Monday, May 28, 2012

Exam Stress

Hello my fellow readers, it's been a while since im writing anything on my blog- its exam month, hence the negligence.

Nobody loves exam I think. Everyone hates it. But without exams you can't test how far you're capable of and serves as an indication of how smart you are.



What I did I wrote just now? Lol.

Serves as an indication of how smart you are? 

That's gotta be a joke. Haha.




Exams doesn't necessarily show how smart you are (if you get good marks)- but just merely an indication of how much you've studied- or prepared on answering a certain question. I get constant bombardments of questions regarding, how should I study? How should I prepare myself?

Ilek-ilek jak bah..cap kok..cap shisha pasya baruk stadi.

Ok, i'm not really helping.

I'm just paranoid right now. Exams are over in a week. Ok bye.


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