Tuesday, June 29, 2010

School 6 years back. (A Post Dedicated to my schoolmates)

It's year 2010 now. 6 years back would bring us to 2004.

Graduated from SRB.St.Joseph, (Primary 6 was hell. Digimon's were everywhere. Whenever there's a spotcheck, *grab's his digimon and put it inside his underwear*. Yeah. That sort of stuff.)

In the end you'll see a square bulge infront of your pants.

Prefect: Itu apa dekat seluar?? (Pointing at my pants)
Me: Sikdapapa. Paham2lah..orang laki bah.
Prefect: Ohhh, kalau macam itu, kenapa dia besar?
Me: Stud bah, camne nak molah. (Actually there's a digimon in my underwear).
Prefect: You ada bawa playboy ka?
Me: Neda, pernah dengar imagine sik?


In the year 2003, Tamiya dash cars were so popular that time. I begged my parents to buy one piece of car and dynamo which lasted only for a week. (Car went out of track, crashed on the walls, body snapped, engine blown)

And, what about beyblades, then? They were popular too.
I saw kids played that toy a a lot in my village. They even organized a tournament for god's sake!


So I went on thinking, as I step to the door of SMK. St. Joseph, class 1B,

I will become a man. I will not play digimons, kreta dash, beyblades or whatsoever.
It's time to get matured. Be a man.

And I did.


On one fine Monday of January 2004, Izham comes to class, bringing his bag, (yang ada roda2 ya) and put it on his chair.
Zul grabbed his bag, put it on the table, yanked out the bag holder and gave it a one good scissors kick.

The bag snapped.

The whole class was shocked. Izham stood there standing, and laughed himself.

"Sikpa, sikpa, klak beli baru."

I've learnt scissors kick.


PJ during form one was ridiculous. I do not understand why do we have to rewrite and draw everything in a textbook and write it on a piece of paper and hand it to the teacher.

What's the function of the book, then?

And, if your caught not having any shorts or clothes during PJ, its time for you to pick some rubbish around the school compound, which I never did.

I've learnt how to escape from punishments.


Pendidikan Seni was never my favourite. I don't know how to draw. I don't know how to colour.
I only know how to scribble.

Science was the feared class of all. Who could forget Mr.Tan? Salah sikit, boom, your head would be knocked with a great slap or punch and to add with that humiliation,

"BODO". He yelled infront of everybody at you.

I still remembered the time when I tried to mess with the teacher,


(Teacher looks around).


(Teacher glares at me)


and suddenly the teacher bursts out with anger,


I've learnt how to shut up during Science class.

I suck at history. I suck at Geography too. KHB was worst.
Everytime when I saw the answer sheet the teacher gave me during exams on those 3 subjects, I remembered what I learnt from my friend, Ambrose Tay from primary six during Music exam,

"40 soalan. Letak semua A. Cikgu Dunit sik lalek"

So my friend coloured the answer A for the 40 questions. Should I do the same for the 3 subjects that I suck at?

Nah, putting all A's would make me look stupid.

So I coloured A,B,C & D, with letter "C" I coloured the most. C was very popular for answer in an objective question.

I've learnt how to tembak jawapan professionally.


I was good in maths. That was the only subject that I could manage to score an A. Pendidikan Islam was quite easy, it was pretty basic and I've forgot to mention ENGLISH.

English was conducted by Miss. Fiona back in 2004. She's hot. She's tall. Looks like a model (if she didn't wore her spectacles) and was everybody's instant favourite. (Mine too).

English was the best time of the day. I could look at her and listen to her lesson patiently and attentively.

I still remembered a time when somebody brought a small mirror to the class...


That somebody used that mirror in such a way that it makes us form 1 students looks like a sex addict. =.=".

So I've learnt that English was a very fun subject. =p

And I've also learnt that man do have "1 nafsu".


aubrey said...

those good ol' times, hehe. rindu gila eh! xD boh lupak kes calculator ciplak isam dolok. ya baru best! ahahahaha. xD


lebot said...

hahaha.. best time of my life!! hahaha


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