Friday, June 11, 2010


KYAN!ME 2010 is an Anime, Comic,Games and Japanese Culture Expo or also known as Anime Convention.This event will be held on 11 June 2010 - 13 June 2010 at The Spring, Kuching, Sarawak. (Malaysia)

*Taken from facebook*

It says that the event started on 11 June..but I saw their banner ad and it said that it starts on the 8th of June. Weird.

"Look, 8 June"

Okay, so me and my friend, Fariz went to the Spring; (so called the largest shopping mall in Sarawak-pfft) and went to see what's up with Kyanime.

To my utter disappointment, it sucks.

There was alot of hype that people said Kyanime was the bomb, the booth was absolutely gorgeous and fun, but it didnt live up to the expectations.

See for yourselves.

"Nothing much..doesn't looks like Japan to me."

"Japanese crafts.."

"Origami's! XD"Italic

"The main booth"

"People playing games, StreetFighter. Look, that guy looks awesomely bored"

"So called Japanese stuffs. Looks local. =p"

"Sand colouring. I saw in the timetable of the event it's anime colouring. What a rip off"

"Concert grand stand. There would be an opening ceremony on that day, 7pm. But couldnt make it. Wasnt interested once I saw the booths..=.="

"Gundam. Wonder why they costs so expensive..@.@"

I really thought that Kyanime was some kinda big and extravagant event that could burn my socks off. But sadly it didnt. Me and Fariz ended up window shopping around the Spring.

I hope that the organizers could really pull the trigger next time. Put more interesting stuffs; manga's or some comic artist, etc..etc. There's nothing to see that much at Kyanime.

Well, atleast there's something interesting that I saw at a booth;



Anonymous said...

the 'main booth' promoters or ladies look really ugly.. I guess the costume just doesn't suit her..

Anonymous said...

i thought it was quite a disappointment too. they really REALLY need to organise themselves to get things running as schedule ie. closing ceremony - 7pm but actually started later then 7:30pm.

hope to see that sort of improvement next time.

And yes.. it'll be great if they have a artist who does commissions.

Lindy said...

Yes! It does sucks! What a waste of time going there. Look at people in stupid cosplay. Lame. lol! :D

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