Saturday, April 30, 2011


Ok I had one of the most frustrating week of my entire life because I couldn't go to the Maroon 5 concert at KL due to final exams commitment.

Its my favourite band live in Malaysia goddamnit!!

Nevertheless, since I couldn't watch them live on concert, I watched it on youtube instead-

Watch and listen to this song, Misery, which Maroon 5 sung live at the Empire Hotel, US.

Totally Mesmerizing!

Hope you guys love it! :D. I do. :p

P:S// Letting go of some stresses due to overstudy..haha.

Friday, April 29, 2011

Maddi Jane

Currently i'm hooked by the voice of this little singer, Maddi Jane- one of the newest youtube sensation to date.

Watch and listen to one of her cover songs, Price Tag, which is absolutely wonderful. Gives me orgasm everytime I hit the replay button, hehe.

Still. At a tender age of 11. What a voice. Unlike Justin Bieber. Suara budak kecik.

Wednesday, April 27, 2011

A Quick Recap


I couldn't think much of what to blog about- my head is crammed with everything concerning chemical engineering. I just can't wait for the finals to end and enjoy my holidays.

I was thinking of setting up an online business or maybe get into teaching again. I love teaching btw- it gives me pleasure teaching people. Should I be a teacher instead?

Ah. Whatever.

During this study week I've spent too much time sleeping and STILL PLAYING COMPUTER GAMES FOR GOODNESS SAKE and STALKING PEOPLE IN FB/TWITTER.

I've just wished that I could read a book and memorize everything. That's entirely impossible.

WTF am i talking?

Crap talking and not studying.

Hebat la Bazil. Hebat. 


That is all for today.


Monday, April 25, 2011


As much as i anticipate studying in Sheffield, I could see myself sitting on top of the benches there inside the picture. It would be great, studying with my friends with cold temperature and sunny weather.

At the moment i'm trying to study as much as I could, and avoid distractions such as facebook, twitter or computer games. Recently I've received my marks for Heat Transfer and Fluid Mechanics which was 70. If only I could detect my careless mistakes earlier on during the test, most probably I could get 80 something..or even 90. (HAHAHAHA I WISH)

Oh well. An expensive lesson learnt. Gotta make sure that during my finals; careless mistakes should be avoided as much as possible.

Only a few days left before my finals and this exam are one of the most frightening exams i've been through- more frightening than SPM!

Again sorry I couldn't blog that much, but still- pray for my success!! :DD

Thursday, April 21, 2011

Final Exams Are Just Around The Corner!


As much as I love blogging, during this time of the week I had to step down a lil' bit- because my finals will start tomorrow!

The 1st paper would be Material Engineering Design, in case you're wondering what exactly Material Engineering Design is, well, literally speaking, tomorrow i'll be designing and calculating pressure vessels and anything that involves material strength, stress..etc..etc.

Again, i'm so sorry for the "WHY YOU NO UPDATE BLOG AHHHH?" thingy.

Its unavoidable. And hopefully you guys understand.

Wish me all the best, and pray for me to do well in my finals!



P:S// Regular blog updates after my finals! And thats a promise!!! :D

Saturday, April 16, 2011

Pikom PC Fair 2011

It sucks!!!!!!

Let me say it again-

It sucksssssssss!!!!

During this year Pikom PC Fair, I expected something different, something extra ordinary or something that is out of the box but to my dismay it is nothing short as disappointing.

As usual there were lots of people during the Pikom PC Fair and I hated it. Rubbing shoulder to shoulders with other people around and was almost suffocated with the ambient air inside the conference hall gave me a bad impression during my time there. I think the people attended the pc fair just now was almost equivalent to the people who lived in Kuching!

Now, let's talk about the laptops, cameras, computer accessories and other gadgets being sold during the pc fair.

All of them were the same as it is during last year (except for a few minor changes) and to my utter dismay almost all of the prices were the same! I expected that atleast there's some discount but there wasn't. I saw one of my headphones being sold at the same price as I bought it last year albeit the HD228's sucessor, the HD238, which has been in the market for quite a while now.

Well so far I enjoyed the audiophile section though, since i'm a music junkie. Was almost tempted to buy another set of headphones. Its blue in color and has a "adidas" logo on the side of it. Didn't check price. I bet that its pricey! :p

Beautiful, right? 

I did test a few headphones at the booth and was impressed by the sound qualities of headphones. I saw this one big headphone and I think its twice as big as my head! =.="

So. As I was busy walking around during the fair I did took some photos of those sexy model booths (my only sole intention to go to the pc fair). I didn't took a lot of photos though since there were a swarm of photographers wanted to take their pictures too. Here's some of the photo's.

As a verdict there's nothing much to see over here at the Pikom PC Fair- everything is very common and I didn't bought anything at the fair. I think Lowyat offers much more flexibility and prices.

There's a lot of customers that the workers have to handle and I think its hard for you to get the very best deals from them, too.

So. Are you going to the PC Fair?

Please think about it, before you regret! :P
(Unless you want to cuci mata, of course..hehehe)

Wednesday, April 13, 2011

A Chance To Shake Hands With Dr. Mahathir :)

I received an email earlier today, and it wrote-

Hi Bazil,

How are you? I hope you're doing well.

First of all, Congratulations for winning the Consolation Prize in our Essay Competition 2010! 

Attached is the letter by my General Manager, Puan Zarina Abu Bakar as well as an invitation card to the Prizegiving Ceremony which will be held on 4th May 2011.

Once again, Congratulations! See you soon!

I was seriously very surprised when I received this email because I wasn't expecting I could won anything, or at least, something from this competition.

I remembered when my english lecturer told us to take this competition as your assignment to improve your english, and if you win it, then its a bonus-

A bonus, it really is!

Although the consolation prize ain't that spectacular compared to the 3rd, 2nd, 1st or grand prize, but during the prize giving ceremony I would have the chance the shake hands with our former prime minister,

Tun Dr. Mahathir Mohammad.

Now thats an oppurtunity and prize of a lifetime! :P

P:S// Goddamnit I have my final exam on 3rd May! And the prize giving ceremony is on the 4th! (Btw, major thanks to my english lecturer, Miss Norhayati for the guidance!!!)

Sunday, April 10, 2011

Tennis. Drive. Music.

These 3 things are my hobbies.

I love playing tennis. I started playing tennis when I was in form 5 and was taught by two of my best buds, Faris and Aizat. They were superior- ofcourse- compared to me whom was inferior and had the most annoying tennis serve back then.

In Micet, I usually play some tennis with my friends here and I enjoyed every bit of serve, stroke and smash I've had with them. (Except for part when we've hit the ball too hard and it flew to bushes).

I'll be looking forward to play with Aizat and Fariz when i'm coming back to Kuching after my finals here in Micet. (For once, and for all! No more Micet, please).



I remembered well how I used to drive without my driving license, especially when I was in form 5.

My parents always hated to bring me to the library and school during weekends. I remembered well how scared to death I was during new years eve when I drove without a license.

In Kuching, when I have the free time I'll usually drive around and open all the car windows and enjoy the cold wind air blowing through my face, and hair.

And oh, there comes the music!

While enjoying the drive, most of the time I'll turn on my favourite music through my ipod in the car. I'll sing till my lungs are out of breath and scream, if I feel like screaming.

Its nice, you know, driving while listening to your favourite music and enjoying the refreshing air.

How I wish i'm back here in Kuching.


Friday, April 8, 2011

Safee Sali Vs Carragher, Terry, Cesc and Vidic!

Malaysia's venomous striker, Safee Sali will be bearing a huge task on his shoulders to break the EPL's big guns when they'll be stepping foot to this country on July.

Being a Liverpudlian at heart, its a dream come to true for me to watch my favourite team in action, but i'm thinking how the hell would Safee Sali be fighting with those monster defenders in this few months ahead.

Safee vs Liverpool, Chelsea, Arsenal, Manu?

No Problem.

Safee Vs Liverpool

Safee Vs Manu

Safee Vs Chelsea

Safee Vs Arsenal

Safee Time Orang Tengah Gaduh

What do you think? Safee is EPL Proven!!!!!!!

Sunday, April 3, 2011

A Month To Struggle

Today is the 3rd of April.

Its a month shy from my final exam date, which is on the 3rd of May.

During this one month i'll try to study as much as I could and do my best in recapturing all of my revisions last semester and this one too.

I know that failing this exam, and if I do not meet the requirements of MARA i'm sure that the opportunity to study overseas is gone and i'm going to regret it FOREVER.

So during this one month period, most probably i'll play lesser games, online chatting and blogging. I'll make the most of my time studying and hopefully i'll get my target 1st class degree! :).

Till then my readers- if you miss me, you guys can always read my previous blog posts. Harhar.

P:S// I still blog. But expect late updates! Sorry. Hope you guys understand!!! Thanks for supporting Random-Apples!! :)
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