Wednesday, June 23, 2010

NK Food Network. Revisited.

Long-long time ago, when I was in form 5, I attend my Physics tuition at Sri Sarjana.
The tuition was good, no doubt about it.
Our tuition teacher is kinda racist(in a funny way) and talks alot of politics and likes to give money too.

The best quote i've heard from him so far was,

"Why did that Jugah dude signed the contract to pay our oil royalty? Bodo ka?"

Everytime I remembered that, it made me giggle.

Well, that's not the point that I want to clarify for this blog post today. Erm..well, before going for tuition, my friends and I, (Aizat & Faris) were a regular customer of a cafe called NK Food Network.

Last two weeks ago, me and Fariz went here and ordered Butter and Kung Pow Chicken rice. (Aizat like's it extra chicken).

To say that the food here is nice, not really. But it does seems to bring back the memories of the good old days. My friends and I, chatting over some food and drinks. Yapping here and there, and hey, its time for tuition! :D.

"Me with my hungry face. Mind the retainer. :D"

I'm sure that you guys have this type of moments too. Hanging out with your friends at some mamak stall, (Kuching has no mamak stalls. Boo.) and watching some live football. Sure is a blast.

"Wei Paria..teh tarik satu"

As usual.

"Fariz checking up with the menu, hungry bear face detected"

After waiting for approximately 15mins, we were served and ready to pounce on the food. Yumms.

"Here's the butter chicken"

It certainly looks good, but it tastes really awful when I ate it. Doesn't tastes the same like 2 years ago. Lol. As if.

"Ini dia..Kung Pow"

The Kung Pow tastes salty..again, it doesn't really tastes like two years ago..=p. Usually Kung Pow have a very strong hot sensational taste when you eat it at your first bite.

Now it's only salty.

After eating at NK, both of us felt kinda unsatisfied and to bring the good old days, we wanted to try to look for our Physics teacher, Mr Lee.

A thought of mine of Mr Lee quickly came,

"Sapa ini budak? Jangan masuk. Bodoh"

So i shrugged off the idea of meeting with Mr Lee. Maybe another day, when I'm a prime minister.

It certainly ain't feel like 2 years ago.


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