Monday, April 25, 2011


As much as i anticipate studying in Sheffield, I could see myself sitting on top of the benches there inside the picture. It would be great, studying with my friends with cold temperature and sunny weather.

At the moment i'm trying to study as much as I could, and avoid distractions such as facebook, twitter or computer games. Recently I've received my marks for Heat Transfer and Fluid Mechanics which was 70. If only I could detect my careless mistakes earlier on during the test, most probably I could get 80 something..or even 90. (HAHAHAHA I WISH)

Oh well. An expensive lesson learnt. Gotta make sure that during my finals; careless mistakes should be avoided as much as possible.

Only a few days left before my finals and this exam are one of the most frightening exams i've been through- more frightening than SPM!

Again sorry I couldn't blog that much, but still- pray for my success!! :DD


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