Thursday, April 15, 2010

Trip To Naza Kia Factory

Last Thursday, me and my friends had the opportunity to visit the Naza Kia Factory in Gurun, Kedah.
"Everyone is geared up for the trip"

*Fast Forward* Lets cut down the crap and enjoy some of the pictures we took during the trip.
"The view in our bus"
"Some sleep action"

"More sleep action"

"After 1 hour and 30 minutes on the bus, we finally arrived at the factory."

"Our first pit stop"

"Endured a 30minute session with our coordinator"

"Souvenir was given by our Physics Teacher, Cikgu Mahathir"

"A brief session of explanations before we enter the factory"

*There were no pictures of the factory since using camera's was prohibited. Sorry. (Handphones were not allowed as well..@.@)

"The souvenir shop"

"Looking at Naza's overall factory view"

"One of Kia's car"

"That's a whack!"

"Class U4, U5 & U6"

Overall, the trip was fun indeed. We saw alot of weird robots and gadgets inside the factory, knew how cars were made first hand and ofcourse, a new experience.

Again, sorry for unavailable pictures inside the factory! :D


kenwooi said...

trips are fun.. haha.. back in school, my class was always selected to go on trips.. miss those days =)

ila syamilla said...

it's not mahathir. it's mahadzir, is it? haish..

Mac said...

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