Thursday, April 8, 2010

Travelogue 1: OTW To Sungai Petani

I've been travelling alot lately since i first arrived here in here goes one of my travelogue, Sungai Petani.

Took off from my dorm approximately 3.20pm and went to the Pak Guard's hut to give our pass for outing.
Then me, Ije, Izhan and Faris waited for the bus..but opted to go to the nearest bus station by taxi hoping that we could ride the aircond bus..

But instead,

"We got this shit bus"

The so called Bas Tentera.

Kamus Dewan: Bas Tentera- A bus that has no aircond, smelly seats, lots of chewing gum of the floor, porn graffiti at the backseats and noisy.

After a tormenting 1 hour, me and my friends arrived at Shahab Perdana, a place where all buses kumpul2.

"Faris posing behind Shahab Perdana, a place like no other"

The bus to Sungai Petani arrived shortly after we arrived at Shahab. In a matter of seconds, all the seats were full and we were sandwiched between humans inside the bus.

"This was our condition in the bus- well, literally"

3 Hours standing in the bus was not fun at all, but as soon as we arrived at Sungai Petani..we were served with this at Faris's house..

"Ayam masak merah"

"And a few other delicious delicacies as well, yummy"

With a full stomach, now im ready for more adventures tomorrow! :D


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