Saturday, April 16, 2011

Pikom PC Fair 2011

It sucks!!!!!!

Let me say it again-

It sucksssssssss!!!!

During this year Pikom PC Fair, I expected something different, something extra ordinary or something that is out of the box but to my dismay it is nothing short as disappointing.

As usual there were lots of people during the Pikom PC Fair and I hated it. Rubbing shoulder to shoulders with other people around and was almost suffocated with the ambient air inside the conference hall gave me a bad impression during my time there. I think the people attended the pc fair just now was almost equivalent to the people who lived in Kuching!

Now, let's talk about the laptops, cameras, computer accessories and other gadgets being sold during the pc fair.

All of them were the same as it is during last year (except for a few minor changes) and to my utter dismay almost all of the prices were the same! I expected that atleast there's some discount but there wasn't. I saw one of my headphones being sold at the same price as I bought it last year albeit the HD228's sucessor, the HD238, which has been in the market for quite a while now.

Well so far I enjoyed the audiophile section though, since i'm a music junkie. Was almost tempted to buy another set of headphones. Its blue in color and has a "adidas" logo on the side of it. Didn't check price. I bet that its pricey! :p

Beautiful, right? 

I did test a few headphones at the booth and was impressed by the sound qualities of headphones. I saw this one big headphone and I think its twice as big as my head! =.="

So. As I was busy walking around during the fair I did took some photos of those sexy model booths (my only sole intention to go to the pc fair). I didn't took a lot of photos though since there were a swarm of photographers wanted to take their pictures too. Here's some of the photo's.

As a verdict there's nothing much to see over here at the Pikom PC Fair- everything is very common and I didn't bought anything at the fair. I think Lowyat offers much more flexibility and prices.

There's a lot of customers that the workers have to handle and I think its hard for you to get the very best deals from them, too.

So. Are you going to the PC Fair?

Please think about it, before you regret! :P
(Unless you want to cuci mata, of course..hehehe)


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