Friday, March 30, 2012

Dah Pinjam Taknak Bayar. Apa Kebodohan Ini, Pondan?

Camner prasan korang, kalau member2 pinjam duit, pastu taknak bayar? Mesti panas, betol x?

"Wei pondan..ko ingat aku ni kerja cop duit ke?"

Recently, SMM, which is known as Solidariti Mahasiswa Malaysia, plans to hold a rally on April 14 to demand immediate abolition of PTPTN.

Pinjam duit mau. Da dapat duit beli gajet. Beli iphone, beli ipad, pergi jalan2. Dah habis duit bising. Pergi rally. Jerit taknak bayar. Mak Bapak suroh blajar tak nak. Gomen suroh score 1st class tak dapat.


Korang bising fresh graduate dapat gaji sikit. Memang la gaji sikit- ko dok blaja kat uni bukan ada experience first hand masa kerja. Nak dapat gaji banyak kene ada work experience lah bro, kene ada pengalaman dalam kerja, baru boleh demand. Ni results pon macam bangkai nak demand gaji RM5000 pastu nak buat rally sebab taknak bayar hutang- memang kene pijak la lu punya kepala.

Gomen dah bagi lampu hijau kat korang; dapat score 1st class honours, langsailah hutang. Orang bagi betis, ko nak paha. Aduh..memang mentaliti dunia ketiga. Memang sah korang masih tinggal atas pokok.


P:S// Post ini dituju kepada pondan2 yang butthurt.

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My Easter Break Vacation- Alton Towers; the biggest theme park in the UK!!!!!!!

Oh God..i just hate roller coasters..i just hope that i wouldnt get dizzy and puke out. We've hired a minibus, which costs around 200 pounds for 11 people to go there. But, considering the fact that if we used the train or bus instead, we could be paying ourselves as much as 600 pounds!

I'm not really a fan of theme parks as I get nauseous very very easily but yeah, what the hell, bring it on, baby! (Even main kat Sunway pun aku dah pening..lagik2 lah kat sitok..=.=")

Thursday, March 29, 2012

Let's Keep In Touch!

I've never took blogging seriously. I dont think I ever will and most of the time I take blogging as a platform for me to express my feelings, my thoughts, and being myself.

As a blogger myself, I feel very honoured when someone comments or by simply giving a like on my posts. (And to most other bloggers as well). It means a lot, as I could sense that my writing grabbed my readers attention. Without the readers, blogging would be totally out of the question as I love to tell stories about what's happening with me and my interests.

It may have been too late, but there are other bloggers out there that have put my blog into their website and have been such a help to attract readers and all. Here, I would like to thank you guys for your sincere gratitude and as a token of appreciation, I wanna create a page for links for all of you bloggers out there. (Or a blog list, at most..haha)

Just send me your name, your blog title and your website address at

We'll keep in touch!

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Spring break is finally here!! Gotta love that sunshine!

Today was my last lecture and i'll be having my holidays for 3 weeks! I'm not really sure what i'm going to do for 21 days but I know that i'm going to do these 3 things in no particular order- cycling, photography and studying.

I'm really looking forward for this holiday. It's been a while since i've needed a few days off from the university world and enjoy your time doing what you love and strive.

Enjoy your holidays everyone!!

Wednesday, March 28, 2012

Spring Picnic!

The temperature has risen- flowers blooming, bee's flying, the grass is greening and its time to sunbath till your skin turns tan- or brown. Or both.

That's Spring.

The cold has long gone and it's time to take out your sunnies, enjoy an ice-cream cone and have a barbecue or picnic on your favourite park.

That was what me and my friends did, except for having a barbecue. To be honest with you guys, it's been a long time since I had a picnic with my friends. I think the last one that I could remember was when I've finished SPM; to which I enjoyed my time at Pasir Pandak's Beach and played jetski with my friends.

There were lots of people enjoying the sun and I'm not really a fan of it though, since I see it almost everyday and its scorching hot (in Malaysia ofcourse!)- but today was a different case, to which I enjoyed it and was very grateful that I dont have to wear multiple layers of clothes and sweaters to avoid the cold.

Pictures after the jump!

Phew, that's a lot of pictures to be uploaded!

Today was sooo much fun. It was sooo relaxing and the mood was vibrant and happy. When was your last time having a picnic? =P.

Talking about picnics, there's this one picture in my camera, which was accidentally snapped and is totally 9gag worthy- like, could be in the top 3 9gag post if I could create a meme out of it.

Well, what do you guys think? Hahah!!

Sunday, March 25, 2012

Fun Weekend And Cycling To The Peak District!

This weekend has been really, really fun.

Like crazy fun. Nang best gila-gila eh. Best gila babi ku madah kawu.

After a disastrous design project, I had 3 days off for this week, Friday, Saturday and Sunday. I didn't do anything much on Friday though, except for the fact that I went out with my friends at Raja's for some yamcha session- celebrating the 4 days agony that we had to face throughout the design week.

On Saturday however, it was as usual as any other Saturday morning where me and my friends play football at All Saints and during the night there's a program called "Santai" which were organized SMSA and PMPMS. There were Malaysian food such as Nasi Kerabu, Laksam, Nasi Lemak and my favourite, Satay!

Lamak dah sik makan sate do..macam sakai jak time aku nanga satay.

The food was delicious, especially the Nasi Lemak! Sedap gile. Tip top. Tremendous. Cukup rasa masam, masin, manis, pedas and pahit. Semua ngam2.

There were also some performances and a friend of mine, J-Kal whom stole the highlights with good vocal and stage displays when he sang Camilia infront of the crowd. I must say the sound system were a bit dreadful though. If not it would be a very scintillating and lovely night.

The awesomeness of the weekend starts on Sunday, where I joined the Kembara Peak District event and I had the opputurnity to visit and cycle at the Peak District- a totally awesome place!!

There's no better way to describe the fun with these pictures! I didn't bring my dslr along though. It would be nice if I did, but it would be such a burden to bring around. An action cam sounds nice, no? =p

Awesomeness level: OVER 9000!!!!

We rode through cliffs, hills, mountains, trees, rivers, mud, grass, desert, you name it- we cycled it! The ride was so much fun and you get to see those beautiful sceneries with every paddle you did. When I was cycling, I found that excitement, that thrilling sensation and feeling- adrenaline rushing through your brain from your blood produced from the bone marrows, pushing every limits and stamina you got just for that final push.

I'm just sooo totally in love with cycling now.

So now, I propose-


Friday, March 23, 2012

The Barracuda Big Eye

This is my new ride, the Big Eye, from Barracuda.

I bought it for 250 pounds from and I found it the most worth it for their specs. I havent ride it though and I shall ride this bad ass for my trip to the Peak District this Sunday. I had to part ways with my old bike and the bike had served me well for 5months. I have to confess, that this bike feels so much well built compared to the Dunlop which I bought. Well yeah, quality is costs, as they say.

With Suntour SF12-XCT V4 suspension fork, 24 speed Shimano EZ fire shifters and FC-M131 alloy cranks, Tektro Novela disc brake and Kenda Koyote Tyres, what's not to like for the Big Eye? =p

The bike looks totally awesome, right? Haha. I used to cycle almost everyday when I was a kid. I never had a bicycle and usually I use my sisters bike everytime I wanna go cycling with my cousins and friends. I love it when the wind flows through your hair and breezes through your body. I love it when the hill gets steeper and makes you feel like a racer when you cycle downhill.


Argh, the agony of having a bike! Lol. Anyways, speaking of bikes, check out this video's from youtube, they're super cool.

These guys really do have big balls and I totally admire their bravery. I wish I could do these stuffs later on. Extreme cycling! I wonder what happens if the person on the 3rd video suddenly crashes to the side..the hills are pretty damn scary!!

The last meme in the picture seems legit. Lol.

Monday, March 19, 2012

I'm 21!

It was my birthday last Sunday and like any other day, it was just an ordinary day. On that day I went to Rotherham park, participating in SMSA day out where there was an explorace activity and BBQ. I just miss those juicy bbq chicken wings and hot's hard to turn them down once you get a bite of it!

Rotherham park is big and is beautiful. The only thing that I dislike about the park was there were so many worms on the walking pathway, in which it makes walking feels scary..haha.

I managed to get close up views of swans, sheeps and cows (I was afraid to take pictures of the sheeps and cows since they were looking at us curiously). Honestly swans are such beautiful creatures..I just love the way when they hover just a few inches over the lake and glide down from the sky. Here's a few pictures that I took from the event. =P.

Now this week, as I mentioned before, would be my design week, where I dont have any lectures or classes at all. This week alone, is dedicated for me and my groupmates to design a benzene/toulene distillation process and so far, it's been tedious though. many calculations, yet so little time.

Penin palak bah. Haha.

P:S// I think my camera and lens are having some kind of problem seems that everytime when I take a picture, they tend to focus wrongly and the exposures are always over and underexposed. Hmm..I guess I should give my camera and lens a little of's been a few months now since I took out my camera for some sun.
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