Saturday, June 12, 2010

Time flies so fast.

Without a doubt that time flies so fast. Like, it has been a year already since me and friends were learning our socks off at Kolej MARA Kuala Nerang (KMKN). And we still have another month to wait to further our studies and another year, for overseas.

Ofcourse, it has been a very fruitful year for us. Our batch could be considered as one of the most craziest batch KMKN ever had. Fist UK. A name that resembles us, students of KMKN, students that would be flying to overseas.

Highly respectable?
Most people do think that way, but when they witness our true self, its hard to believe that we're given a scholarship.

"This is us."

A scholarship is something that is very freaking hard to get, but each and one of us deserved it, because we really worked hard for it.

I still remembered the first day I came here, before landing to Kedah, I was experiencing nausea and jetlag, which resulted me vomiting inside the plane. What a way to start your college life.

Yeah, what a start.

Wearing jeans and a t-shirt, I braved myself in hundreds of people which i didnt recognized-yet; during the registration day.

All of them were wearing smart casuals and smart attires while when I look at myself, I totally look like some street gangster. I quickly find a seat and hide myself and listened to the director's speech-it was awesome.

"The director's speech would always stay in my mind."

After registration, I went to my dorm. The place that i would be staying for a year. I received a key with a chain engraved "F317" from the volunteers during the registration day and went searching for that room.

My room had no windows and it was really hot. I think our room was like 5 degree's hotter compared to the other's. But hey, beggars cant be choosers though. I quickly settled in, and met 3 of my roommates.

After the "knowing each other" session with my roommates, there was an announcement, calling all of us, the Fist UK students to the main hall and get prepared for our orientation.

My orientation didn't went that good, since I was sick for the rest 3 days of the week. Effects of jetlag I presume. Missed a lot of good stuff but i didn't really bother.

The first few weeks were good, but there was once, when I was playing Futsal with my newly founded friends, I accidentally looped a ball that went straight into somebody's face. I bet some knew who.

I quickly went straight to that somebody and said sorry, but instead I got kicked at the back by him and I was pissed off. I thought of punching and kicking him real good, but I think that would ruin my life in college, and karma did get him. He became our most kena bullied victim during the whole year.

"Futsal were a part of our batch."

Classes were normal. Lectures were the same. Classmates were something. As my class had only 10 people. If someone ponteng, the teacher knew. It was obvious.

Throughout the whole year, me and my classmates get along together, did great stuff and of course there's some embarrassing moments. But what makes our batch crazy I knew to think of whom,

"Meet our penghulu, Faris"

Faris was someone who could make each and one of us laugh. He's the head of every birthday bash "party". He makes our batch looks "crazy" and that "crazy" makes our batch's bond so strong and enjoyable.

Lunch would be our favorite time of the day. Served with excellent good food; (our Dewan Selera is Gred A compared to Bantings Gred C..muahahaha), I kinda miss those moments where me and my friends go kutuk-kutuk and make fun of people. (Pijul ngan WakJong) I know it sounds wrong but its damn funny and who could ever forget this quotes?

Iso: Ho oh..bangang ar.
Areep: Weiiii Hasipppp..."terbaek" ah.
Supak: Kepala Otak ko..
Bazil: *slurp* sedapnyeeee..*slurp*
Chubby: Hey..balakkkk
Fazran: Bismillah..

and few others.

Evenings were the time where most of us would sleep. Classes finishes at 1pm, sleep at 2pm till 4 or 5pm. Its a routine. Others would be playing dota or some would be at the library, reading books. But most of us prefer to sleep. Sleep are undeniably our main hobby at KMKN. We sleep anywhere, everywhere.

"Salah satu aktiviti wajib di KMKN"

Classes, lectures, libraries, dorms; you name it. Soleh is named our Sleep Organization President. While Wakbib (Julaibib) is named as Legend due to his skills in avoiding the teachers when he sleeps in class.

"President of the Sleep Organization doing what he does best"

In the nighttime presumably, there would be preparation class. Most SBP or MRSM's students would know this, but it was truly something unheard of when all us are compulsory to do prep's.

I know that 90% of the Fist-UK students didn't go for prep. Just can't forget the day when me and Mat was kantoi-ed by Cikgu Faez for skipping prep classes. We were sleeping while Izhan was hiding underneath the bed. Faris was hiding behind the locker. Funny moments.

And one last thing, our batch did have some difficulties in waking up in the morning. Waking up late in the morning is one of our speciality and I do think that most of the boys remembered during the first week of our studies in KMKN, we were punished by Cikgu Hanafi for being late for the assembly.

I enjoyed my time here in KMKN. I miss my friends there. Who doesn't? I miss all of the laughters that I used to had during my time at KMKN. I miss all of those moments where me and my friends ran and hide ourselves away from Cikgu Hanafi. It was fun. :D.

Miss you guys and girls. (Not forgetting the teachers! =p).


kenwooi said...

i miss college life =)

Anonymous said...

uit bazil, sape yg kerek tu.. jose ea?

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