Tuesday, August 9, 2011

Nothing Much

Sorry for the lack of updates recently. There's nothing going on' around much and most of my days are filled with sleeping, internet hogging and playing a few games.

I'm back working as an addmaths tutor to gain a bit of side income during this holiday and it's way better than working at ipohtown a year back. Working as low as 3hours a day could earn you as much as RM50. I could only get RM7.50 if i'm working at ipohtown. (Education is a fucking good business, i'd say)

This month i'm surely going to cut some of my futsal games and tennis (racquet broken) and it would sorely be miss. Life's ain't complete with a good round of sports.

Then there goes the visa thingy. I find it quite stressful though, why Sheffield University doesn't want to hire agents to help their students in obtaining a visa to study in the UK. I mean, they told us that hiring a visa could adhere us from being independent and restricting us from improving our soft skills.

The UK's visa application center is at KL goddamnit and to go back and forth to KL ain't cheap in this fasting Ramadhan month.

Sigh, there goes my temper.


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