is that most Malaysians are obsessed with South Korean singers, popstars, actors, drama, songs or whatever.

I don't give a shit really and no,

I do not watch Boy's Over Flowers.

(Except for a few episodes and that's the Japanese version)

Well, my point is-

Those actors, singers and popstars- I can say that 99.9999999999999% of them are South Koreans and not many people know about these North Koreans.

I don't have anything against them really (heck, I wish that I have a Korean girl as my wife..haha)'s just that, I pity the North Korean citizens..a lot.

While the south side of Korea enjoys a wealthy dose of economy, social and entertainment; the north side in the meantime, suffers under the communism-led government.

I've written a few blogposts regarding North Korea and read a lot of other people's post too. I love the picture collection sets from regarding life in North Korea..really sums it up for me.

North Korea is such a fascinates me a lot..i hope these photo essays could show a few glimpses of what would be the life of communism really is.

The Capital City Of North Korea- Pyongyang

The North Korean Army

The North Korean Society

Fascinating, isn't it?

Appreciate our lives here in Malaysia- we don't have to undergo such hardships to continue our lives and one interesting fact-

The citizens of North Korea never tasted chocolate before.

You guys can read more of it at,, and


ken said...

wow.. i knew north korea is stricter.. but never knew it was so drastic.. i've been to south korea, it was a fun lively place.. with lots of entertainment!

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