Sunday, January 13, 2013

It's Snowing~~~!!

I'll be honest. I hate snow.

Especially when the snow melts, it dries up, cools and hardens into ice. By the time you step on it, you feel like Michael Jackson. Yes. Michael Jackson. It makes your pair of leg dance and moonwalk involuntarily and if you do it like Stone Cold, you could land your sorry ass on hard ice. Not good.

Snow is fun when it's clean and soft. Touch it and you feel soft little marshmallows melt slowly and if you round the snow nicely into a ball, you could use it as a weapon. Throw it at someone's testicles you could make him cry. Bring a board or a wok you could be Tony Hawk.

Welcome to Sheffield, snow. I've been expecting you. Let's hope that the snow thickens by tomorrow so that we could gear up and prepare for war. Good thing that i've bought new pair of snow gloves.

It's snowballing time!


Haha! Lamak dah sik nanga snow..rindu2222!
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