Monday, June 21, 2010

Yay! A new lenssss!

Didn't really cost me a bomb, but it was really really worth it!
35mm f1.8G DX..omg, i love this lens.

Today, I went all around Kuching to find this lens alone. I did find it in some particular shops, but the prices were abit ridiculous. I've set the Shashinki (Malaysia's online camera shop) price as a benchmark, and most of the camera shops here in Kuching sells the lens damn expensive. (Usually at West Malaysia, entrepreneurs usually sell below the Shashinki prices)

Shashinki Price: RM850
Digital Copal Satok: RM899
Digital Copal Wisma Saberkas: RM899
Top Photo: RM899
Empress Studio: RM850 (Out of stock)

You see, all the prices are so damn expensive, except for Empress. Probably i could get myself RM20-30 bargain there, but I was out of luck, the lens were sold out.

"Gotta camwhore with this new baby"

Why does all electronic and camera devices/accessories sold here in Sarawak are always so damn expensive than the west Malaysians?
The postage and shipment prices are not that high, probably around 10 bucks.
I still can't understand why do people sell RM100 junk that become's RM150 here in Sarawak.

Maybe they still think we still live on tree's or something..maybe the junk was considered gold here in Sarawak. Lol.

Okay, enough crap.

So when I was in Wisma Saberkas, (So called the biggest IT store in Sarawak) I saw this camera shop..just behind the corner of the exit door. It was quite lonely though, and as I quickly glance through their merchandises, I saw what I wanted. It was that lens.

When I saw the price it really took me down.



That camera shop was really the last shop that I'm going for today. Maybe I could find another camera shop and find another good bargain.

But, I was not leaving without some typical Malaysian haggling. (I got the skills. Every Malaysian's have it. You think?)

So I asked the woman who was standing infront of the counter.

"Itu lens arrr..brapa harga?"

The woman quickly took the lens out from their item viewing cupboard glasses and reviewed the price.


Alamak. RM888.

Me: Bagi RM800 boleh ka boss?
Woman: Errr..
Me: Ala..RM800 mah. 1 Malaysia. Kasi murah sikit.
Woman: (scratches her head)
Me: Saya bayar cash.

When the woman heard that I wanted to pay cash, the woman quickly asked a guy, which I assumed the owner of the shop. They talked in chinese, so I didn't understand what they're talking about.

Woman: Oklah, RM800.

BINGO! You see. Cash is such a magic word!

"Lesson learnt: When you try to haggle, try to include the word: Cash.
P:S//Dont forget to state 1 Malaysia too."

I was quite happy that I could have the lens for RM800.
As a typical Malaysian, after the purchase,

"Ala..why didn't I asked for RM750??!!!"

After that, I quickly ran away from the shop. (I asked for a free filter, but I didn't managed too. Maybe it was too much).

Overall, my first impression of the lens was, it is definitely superb. With a metal mount and a maximum aperture of f1.8, nothing could go wrong with that.

Here's a picture sample that I took not long ago;

"Superb image quality"

In the end of the day, it was a day Money Well Spent.
Now im off to shoot some photo's! See Ya! XD.


Darrel Cheong said...

80 buck bargain~? u serious? i m looking for one of those too btw~ maybe if u can get it to me and post it to me , i'll pay u by cash also, bank in sounds cool?

contact me please

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