Sunday, March 25, 2012

Fun Weekend And Cycling To The Peak District!

This weekend has been really, really fun.

Like crazy fun. Nang best gila-gila eh. Best gila babi ku madah kawu.

After a disastrous design project, I had 3 days off for this week, Friday, Saturday and Sunday. I didn't do anything much on Friday though, except for the fact that I went out with my friends at Raja's for some yamcha session- celebrating the 4 days agony that we had to face throughout the design week.

On Saturday however, it was as usual as any other Saturday morning where me and my friends play football at All Saints and during the night there's a program called "Santai" which were organized SMSA and PMPMS. There were Malaysian food such as Nasi Kerabu, Laksam, Nasi Lemak and my favourite, Satay!

Lamak dah sik makan sate do..macam sakai jak time aku nanga satay.

The food was delicious, especially the Nasi Lemak! Sedap gile. Tip top. Tremendous. Cukup rasa masam, masin, manis, pedas and pahit. Semua ngam2.

There were also some performances and a friend of mine, J-Kal whom stole the highlights with good vocal and stage displays when he sang Camilia infront of the crowd. I must say the sound system were a bit dreadful though. If not it would be a very scintillating and lovely night.

The awesomeness of the weekend starts on Sunday, where I joined the Kembara Peak District event and I had the opputurnity to visit and cycle at the Peak District- a totally awesome place!!

There's no better way to describe the fun with these pictures! I didn't bring my dslr along though. It would be nice if I did, but it would be such a burden to bring around. An action cam sounds nice, no? =p

Awesomeness level: OVER 9000!!!!

We rode through cliffs, hills, mountains, trees, rivers, mud, grass, desert, you name it- we cycled it! The ride was so much fun and you get to see those beautiful sceneries with every paddle you did. When I was cycling, I found that excitement, that thrilling sensation and feeling- adrenaline rushing through your brain from your blood produced from the bone marrows, pushing every limits and stamina you got just for that final push.

I'm just sooo totally in love with cycling now.

So now, I propose-



syaEYRA said...

cantiknya tempat tu!!

fazran_hakin said...

pics still tip top without dslr zil...nice 2 see

miss.D said...

ni gne camera aper ea?

Buzz said...


haaa..cantik kan tempat of the best places to visit on earth! =P


kalau ad dslr ni mmg perghhhhhhh..tapi tulah...berat kot nak bawak skali..haha


sume kat peak district tu pakai camera samsung galaxy jep..hehe

reynny said...

seriously samsung galaxy? the pictures are superb!

Buzz said...

@reynny galaxy..tkejut ke? haha =p

reynny said...

yeah..kinda.. o.O

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