Friday, April 30, 2010

Rugby Match Between Fist UK//Aussies- In HD!

The rugby match was really intense. With high tackles flying around. Knuckles swimming through the faces of the players here and there. Credits to the Aussies and congratulations to the UK's!

Enjoy the pictures! :D

"Baca doa dulu sebelum main"

"Baru 3 minit dah start bertumbok"


"6 vs 1"

"Aussie sangat laju macam kangaroo"

"But Cyclop became the hero for the UK's"

"Sorry lads, better luck next time"

"Reti sepak ke Prop?"

"Aussie main tarik baju! Kantoi"

"But the UK's balas balik with a tackle!"

"Eddy dengan muke ganas dier"

"Ambik Ko: Eddy"

"Controversies after the tackle"

"But the Aussies made it through"

"The Aussies didn't converted the spot-kick though"

"Luckman gives the ball away. Tangan licin"

"Ayip dikelilingi Aussies"

And the best picture of all;

"Nampak tak?"

X nampak?
Meh, aku zoom.
"Ambik ko P-jul!"



Anonymous said...

ambik ko pejol!!!

love that picture very much

Anonymous said...

muke adie mcm adek die bai!!budak aus..

Faris said...

bpak malu sial.hahaha

Anonymous said...

nasib bek x pakai but,haha..

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