Wednesday, March 28, 2012

Spring Picnic!

The temperature has risen- flowers blooming, bee's flying, the grass is greening and its time to sunbath till your skin turns tan- or brown. Or both.

That's Spring.

The cold has long gone and it's time to take out your sunnies, enjoy an ice-cream cone and have a barbecue or picnic on your favourite park.

That was what me and my friends did, except for having a barbecue. To be honest with you guys, it's been a long time since I had a picnic with my friends. I think the last one that I could remember was when I've finished SPM; to which I enjoyed my time at Pasir Pandak's Beach and played jetski with my friends.

There were lots of people enjoying the sun and I'm not really a fan of it though, since I see it almost everyday and its scorching hot (in Malaysia ofcourse!)- but today was a different case, to which I enjoyed it and was very grateful that I dont have to wear multiple layers of clothes and sweaters to avoid the cold.

Pictures after the jump!

Phew, that's a lot of pictures to be uploaded!

Today was sooo much fun. It was sooo relaxing and the mood was vibrant and happy. When was your last time having a picnic? =P.

Talking about picnics, there's this one picture in my camera, which was accidentally snapped and is totally 9gag worthy- like, could be in the top 3 9gag post if I could create a meme out of it.

Well, what do you guys think? Hahah!!


Safri Ramle said...

bro, dh potong rambut ka? mueheheh~ try jak polah meme ya~ kompom jadi~

n@d!r@h said...

hahahahahahahaha gmbr fahad! *gelakgulingguling*

Buzz said...


baruk jak potong rambut ariya..angol nyawa pok rambut panjang..haha


fahad tgh sronok tu!! =p

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