Monday, May 28, 2012

Exam Stress

Hello my fellow readers, it's been a while since im writing anything on my blog- its exam month, hence the negligence.

Nobody loves exam I think. Everyone hates it. But without exams you can't test how far you're capable of and serves as an indication of how smart you are.



What I did I wrote just now? Lol.

Serves as an indication of how smart you are? 

That's gotta be a joke. Haha.




Exams doesn't necessarily show how smart you are (if you get good marks)- but just merely an indication of how much you've studied- or prepared on answering a certain question. I get constant bombardments of questions regarding, how should I study? How should I prepare myself?

Ilek-ilek jak bah..cap kok..cap shisha pasya baruk stadi.

Ok, i'm not really helping.

I'm just paranoid right now. Exams are over in a week. Ok bye.

Sunday, May 20, 2012

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It's that time of the year again.

Final exams!

Will be away from blogging for a few weeks. Arghhhh..just can't wait for exams to finish!

Here, I would like to wish everyone goodluck in your final exams and study smart and get enough sleep! Sleep is essential for good memorization and thinking- so get on your bed and hug your pillow; now.


Have fun studying!

Which i'm not.


Tuesday, May 15, 2012

Detective Bazil!

From now on;

You guys can call me Detective.

Detective Bazil.

Not too long ago, I have successfully covered the track of a bike thief- not the one who stole my bike, but a bike thief somewhere around Sheffield, who stole Harry's Orange P7 bike.

Hopefully its one of many bike thieves being caught in Sheffield- bike thieves are everywhere in the UK.

Last week, when I was searching for a bike on ebay, I saw this Boardman Full Suspension bike which was selling for peanuts. Bid it on the last 5 seconds. But got sniped on the last 3 seconds and didn't have the time to react to put a new increased bid.

I was devastated ofcourse- and the next day, the seller who sold the boardman bike contacted me (I asked him wether the bike was really sold- I was that desperate) saying that he has another bike for sale, a certain Orange P7. Googled it right away and was very surprised to see that the retail price of the bike was £1600 new. I'm pretty sure this could cost me atleast £800-1000 for a second-hand, at most.

But he was offering me for £550 and it seems to good too be true and I asked for pictures of the bike; it seems that the bike is well kept, and is in immaculate condition.

Alright- i'm gonna put that bike on my list. £550. Save, save, save. Not gonna eat for a month campaign is onnn brothaaaa!!

Before finalizing my decision, I asked the Sheffield bike community wether I should buy this bike and posted a picture of it- and that was when Harry came and said that it was his bike.

Harry and Ross asked me for his phone number, email, and some more photo's of the bike which I gladly gave them and in a matter of days, the bike has been recovered and the police are taking the matter in their investigation.

Didn't really thought that my bike hunting week ended up in successfully capturing a bike thief.

Oh well, that was for you, Barracuda.


P:S// And not to forget- Happy Teachers day to my lovely teachers!!!! from Tadika Sinaran to Sri Cemerlang, SRB St. Joseph, SMK St. Joseph, Sri Bintang, Sri Sarjana, Era Ilmuan, UiTM, KMKN, UniKL and UOS!!

Sunday, May 13, 2012


While I was studying in the IC today, my phone rang and it was from Fifi. He introduced me about SMSA Care, a platform created specially for SMSA(Sheffield Malaysian Students Association) members to help each other and the idea of creating this platform is initiated from the vision to create an environment of oneness among Malaysians/SMSA communities in Sheffield.

He asked wether if SMSA Care could lend me a helping hand or two, I gladly accepted it and feel very honored. With increasing crime rate, houses are broken, bikes stolen, unfortunate events such as accidents, severe health issues and the loss of family members, SMSA Care is there aiming for everyone to help each other, in any way possible.

Well if guys feel intrigued to support- go to:

And help each other.

I feel totally humbled now and a hint of guilt, and in every way I am thankful to the support of my friends and family throughout this difficult times. 


Monday, May 7, 2012

Let's Go To Italy!

Just wanted to tell you guys-

After my exams, me and my friends are going for a trip to Italy!!

Flying directly from Manchester to Rome and back from Milan, this is going to be one hell of a holiday! We're going to stay in a Hostel at Rome for two days..then go to Pisa, stay a night at Florence and buzz off to Milan.

Atleast this could take my mind away from what happened last week. Exams are coming up in a few days, so wish me all the best!


Friday, May 4, 2012

Bike Theft

Nobody want their bikes to be stolen. Bikes nowadays cost people a fortune and me myself was very gutted indeed when my very own bike was stolen by those fucking thieves.

Parked in the university, packed with CCTV's- still got stolen.

I still can't get over it though because that bike cost me a lot and unfortunately the police can't do anything about it all now. Most people will start giving up when their bikes get stolen but yeah, i'm not that type of person who easily gives up and put to an end for something that I love to do. I'll try to save up as much money as I could and buy myself a new one- and make sure its insured, registered at and locked with atleast 3 locks each time I wanna ride it to lectures.

It's shocking really, that in the UK, for every 65 seconds, a bike is stolen and less than 5% are given back to their rightful owners. Imagine a million bikes got stolen, that's only 50,000 bikes returned and what about the 950,000 stolen bikes?

Sold off to black market for parts, in the streets and if you're actually fortunate enough- in eBay. Bike thieves nowadays ain't stupid and some of them doesn't look like bike thieves at all. They could use a hacksaw, a crowbar and a power tool which could easily hack off your lock/chain in mere seconds. It's best to invest in a D-lock and if you could afford it, buy two of them to ensure maximum security. Always park your bike at busy streets so that people could see those meddling thieves and I was a bit unfortunate as at the university bike parking, nobody was there to look around.

I did bought myself a D-lock (bought it during the easter break) but I didn't had the time to put it on my bike on Monday as I was rushing for class and intended to use it this Wednesday but yeah, shit happens.

Take a look of these video's and educate yourself-

And last but not atleast-

To bike thieves-




p:s// People, do your part in the community. If you spot suspicious acts or people in the streets, please do not hesitate to call the police or simply, whack their heads with a spanar.

Tuesday, May 1, 2012

Goodbye, My Love.

Update: The police just called me a few hours ago saying that they've just seen the CCTV footage around that area- was kinda disappointed when they said that the footage was not clear at all and they can't see who's exactly doing the dirty job. (Meaning my bike is completely lost now). CCTV's recording should be atleast 720p, right? Or maybe 240p???? WTFFFFFFFFF.


There's a saying,

"Sudah jatuh ditimpa tangga,"

Yesterday it happened- one of the most saddest day in my life, where my beloved mountain bike was stolen at my engineering department.

That bike meant a lot to me, though its only a month old, it served its purpose very well. Rode the bike everyday to and from lectures, tutorial classes and supermarkets, shredded the bike with much abuse at the Peak District trails and have brought me happiness and joy every time I ride it.

Called and met the police- as much as they want to help, they can't do anything much about it since the bike was stolen and the only thing they could do is to provide a crime report and post it in the university's website just incase someone saw it- which I highly doubt. I'm not sure if there's any CCTV at the area where my bike was stolen but one thing for sure, it's now nowhere inside my usual bike garage in Lawrencefield.

Cycling has become my favourite hobby and I have to put it on hold and walk to and from class from now on. I'll miss those high intensity feeling of going downhill from Endcliffe to my department in the morning to go to class.

Barracuda Big Eye, you served me well. I'll try to pretend that nothing happened, though deep down inside my heart, i'm hurt- and even words can't really describe what emotions i'm going through now.

Keep calm, and Walk On.
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