Tuesday, April 6, 2010

5 Things Guys Like About A Girl

Ok, lets clear things up.
Girls wanna know what guys like about a girl. But they dont have a clue.
So, here, me and my friends created a list of..


*Drum rolls..*

First things first;

1. Her Body

Guys have one nafsu. That nafsu is what we call as sex. Guys have great imaginary powers. With that gift, guys could imagine alot of things.
Guys could imagine Adibah Nor into Angelina Jolie.

"Guys appreciate girls with great body"

2. Are you, pengikis duit?

Guys hate queen control. Guys dont mind if they accompany you shopping, albeit using your own money, ofcourse. Most guys use their money on their own stuff, such as football, computer,games; mainly hobby related.
We know that its un-gentlemen for girls to pay for guys, for a change, help each other out, save some money, and do more things together than shopping!
"Dont waste your money! Money is just too valuable!"

3. Cooking Skills

If a girl wants to be a wife for a certain guy, then she should know how to cook.
Not maggi or nasi goreng- but something exquisite, something special. If a girl knows how to cook, then a family could save alot of money from going out everyday to buy foods and such.
Girls who cooks is a boner for guys! :D

"If girls could cook like this everyday, then your husband would sayang you more"

4. The Nature Of The Girl

Some guys like gedik, but some guys like innocent. It depends on their taste. But most of the guys like it when a girl acts natural.

"Be yourself, natural, as it is"

And last but not least..

5. Her Heart

Okay, now you got all those criteria's above. *Claps*.
But, does your heart says so?
Your a great cooker, have big coconuts and a slim body but if your perasan, dishonest, liar and main kayu tiga, then its game over for you.

A guy could've fallen in love with a women because of her heart.

"Your sincerity plays an important role"

SO, what do you guys think?


Supia Chao said...

Meaningful and true. Especially about the heart.

Anonymous said...

Very very agree with you.
Especially the part where we guys have very HD(high definition) imagination like an lcd tv

Anonymous said...

I also love women with gud heart and can cook!!!

zeaff said...

i will fall in love later.. hahaa

Anonymous said...

i dont like plessing guy

syleuphoria said...

Supia..thx! :D. Anonymous..HD imagination? THATS A WHACK! Hahaha..

Che..really? :D

marina saifuddin said...

xbek la imagine tgi2 sgt..hehehhe...
tp krg ase aku act natural x?

Anonymous said...

extra info....girls love guys with cooking skills too...not the ones yang makan jer...

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