Wednesday, June 30, 2010

My First Buffered Earnings, Yeah! :D

It has been 3 month's now since i've been serving nuffnang.
Those 3 month's, nuffnang have been paying me well, and my earning is enough for me to cash it out, it wasn't big, but it was sufficient for me to pay atleast 2 months of broadband. Lol.

Today, when I checked at my blog, I kinda saw this ad, from Astro. It stayed there, at my website although i've been visiting my site hour by hour to check for any visitors and I was kinda suspicious, why does the leader board ad shows the same ad all the time?

So i went to check my earning at nuffnang, hoping to get those delicious buffered earnings.

And i did.

"First buffered earnings under 3 months!"

I was happy, ofcourse and it was kinda weird because my daily site traffic was only under 100 a day. As I read and heard from blogs, people and friends, you have to get atleast 100++ a day to get any buffered earnings from nuffnang.

I guess this wasnt the case here, though. =p.

"I guess the 100+++ visitors a day wasn't so true, after all, =p"

Here, I would like to say a big thanks to all my readers, especially my friends and families out there and to those blogwalkers who are kind enough to visit me at this blog. =3.

Not forgetting nuffnang too!

(I guess site content really gave the thumbs up rather than the amount visitors. =p)

Tuesday, June 29, 2010

School 6 years back. (A Post Dedicated to my schoolmates)

It's year 2010 now. 6 years back would bring us to 2004.

Graduated from SRB.St.Joseph, (Primary 6 was hell. Digimon's were everywhere. Whenever there's a spotcheck, *grab's his digimon and put it inside his underwear*. Yeah. That sort of stuff.)

In the end you'll see a square bulge infront of your pants.

Prefect: Itu apa dekat seluar?? (Pointing at my pants)
Me: Sikdapapa. Paham2lah..orang laki bah.
Prefect: Ohhh, kalau macam itu, kenapa dia besar?
Me: Stud bah, camne nak molah. (Actually there's a digimon in my underwear).
Prefect: You ada bawa playboy ka?
Me: Neda, pernah dengar imagine sik?


In the year 2003, Tamiya dash cars were so popular that time. I begged my parents to buy one piece of car and dynamo which lasted only for a week. (Car went out of track, crashed on the walls, body snapped, engine blown)

And, what about beyblades, then? They were popular too.
I saw kids played that toy a a lot in my village. They even organized a tournament for god's sake!


So I went on thinking, as I step to the door of SMK. St. Joseph, class 1B,

I will become a man. I will not play digimons, kreta dash, beyblades or whatsoever.
It's time to get matured. Be a man.

And I did.


On one fine Monday of January 2004, Izham comes to class, bringing his bag, (yang ada roda2 ya) and put it on his chair.
Zul grabbed his bag, put it on the table, yanked out the bag holder and gave it a one good scissors kick.

The bag snapped.

The whole class was shocked. Izham stood there standing, and laughed himself.

"Sikpa, sikpa, klak beli baru."

I've learnt scissors kick.


PJ during form one was ridiculous. I do not understand why do we have to rewrite and draw everything in a textbook and write it on a piece of paper and hand it to the teacher.

What's the function of the book, then?

And, if your caught not having any shorts or clothes during PJ, its time for you to pick some rubbish around the school compound, which I never did.

I've learnt how to escape from punishments.


Pendidikan Seni was never my favourite. I don't know how to draw. I don't know how to colour.
I only know how to scribble.

Science was the feared class of all. Who could forget Mr.Tan? Salah sikit, boom, your head would be knocked with a great slap or punch and to add with that humiliation,

"BODO". He yelled infront of everybody at you.

I still remembered the time when I tried to mess with the teacher,


(Teacher looks around).


(Teacher glares at me)


and suddenly the teacher bursts out with anger,


I've learnt how to shut up during Science class.

I suck at history. I suck at Geography too. KHB was worst.
Everytime when I saw the answer sheet the teacher gave me during exams on those 3 subjects, I remembered what I learnt from my friend, Ambrose Tay from primary six during Music exam,

"40 soalan. Letak semua A. Cikgu Dunit sik lalek"

So my friend coloured the answer A for the 40 questions. Should I do the same for the 3 subjects that I suck at?

Nah, putting all A's would make me look stupid.

So I coloured A,B,C & D, with letter "C" I coloured the most. C was very popular for answer in an objective question.

I've learnt how to tembak jawapan professionally.


I was good in maths. That was the only subject that I could manage to score an A. Pendidikan Islam was quite easy, it was pretty basic and I've forgot to mention ENGLISH.

English was conducted by Miss. Fiona back in 2004. She's hot. She's tall. Looks like a model (if she didn't wore her spectacles) and was everybody's instant favourite. (Mine too).

English was the best time of the day. I could look at her and listen to her lesson patiently and attentively.

I still remembered a time when somebody brought a small mirror to the class...


That somebody used that mirror in such a way that it makes us form 1 students looks like a sex addict. =.=".

So I've learnt that English was a very fun subject. =p

And I've also learnt that man do have "1 nafsu".

Monday, June 28, 2010

Fond Memories

Although its only a year, I had a lot of fond memories with my mates during my time at college and today, I would like to share one particular story, that happened to cross into my mind, not while ago.

I still remember one night, somebody brought a cake into the guys dorm. Somebody was yelling,


Huh? Cakes? Where did they get that? Nobody sells cake here at our college. Nasi Lemak ada lah.

So I kinda peeked outside and asked,

"Where did you guys got the cake?"

"From someone's birthday" yelled somebody.

I scratched my head and wonder who's birthday is it today? I wonder who's kind enough to give us cake and to let us know that today is his birthday?

(Birthday is a taboo in our batch. Get prepared to be thrown with a bucket filled with a one month old iced milo)

I went outside and asked where's the cake.


Oh. Faris's room.

I ran quickly, and to my suprise, everybody was there. EVERYBODY. I asked again, who's birthday was today?

"Farah" a group of people yelled.

Oh. Its a she.

I jumped at Faris's bed and the cake was laid on the floor. Everybody was eager to get a piece of the cake. But before digging it in, Faris said,

"Sebelum makan..jom baca doa dulu.."

Everybody had their hands held high and gave serious faces,


Suddenly, the lights was off, and was turned on again 3 seconds after.


How the hell did the cake finished after 3 seconds?
That, remained a mystery to us, but im sure everybody had a piece of the cake.

(When the lights was switched off, I grabbed hold some of the cake and ate it. I guess everyone did the same as well. Lol.)

The same thing happened during our teacher's birthday, Cikgu Hafizi.

"This is our chemistry teacher, Mr. Hafizi with his kids."

It was his birthday that day, so we surprised him and bought him a cake.

"Everyone was singing happy birthday"

Everybody joined in the fun, joys and laughter. I know everyone is eyeing for the cake. =p.

"Mr. Hafizi is going to taste the cake first"

But before all us get a piece of the cake we had to recite our prayers first.

"This was the initial look of the cake"

And 5 seconds later after reciting our prayers to eat the cake..


1 second later....




Saturday, June 26, 2010

Freakin' Alien & Ninja Cat Video

Lol, watch this alien video..extremely funny and surprising! Scared the hell out of me. But still, it's a good prank..=).

P:S// Watch with full volume..=p.

And btw, look at this cat. All stealthy.

Wished I could train my cat like a ninja too. :D

Friday, June 25, 2010

Enquiries Regarding Micet

A year have passed since I was studying in KMKN, and now Im going for my degree at Universiti Kuala Lumpur (UniKL) for a year. (Twinning programme by MARA with 4 universities in UK). Waiting for the offer letter is an agony, because registration starts by next 2 weeks! =(

"We're coming!"

To cure some woe's, i've asked few questions regarding Micet from some of our seniors from KMKN and I know you guys are dying to know the answers for these questions too.

Okay, here goes.

Q: How much money will be given to us at Micet? (Monthly Elaun)
A: RM595.00 a month.

Q: Iprom? MFI?
A: Approximately RM700 a month.

Q: When will we know which universities in UK will we enrolled too?
A: On the first day of your registration, you will receive a letter from MARA and UniKL. (There are some debates saying that MARA choses the university randomly rather than based on our CGPA's.)

Q: The attires, bebas?
A: Yup. Bebas. Jeans, round necks and v-necks. Sandals, slippers, shoes.

Q: Iprom, MFI?
A: A lil bit strict. Collar t-shirts.

Q: Wifi? Is it available at Micet?
A: Its available everywhere. Even in our rooms. Wifi baek punya.

Q: The food?
A: Reasonable though, you can bring your own rice cooker, or any other electrical appliances. But subject to charges. (For example, RM20 for a rice cooker)

Q: The subjects learnt for ChemEng?
A: IELTS, Calculus, Physics, Material Balance, Organic Chemistry, Physical Chemistry and Biology.

Q: WTF?! Biology?
A: Yup. All about DNA's and Enzymes.

Q: Rooms? Comfy? 
A: 4 persons in a room. Washing machine is provided, for RM2 per wash.

Well, those are 10 popular question's that you'll want to know regarding Micet, any other question's that you'd like to know, please leave a comment or an email, and i'll try to ask our seniors.

Anyways, in our first year degree, we are required to score 70%(B+ and above) in all subjects in order for us to qualify in studying at the 4 UK universities listed.

Hope this helps. =)

P:S//Any seniors who happens to drop by reading this, please leave a comment if you have anything in particular that we should know about Micet/Iprom or MFI. Thanks to Alma/Annie/Mahmudah/Rifqi for all the answers. :D

Thursday, June 24, 2010

My Trip To Penang

I went to Penang alot of times when I was still studying in KMKN. Penang, for me was such a nice to place to travel, with food stalls everywhere and eye catching landscapes, it was such a blessing.

My first time going to Penang was with my 2 friends, Kimi & Khairul. We went there using bus via Shahab Perdana bus terminal.
When we arrive at Butterworth, I tried the Penang laksa. To my dismay, it doesn't really taste that good.

"I still prefer Sarawak Laksa! :p"

After having our dinner at Butterworth, my friends and I rode the ferry across to Penang Island. It was such a view when I look at Penang Island during the night. Cityscapes everywhere.

"Kimi and I on the ferry"

Arriving at Penang Island, we rushed ourselves out from the ferry and went to the nearest local shop. Bought myself a map which was overpriced, RM4 each and damn small.

We rode a bus, Rapid Penang to the biggest shopping mall in Penang, Queensbay. We arrived at Queensbay abit late, probably around 9pm and most of the shops are closed. =(.

"Quiet Queensbay"

We spent 15minutes walking around Queensbay. We got bored afterwards since all the shops are closed. So, me and friends rode the bus again to a place called Gurney Plaza.

Gurney Plaza was closed when we arrived there, at this moment I cursed at myself for arriving at Penang at such time. Should have arrived at the evening instead. (Boleh window shopping. Huhu).

Feeling disappointed, we walked our way to the nearest food stall. While walking, we saw this guy on the streets of Gurney.

"Put some money in the basket and he'll give you a thumbs up"

What happens if you put trash instead?

Beats me. Probably a middle fengwr.

"That guy sure knows how to do business"

We ate rojak penang and char kuay teow at Gurney. The char kuay teow was splendid. (The best kuay teow i've ever eaten was at Butterworth, can't remember the name of that place. Azpa and his family brought me there.:D)

After having our supper, we didn't have any next destination. We were clueless since time was getting late. We searched for hotels, walking all around Penang one whole night.

"To be honest, we were lost at Penang"

We were walking for hours. Our legs are tired. We were stressed. We don't have enough money to pay for the taxi's. (If we did, then we'll have no money for accommodation! T__T). And best of all, we were still walking in the wee hours of morning in Penang. (Around 12-1am).

We couldn't find the best rates that a hotel could provide us with. All are above RM50. Even the so called cheapest hotel in town, Tune Hotel, which is owned by AirAsia slapped us with a RM85 price tag for a night.

We were about to give up, and I thought that sleeping at the streets was a good idea. Maybe it could give some very good memories when I come back to Penang one day.

Me: You know son, dad slept on the road at Penang last time when dad was still a kid.
Son: Yeah? Where could I buy myself some xbox games, then?

Kids, nowadays.

On a late night at Penang, we eventually went to our last hope, namely Singapore Hotel. It looked cheap. Beneath the hotel was a karoake station. Maybe this hotel was for prositutes. Or even worse, Gays. Pondans.

"The accommodation here was quite cheap, RM50 a night"

We tried to bargain, but failed. Since we're going to sleep only for 5 hours or less that night. (We have to go to Perak in the next morning).

The hotel really looks like a place for gays/prositutes and doesn't look like a hotel at all. The mirror was broken. The bed was uncomfortable (there were alot of hairs and some kinda stain we suspect that it was..a "foreign" substance). The good side of the hotel is that it had air cond. :D.

"This is what we got for 50 bucks"

For prayer's, we had to do it on the bed and lay out some of our clothes. The floor was very dusty and the bed was..yeah, the stain.

"This is how the bed looks like"

We didn't really slept well that night. We had goosebumps. =.="

The next day we were out, we waved goodbye to Singapore Hotel and went back to the Jetty in Penang Island for our Perak trip to Kimi's hometown.

My first experience of Penang didn't really went that well though, but it was sure one hell of experience.

If only we had some more money we could afford to stay at a better hotel. I'm sure people who saw us leaving the hotel thought that we were GAYS.

And that was the end for my 1st journey to Penang. =p.

Wednesday, June 23, 2010

NK Food Network. Revisited.

Long-long time ago, when I was in form 5, I attend my Physics tuition at Sri Sarjana.
The tuition was good, no doubt about it.
Our tuition teacher is kinda racist(in a funny way) and talks alot of politics and likes to give money too.

The best quote i've heard from him so far was,

"Why did that Jugah dude signed the contract to pay our oil royalty? Bodo ka?"

Everytime I remembered that, it made me giggle.

Well, that's not the point that I want to clarify for this blog post today. Erm..well, before going for tuition, my friends and I, (Aizat & Faris) were a regular customer of a cafe called NK Food Network.

Last two weeks ago, me and Fariz went here and ordered Butter and Kung Pow Chicken rice. (Aizat like's it extra chicken).

To say that the food here is nice, not really. But it does seems to bring back the memories of the good old days. My friends and I, chatting over some food and drinks. Yapping here and there, and hey, its time for tuition! :D.

"Me with my hungry face. Mind the retainer. :D"

I'm sure that you guys have this type of moments too. Hanging out with your friends at some mamak stall, (Kuching has no mamak stalls. Boo.) and watching some live football. Sure is a blast.

"Wei Paria..teh tarik satu"

As usual.

"Fariz checking up with the menu, hungry bear face detected"

After waiting for approximately 15mins, we were served and ready to pounce on the food. Yumms.

"Here's the butter chicken"

It certainly looks good, but it tastes really awful when I ate it. Doesn't tastes the same like 2 years ago. Lol. As if.

"Ini dia..Kung Pow"

The Kung Pow tastes salty..again, it doesn't really tastes like two years ago..=p. Usually Kung Pow have a very strong hot sensational taste when you eat it at your first bite.

Now it's only salty.

After eating at NK, both of us felt kinda unsatisfied and to bring the good old days, we wanted to try to look for our Physics teacher, Mr Lee.

A thought of mine of Mr Lee quickly came,

"Sapa ini budak? Jangan masuk. Bodoh"

So i shrugged off the idea of meeting with Mr Lee. Maybe another day, when I'm a prime minister.

It certainly ain't feel like 2 years ago.

Photo Sharing:8

"I miss this place..alot"

P:S// This picture gave me a 2nd spot finish at a photography competition held at our college. I'm still wondering who won the first and third? We were having our holidays during the prize giving ceremony. Shucks.

Tuesday, June 22, 2010

Sarawakian Laksa

For those of you who didn't know what Sarawakian Laksa is, let me show you one.

Sarawak Laksa is a different type of laksa compared to Laksa Penang, Laksa Johor, Laksa Singapore or whatever Laksa is there in this world. (Sarawak people are very proud for their

Take for example, Laksa Penang, the broth is made from fish and the noodle used for the laksa is quite big compared to Sarawak Laksa.

I've eaten some at Kedah, KMKN and Penang. Doesn't really taste that good. It has fishy taste.

"It looks nice to eat..but im not a fan of Laksa Penang"

Sarawak Laksa is different. The broth is made of santan a.k.a coconut milk marinated with some prawn paste and blended chili's and their noodle is a thin type of noodle. (I dont know the exact name for that type of noodle).

And today, Im going to show you reader's how Sarawak Laksa looks. :D

"Sarawak Laksa before getting opened"

"Sarawak Laksa on a bowl"

"The broth from Sarawak Laksa..simply delicious! My mouth waters everytime i see this picture! Wooo!"

"Sarawak Laksa noodle"

Damn Sarawak Laksa is nice..for those of you who are coming to Sarawak, you guys should try this stuff. Its yummy. My mom used to buy Sarawak Laksa when I was still in school..and in 5 minutes I could finish everything off.

Kuchingites who are yearning to eat the best Sarawak Laksa in town, you guys should try Ceria Cafe. The cafe is situated opposite of Choice Food at Satok. The cafe opens on weekdays during the morning hours till the afternoons. Doesn't really cost that much for a bowl of Sarawak Laksa. RM3.50 each.

Different people have different tastes, for me, Sarawak Laksa is really the king of laksa. Disagree?

Try out Sarawak Laksa yourself! :p

Monday, June 21, 2010

Yay! A new lenssss!

Didn't really cost me a bomb, but it was really really worth it!
35mm f1.8G DX..omg, i love this lens.

Today, I went all around Kuching to find this lens alone. I did find it in some particular shops, but the prices were abit ridiculous. I've set the Shashinki (Malaysia's online camera shop) price as a benchmark, and most of the camera shops here in Kuching sells the lens damn expensive. (Usually at West Malaysia, entrepreneurs usually sell below the Shashinki prices)

Shashinki Price: RM850
Digital Copal Satok: RM899
Digital Copal Wisma Saberkas: RM899
Top Photo: RM899
Empress Studio: RM850 (Out of stock)

You see, all the prices are so damn expensive, except for Empress. Probably i could get myself RM20-30 bargain there, but I was out of luck, the lens were sold out.

"Gotta camwhore with this new baby"

Why does all electronic and camera devices/accessories sold here in Sarawak are always so damn expensive than the west Malaysians?
The postage and shipment prices are not that high, probably around 10 bucks.
I still can't understand why do people sell RM100 junk that become's RM150 here in Sarawak.

Maybe they still think we still live on tree's or something..maybe the junk was considered gold here in Sarawak. Lol.

Okay, enough crap.

So when I was in Wisma Saberkas, (So called the biggest IT store in Sarawak) I saw this camera shop..just behind the corner of the exit door. It was quite lonely though, and as I quickly glance through their merchandises, I saw what I wanted. It was that lens.

When I saw the price it really took me down.



That camera shop was really the last shop that I'm going for today. Maybe I could find another camera shop and find another good bargain.

But, I was not leaving without some typical Malaysian haggling. (I got the skills. Every Malaysian's have it. You think?)

So I asked the woman who was standing infront of the counter.

"Itu lens arrr..brapa harga?"

The woman quickly took the lens out from their item viewing cupboard glasses and reviewed the price.


Alamak. RM888.

Me: Bagi RM800 boleh ka boss?
Woman: Errr..
Me: Ala..RM800 mah. 1 Malaysia. Kasi murah sikit.
Woman: (scratches her head)
Me: Saya bayar cash.

When the woman heard that I wanted to pay cash, the woman quickly asked a guy, which I assumed the owner of the shop. They talked in chinese, so I didn't understand what they're talking about.

Woman: Oklah, RM800.

BINGO! You see. Cash is such a magic word!

"Lesson learnt: When you try to haggle, try to include the word: Cash.
P:S//Dont forget to state 1 Malaysia too."

I was quite happy that I could have the lens for RM800.
As a typical Malaysian, after the purchase,

"Ala..why didn't I asked for RM750??!!!"

After that, I quickly ran away from the shop. (I asked for a free filter, but I didn't managed too. Maybe it was too much).

Overall, my first impression of the lens was, it is definitely superb. With a metal mount and a maximum aperture of f1.8, nothing could go wrong with that.

Here's a picture sample that I took not long ago;

"Superb image quality"

In the end of the day, it was a day Money Well Spent.
Now im off to shoot some photo's! See Ya! XD.

Sunday, June 20, 2010

Guitar Hero: Aerosmith

Jeng3! Look, i've bought myself a new guitar hero game! W00t.

"Costs me 16 bucks. Expensive! Jack Sparrow DVD's usually cost RM5. Oh, right. Maybe there's something wrong with the pirated market nowadays-you know, raids, by our government"

I was quite thrilled with my purchase because i was a guitar hero fanatic, thanks to Izhan, my guru of Guitar Hero. =p.

Anyways, Malaysia is such a free country. You can buy this sort of stuff at the public. No police is going to sue you anyways. And yeah, we're Malaysia, Malaysia Boleh.

If I were in United States, that would cost me USD59.90=RM180.
A killer bomb for my wallet.

Thank God the government is not strict enough to ban Jack Sparrow DVD's for the public consumers.

"Let's get started with the game"

Before getting started, let me show you guys my instrument to play Guitar Hero. :D. (Plug in some speakers for a real guitar hero experience!!)

"My keyboard a.k.a GUITAR"

My Guitar looks quite dusty in the picture. Rarely been used. =(.
The game came out pretty well. Guitar Hero Legends Of Rock Players would feel at home when they purchase this game. It looks pretty much the same, with the characters and frets.

"But I do find this Guitar Hero game is abit harder than the previous one that i've played, Legends Of Rock"

Nevertheless, guitar hero is such an addictive game. Sure, pick up a keyboard and a guitar you'll be able to play any songs in no time. It's better than watching porno's. Lol.

I encourage some of you guys try guitar hero out yourself, rather than doing nothing during the holidays. It's great fun.

If you guys are stingy enough to pay for the Jack Sparrow DVD's, dont worry. Torrent's are always there.

Serious note: If you guys end up playing guitar hero and spend 20 hours a day playing, you'll end up like this gay. No kidding.

Have a nice week ahead, folks! XD

Friday, June 18, 2010

I Really Miss KMKN's Dewan Selera

Imagine this.

Breakfast is served with a bowl of Nestle Coco-crunch/Honey Stars/Cornflakes with a generous amount of Dutch Lady's low fat milk.

And then, 2hours later, you are now served with roti canai with curry and milk tea for your drink.

Lunch is given with briyani rice, fried chicken topped up with delicious tomato and chili sauce with some pickle's and onions for the side's. Ahh..not forgetting some icecreams too.

Hungry, yet?

Dinner was awesome, KFC fried chicken. OMG. Tastes so good you're craving for more.
Supper, fried mamak mee with a refreshing orange syrup drink.

Ohhhh..the agony.

Those are one of the examples of food that I was given when I was still in college.
It's yummy, healthy and FREE.

I really really miss those foods. The only food that im eating at home is ikan goreng with sambal kicap with rice and a lil bit of greens.


How I really wish I could go to KMKN and enjoy the food, once again.
Seriously, my mouth waters everytime i think about the food at my college.

Damn, the food is nice!

Plus, if you don't like the food served, you can complain! There's a form, so called "Borang Penyelidikan Makanan" where you can fill it and lodge any report about the food.

Anyhow, who's gonna complain if you're given KFC?

It feels so sad to stay at home at the moment, with no foods, nothing to do activities and nothing to brag about.

Sigh, i miss my college.

The food, especially.

Thursday, June 17, 2010

In Pain. =(

I bet there's a lot of my friends who's been checking on the UPU's site right now.
To those of you who were able to obtain the Universities that you guys wish for, I wish you guys all the best and good luck. Study hard. the other's who were not so lucky..don't give up, your journey doesn't ends here.
A failure doesn't mean that you'll going to fail forever, but take failure in a positive way of manner.

Take failure as a motivator, to push you back forward and be someone that you truly wish that you want to be.

Don't fret. Let the tear's trickle down now and hope for a new glimpse of light shines in our life.

I've been there. Failure, is the best catalyst for success. =).

Wednesday, June 16, 2010

Lens Dilemma

So i've scored in the 2nd semester exams. Parents were happy. I was happy, too. Surely i would be securing my place in the university, and hopefully the university of my choice in UK, would be offering a place for me to study there.

Sheffield, I'm coming at you. :).

To congratulate for my efforts, my parents asked me that if I need anything, and the first thing that comes to my mind was,


I've owned myself a 50mm prime and a versatile zoom lens, but i do think that i really need a wide this time.

How wide do I need?

"A 35mm, maybe?"


"The super-built 24mm????"

Two of these lenses aren't cheap. Costing more than a thousand each, its a burn surely for my parents pocket.

In the end I've decided to try selling my old versatile zoom which has served me for 2 years now in a way that could reduce my parents pocket "burn".

Anyone who's interested could find the selling thread here,

Here, I want to say many thanks to all of my friends and teachers who have helped me achieving in good results while I was studying in KMKN, and not forgetting my parents too for their constant support.

I wish you guys well and pray for good health and results! =D.

Tuesday, June 15, 2010

Communism: North Korea

Im pretty sure most of you guys know Korea.

Thinking about Korea, the first thing that pops from your mind would be Boys Over Flowers, Super Juniors, Gee Or even handsome or gorgeous korean guys and girls.

Everything that you guys thought of was from the south. Have you guys ever heard of the North? Probably not.

South Korea and North Korea are two different countries. Korea was separated into North & South because of the Korean War. If you compare North and South Korea, there would be a lot of differences.

"This is Seoul, the capital city of South Korea"

"This is Pyongyang, the capital city of North Korea"

Judging from the two pictures, you guys might think, why North Korea streets are so empty??

The truth is, the country of North Korea practices communism and dictatorship.

"Wtf, so what if our country practices communism? We still can watch porn"

Nah, that's not it. Can you ever imagine living in a world without handphones? How can you communicate with your loved ones, sibling and friends? (Or even sharing 3gp's).

North Korea ban's handphones at their country.
Surprised, yet?

"Sucks to be a North Korean"

All the TV and Radio sets sold in North Korea are set to receive channels only from North Korea.
Meaning, no ESPN, no starsports, no cartoon network and no SPONGEBOB.
Plus, no too.

All the North Korean's are listening now are all North Korean's song and praises to their dictator.
All the movie's and channels that the North Korean's are watching now are North Korean movies and praises to their dictator.

WTF, right?

Now, some of you might be thinking, if Pyongyang is the state of North Korea, why are the streets and roads looks so empty?

Well, its because North Korea bans car and fuels for their citizens and only people who have political powers against the dictator, could own a car.

"There's only public transport and ofcourse, bicycles"

Their education policy is mainly about dictatorship, how GODLIKE their dictator is and did you guys know that for anyone who questions the authority of the dictator could be sentenced to death straight away?

That is why, you could see there's alot of North Korean refugess around asia, mainly Thailand or China. The South Korean governments kindly accepts the North Korean refugess to their country and they even give them money, shelter and subsidies! The South Korean's really do care about the North Koreans alot.

P:S// If you dont know the North Korean refugees, go google them and read their story. Its very tragic.

"Like dat one issit? Then all North Korean's go South loh."

It's not that easy, you know. If you're a North Korean refugee and are caught by the authorities in China or North Korea, you'll be dead.


And to add salt, North Koreans are forbidden to travel away from North Korea. To go to South, they have to swim, ride a boat or a van via China (praying that they would not get caught), Myanmar, Thailand to go all the way back to the South.

It's hard for me to elaborate any further, watch this video and you guys might understand what I mean.
Its a one hour documentary, so sit back, enjoy and relax. Bring your popcorns.

Living in a country like Malaysia is truly a blessing.
You can watch TV, surf the internet (the North Korea's bans internet too, i think) and play with your Xbox or even your handphone. Not forgetting the 3gp's.

I hope that this post might open the reader's eye's a little bit about how cruel this world is.
Appreciate education. Appreciate your country and not forgetting appreciate for your loved ones.

Support the North Korean Refugees. Do not support Communism!
And dont support North Korea in the world cup! :D

Saturday, June 12, 2010

Time flies so fast.

Without a doubt that time flies so fast. Like, it has been a year already since me and friends were learning our socks off at Kolej MARA Kuala Nerang (KMKN). And we still have another month to wait to further our studies and another year, for overseas.

Ofcourse, it has been a very fruitful year for us. Our batch could be considered as one of the most craziest batch KMKN ever had. Fist UK. A name that resembles us, students of KMKN, students that would be flying to overseas.

Highly respectable?
Most people do think that way, but when they witness our true self, its hard to believe that we're given a scholarship.

"This is us."

A scholarship is something that is very freaking hard to get, but each and one of us deserved it, because we really worked hard for it.

I still remembered the first day I came here, before landing to Kedah, I was experiencing nausea and jetlag, which resulted me vomiting inside the plane. What a way to start your college life.

Yeah, what a start.

Wearing jeans and a t-shirt, I braved myself in hundreds of people which i didnt recognized-yet; during the registration day.

All of them were wearing smart casuals and smart attires while when I look at myself, I totally look like some street gangster. I quickly find a seat and hide myself and listened to the director's speech-it was awesome.

"The director's speech would always stay in my mind."

After registration, I went to my dorm. The place that i would be staying for a year. I received a key with a chain engraved "F317" from the volunteers during the registration day and went searching for that room.

My room had no windows and it was really hot. I think our room was like 5 degree's hotter compared to the other's. But hey, beggars cant be choosers though. I quickly settled in, and met 3 of my roommates.

After the "knowing each other" session with my roommates, there was an announcement, calling all of us, the Fist UK students to the main hall and get prepared for our orientation.

My orientation didn't went that good, since I was sick for the rest 3 days of the week. Effects of jetlag I presume. Missed a lot of good stuff but i didn't really bother.

The first few weeks were good, but there was once, when I was playing Futsal with my newly founded friends, I accidentally looped a ball that went straight into somebody's face. I bet some knew who.

I quickly went straight to that somebody and said sorry, but instead I got kicked at the back by him and I was pissed off. I thought of punching and kicking him real good, but I think that would ruin my life in college, and karma did get him. He became our most kena bullied victim during the whole year.

"Futsal were a part of our batch."

Classes were normal. Lectures were the same. Classmates were something. As my class had only 10 people. If someone ponteng, the teacher knew. It was obvious.

Throughout the whole year, me and my classmates get along together, did great stuff and of course there's some embarrassing moments. But what makes our batch crazy I knew to think of whom,

"Meet our penghulu, Faris"

Faris was someone who could make each and one of us laugh. He's the head of every birthday bash "party". He makes our batch looks "crazy" and that "crazy" makes our batch's bond so strong and enjoyable.

Lunch would be our favorite time of the day. Served with excellent good food; (our Dewan Selera is Gred A compared to Bantings Gred C..muahahaha), I kinda miss those moments where me and my friends go kutuk-kutuk and make fun of people. (Pijul ngan WakJong) I know it sounds wrong but its damn funny and who could ever forget this quotes?

Iso: Ho oh..bangang ar.
Areep: Weiiii Hasipppp..."terbaek" ah.
Supak: Kepala Otak ko..
Bazil: *slurp* sedapnyeeee..*slurp*
Chubby: Hey..balakkkk
Fazran: Bismillah..

and few others.

Evenings were the time where most of us would sleep. Classes finishes at 1pm, sleep at 2pm till 4 or 5pm. Its a routine. Others would be playing dota or some would be at the library, reading books. But most of us prefer to sleep. Sleep are undeniably our main hobby at KMKN. We sleep anywhere, everywhere.

"Salah satu aktiviti wajib di KMKN"

Classes, lectures, libraries, dorms; you name it. Soleh is named our Sleep Organization President. While Wakbib (Julaibib) is named as Legend due to his skills in avoiding the teachers when he sleeps in class.

"President of the Sleep Organization doing what he does best"

In the nighttime presumably, there would be preparation class. Most SBP or MRSM's students would know this, but it was truly something unheard of when all us are compulsory to do prep's.

I know that 90% of the Fist-UK students didn't go for prep. Just can't forget the day when me and Mat was kantoi-ed by Cikgu Faez for skipping prep classes. We were sleeping while Izhan was hiding underneath the bed. Faris was hiding behind the locker. Funny moments.

And one last thing, our batch did have some difficulties in waking up in the morning. Waking up late in the morning is one of our speciality and I do think that most of the boys remembered during the first week of our studies in KMKN, we were punished by Cikgu Hanafi for being late for the assembly.

I enjoyed my time here in KMKN. I miss my friends there. Who doesn't? I miss all of the laughters that I used to had during my time at KMKN. I miss all of those moments where me and my friends ran and hide ourselves away from Cikgu Hanafi. It was fun. :D.

Miss you guys and girls. (Not forgetting the teachers! =p).
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