Sunday, April 4, 2010

Suhanis Sukri

Meet Supak. (Suhanis).
He's one of the most cheerful person in our batch.
We love him.
He's a supermodel.
" u Supak(abe mat)"

He loves to make people laugh. Thats his speciality.
Without him, our batch is all gloomy.

"He loves making funny faces"

He's from class U6. You want his phone number?
Email me.

"He's cute and intelligent. Every girl's wet dream"
"His smile makes every women drool. "

He plays rugby. He's tough and muscular. I envy Supak.
Im jealous of him.

"He looks like Johnny Deep. (Not Snoop Dog). I look like shit."

This is me.

"I not handsome as Supak"

Then again..Supak, we love you! :D


Anonymous said...

u ar beautiful...
u ar beautiful...
is true...

Anonymous said...

..u ar naturally beautifull..oh,,
i wish that i could be like you..

Anonymous said...

is it really great to make fun of others?

syleuphoria said...

i guess u never really heard of humor, before? :D

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