Tuesday, June 15, 2010

Communism: North Korea

Im pretty sure most of you guys know Korea.

Thinking about Korea, the first thing that pops from your mind would be Boys Over Flowers, Super Juniors, Gee Or even handsome or gorgeous korean guys and girls.

Everything that you guys thought of was from the south. Have you guys ever heard of the North? Probably not.

South Korea and North Korea are two different countries. Korea was separated into North & South because of the Korean War. If you compare North and South Korea, there would be a lot of differences.

"This is Seoul, the capital city of South Korea"

"This is Pyongyang, the capital city of North Korea"

Judging from the two pictures, you guys might think, why North Korea streets are so empty??

The truth is, the country of North Korea practices communism and dictatorship.

"Wtf, so what if our country practices communism? We still can watch porn"

Nah, that's not it. Can you ever imagine living in a world without handphones? How can you communicate with your loved ones, sibling and friends? (Or even sharing 3gp's).

North Korea ban's handphones at their country.
Surprised, yet?

"Sucks to be a North Korean"

All the TV and Radio sets sold in North Korea are set to receive channels only from North Korea.
Meaning, no ESPN, no starsports, no cartoon network and no SPONGEBOB.
Plus, no hitz.fm too.

All the North Korean's are listening now are all North Korean's song and praises to their dictator.
All the movie's and channels that the North Korean's are watching now are North Korean movies and praises to their dictator.

WTF, right?

Now, some of you might be thinking, if Pyongyang is the state of North Korea, why are the streets and roads looks so empty?

Well, its because North Korea bans car and fuels for their citizens and only people who have political powers against the dictator, could own a car.

"There's only public transport and ofcourse, bicycles"

Their education policy is mainly about dictatorship, how GODLIKE their dictator is and did you guys know that for anyone who questions the authority of the dictator could be sentenced to death straight away?

That is why, you could see there's alot of North Korean refugess around asia, mainly Thailand or China. The South Korean governments kindly accepts the North Korean refugess to their country and they even give them money, shelter and subsidies! The South Korean's really do care about the North Koreans alot.

P:S// If you dont know the North Korean refugees, go google them and read their story. Its very tragic.

"Like dat one issit? Then all North Korean's go South loh."

It's not that easy, you know. If you're a North Korean refugee and are caught by the authorities in China or North Korea, you'll be dead.


And to add salt, North Koreans are forbidden to travel away from North Korea. To go to South, they have to swim, ride a boat or a van via China (praying that they would not get caught), Myanmar, Thailand to go all the way back to the South.

It's hard for me to elaborate any further, watch this video and you guys might understand what I mean.
Its a one hour documentary, so sit back, enjoy and relax. Bring your popcorns.

Living in a country like Malaysia is truly a blessing.
You can watch TV, surf the internet (the North Korea's bans internet too, i think) and play with your Xbox or even your handphone. Not forgetting the 3gp's.

I hope that this post might open the reader's eye's a little bit about how cruel this world is.
Appreciate education. Appreciate your country and not forgetting appreciate for your loved ones.

Support the North Korean Refugees. Do not support Communism!
And dont support North Korea in the world cup! :D


bh said...

country like that even qualified for the world cup even too many obstacle..they're not spoiled as our so called national football players.. they got everything at its best and at the time they lost they even got the best excuse..

Anonymous said...

North Korea is not communist. Do you people know what communism is? No you don't know what communism is.

First of all, communism is not what ruled in Russia, China or North Korea. Communism is a democratic system, that believes in a classless, stateless society. North Korea and the former Soviet Union were/are not communist societies

North Korea is ruled by stalinism, monarchism and Korean nationalism. Stalinism is a totalitarian falsification of Marxism Leninism, introduced by Stalin in the USSR in 1924.

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