Tuesday, May 1, 2012

Goodbye, My Love.

Update: The police just called me a few hours ago saying that they've just seen the CCTV footage around that area- was kinda disappointed when they said that the footage was not clear at all and they can't see who's exactly doing the dirty job. (Meaning my bike is completely lost now). CCTV's recording should be atleast 720p, right? Or maybe 240p???? WTFFFFFFFFF.


There's a saying,

"Sudah jatuh ditimpa tangga,"

Yesterday it happened- one of the most saddest day in my life, where my beloved mountain bike was stolen at my engineering department.

That bike meant a lot to me, though its only a month old, it served its purpose very well. Rode the bike everyday to and from lectures, tutorial classes and supermarkets, shredded the bike with much abuse at the Peak District trails and have brought me happiness and joy every time I ride it.

Called and met the police- as much as they want to help, they can't do anything much about it since the bike was stolen and the only thing they could do is to provide a crime report and post it in the university's website just incase someone saw it- which I highly doubt. I'm not sure if there's any CCTV at the area where my bike was stolen but one thing for sure, it's now nowhere inside my usual bike garage in Lawrencefield.

Cycling has become my favourite hobby and I have to put it on hold and walk to and from class from now on. I'll miss those high intensity feeling of going downhill from Endcliffe to my department in the morning to go to class.

Barracuda Big Eye, you served me well. I'll try to pretend that nothing happened, though deep down inside my heart, i'm hurt- and even words can't really describe what emotions i'm going through now.

Keep calm, and Walk On.


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