Friday, April 30, 2010

Rugby Match Between Fist UK//Aussies- In HD!

The rugby match was really intense. With high tackles flying around. Knuckles swimming through the faces of the players here and there. Credits to the Aussies and congratulations to the UK's!

Enjoy the pictures! :D

"Baca doa dulu sebelum main"

"Baru 3 minit dah start bertumbok"


"6 vs 1"

"Aussie sangat laju macam kangaroo"

"But Cyclop became the hero for the UK's"

"Sorry lads, better luck next time"

"Reti sepak ke Prop?"

"Aussie main tarik baju! Kantoi"

"But the UK's balas balik with a tackle!"

"Eddy dengan muke ganas dier"

"Ambik Ko: Eddy"

"Controversies after the tackle"

"But the Aussies made it through"

"The Aussies didn't converted the spot-kick though"

"Luckman gives the ball away. Tangan licin"

"Ayip dikelilingi Aussies"

And the best picture of all;

"Nampak tak?"

X nampak?
Meh, aku zoom.
"Ambik ko P-jul!"


Thursday, April 29, 2010

Liga Kebangsaan Fist UK: In HD Pictures

Liga Kebangsaan Fist UK has started! :D
Random-Apples presents, International Fist UK Premier League

The Teams
"Team KL PLUS. (Bazil, Wak Joe, P-Jol, Eddy, Cami, Wakbib)"

"Team Mulia. (Adam, Fazra, Faiz, Zaid, Cyclop, Fazi)"

"Team Hoooo-oh. (Ayip, Iso, Paan, Karzais, Najhan, Supok)"

"Team Jana Taqwa. (Helmi, Akim, Kimi, Hasip, Jubek, Prop)"

"Team Plessing. (Mat, Muaz, Luckman, Arip, G-joule)"

"Team Laknat. (Bohee, Apik, Faris, Cat, Apis, Soleh)"

"Team Josey. (Hakim, Kunai, Mirul, P-yot, Icam, Josey)"

"Team Sempit (Haiqal, Mizan, Sapwan, Helmi, Naqie, Akmal)"

More Pictures!

"Kunai timbang bola. Comel"

"Kalo lipat stylo tapi bola tak kene, tak gune gak kim..ahahah"

"And a headerrrrrrrrrrrrrrr..."

"Faiz Yusop merembat"

"Tangkap bola siap senyum lagi tuh"

"Quality ball control! :D"

"Hapis Husin siap posing maut lagi tuh"

"Syam bends it through the cornerrrrrr...!" ape nih.


Wednesday, April 28, 2010

Monday, April 26, 2010

Have you chosen your university?

Our exam is coming up in just two weeks ahead.
To spark the burning desire to score A's in our final semester exam, Random-Apples would like to share about the 3 UK universities that we're going to,

Queens University Belfast.

Queens University is located in Belfast, northern Ireland. Often referred as Queen's, this university is ranked 32nd in Times Good University Guide. It is also one of the coldest city out of the 3 universities offered from our course. Be prepared for some ice-shock! :D
"The main entrance of the university"

Friday, April 23, 2010

A Tour To My Room. :)

It has been 3 weeks (I guess) since the guys moved to the girls dorm.

I kinda miss my bilik kebal..='(.

"Miss this place. Especially the toilet."

So, today, Random-Apples will present you readers a tour inside a guys room. :D.

"The entrance of the new guys dorm. It sucks."

Photo Sharing:3

"For the love of a cat"

Thursday, April 22, 2010

Graduation Day: In Pictures! :D

Finally! We've graduated!!!

Pictures are worth a thousand words, so here's some pics during our graduation! :D

"Budak2 Fist RCMP getting revved up"

"Muke che macam muke gorilla..wahahah"

"Syaitan-syaitan di dalam surau"

"Aspa placing"

"Khairul Babyface Aimiza"

"Nooooooooo! RAPIST ALERT"

"Placing-lah Izhan"

"Bang lan, sempoi2 bahasa"

"Michelle and Wawa, posing"

"Mat with his mom"

"Naqie, anugerah terkeji"

"Anugerah playboy"

"Sebelum majlis bermula~"

"Single Bachelors!"

"More single bachelors"

"Opening speech by the vice director of MARA-tak baca text pun"

"Prize giving ceremony starts"

"Michelle, awarded for the best english award"

"Marina, was given the best student award"

"Yang Mulia, Fazran insaniah terbaik. Nak Maggie"

"Luqman, the best athlete"

"Azizi, tokoh pelajar. 4gb mane ji?"

"Piyot, control handsome. Hehehe."

"The doctors, celebrating"

"The engineering girls"

"Reti ke main guitar weh?"

"Proud to be a Fist Uk Student! :D"

"Ingat scroll tu murah ke weh??"

"All Fist Uk Engineering Bachelors"

"Fist UK! :D"

"More Fist UK"

"Enjoying the days of graduation"

"Bill Shankly?"

"The only Sarawakians"

Overall, the graduation day was a blast, everyone had carnage fun, we hope that you readers enjoy these pictures and most importantly,

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