Friday, March 9, 2012

This Week

First and foremost..I would like to thank for every readers of Random-Apples, because we've reached an outstanding 150th-K view! (I feel honoured because they are people reading my crap shit of writings and posts in the internet world..haha, I seriously didn't thought that my blog could reach this far..again, thanks for the heads up, people!)

To start things off, as mentioned in my earlier post, I went to Etihad Stadium, the home of Manchester City Football club to witness the demolition of Porto. As a neutral, it was an entertaining match and to be honest with you guys, the Manchester City fans are totally, totally boring.

Boring? Boring macam mana bro?

Okay, macam ni, there were no songs, no chants and no cheers (except for the goals ofcourse) during the entire match from the home crowd. (Maybe I exaggerated that part a bit, and probably that they did sang, but I didn't hear anything at all from them). Even the stadium is not full. It's Porto ffs! Europa League's defending champions!

Compared to Anfield, the only thing that's decent at Etihad Stadium is that they have a good pre-match atmosphere, with live bands singing and big screens that show some of their seasons goals and players.

Apart from football, i've finally received my first magazine subscription!! I paid 5 pounds for 5 month's mag and including a free gift, which I have yet to receive. It's a photography magazine, Digital SLR photography. I can't wait to get my hands on my camera this Spring! This winter has been pretty much hard on me for photography since it's cold. I hate walking and lugging my camera around in the freezing weather, lagi-lagilah kalau snow.

Next week, I'll be told regarding my design project group and i'm soooo freaking nervous everytime when I think about it. I just wish that I could get one or two Malaysians in our group as it would mean easier communication and understanding. I know that there's no hiding the fact that sooner or later I would be talking and doing business angmoh's in the future, but, what if, you were in a group and you get those pesky parasites or leechers type of people that is only present during the last day for the project and magically appears during the presentation day? I'm not saying anyone, but try to imagine that scenario, mesti cam cibai, nak, mun ada orang camya?


It's been totally boring lately and I really look forward for the flowers to bloom, the sun to shine and the cold to disappear. There's this event, Kembara at Peak District, which I'll be joining in a few weeks and from what i've seen from my friends picture, Peak District is a totally amazing place to take awesome pictures!

And last but no least--Enjoy your weekend everyone, eat well, sleep well and stay healthy!


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