Sunday, October 31, 2010

Trip to Pedas: Wet World!

I know the title seems to be a little bit porno, but hey, me and my friends went to Pedas, Negeri Sembilan to have a wet splashing day at Pedas wet world.

So, how was it?

To put it in simply, Pedas wet world was boring and was not worth the +- 50km trip we went from Alor Gajah. If you're going to visit there with your family, get ready to experience the most boring and get me out of here day of your life. =P.

Its a good thing that I went with my friends along or else it would've been crazy to stay inside the wet world. The admission wasn't really reasonable, payments as high as RM10 (+RM10 if you want yourself a tube) for an adult.

Why it wasn't reasonable, you might ask?

Because at Pedas Wet World, they only have 1 ride!! (And that requires you to have a tube and a self wet slide which is totally boring!).

Well, the only great thing about the wet world was that it has a nice hot spa and foot reflexology to soothe your mind off from work. (Did I say soothe? The hot spa was boiling hot! But still, for health purposes I dip in and boy, it really took off steam out of my head).

Pedas Wet World is not spectacular, but it was something that I appreciate since Sarawak didn't have one. I've also forgotten to mention that the water river (the ones that we usually swim through a path) is quite dirty as well. I could even see a dead rat and frog. I wished that the management could do something about it, though.

To kill of the time, we went to Seremban and chill out. I bought myself a cap, for 20 bucks and saw a movie, "Life As We Know It", starting Katherine Heigl and Josh Duhamel.

Its a movie which romatic comedy movie lovers would appreciate and to be honest, it was a great movie overall. Good laughs and somehow the movie kinda promotes sex too much, which is a bad influence, here in Malaysia. Anyways, put those stuff aside and you'll be enjoying yourself a good time. 

Rating: 3.5/5

In a nutshell, the weekend was great and tiring. It was nice to hang out with friends and release some tension before the finals starts in a week time. Really need those feel good factor to kick off some studying. :P.

P:S// Since next week would be my studying week and the week after would be my finals, I would be blogging temporarily lesser than usual. Wish me all the best! :D

Thursday, October 28, 2010

I Miss My Hometown

Somehow I miss Kuching.

The food, my family, the lonely streets- (yup, lonely streets) and of course my friends. Most of my friends would be back by November, while me myself going to endure a week of exams from the 8th of November and IELTS on the 27th.

While in Kuching, I usually drive around and take pictures of random people and landscapes. Not forgetting watching some movies at the Spring. (In Kuching, the "ONLY" best place to watch a movie would only be "THE SPRING"). I want more malls to be constructed here in Kuching, because for me I do think Kuching's population is increasing, so why not another big megamall with awesome cinemas, bowling alleys and arcades? Would be a great addition to whole lot of people in Kuching.

Sometimes I wonder why do tourists visit my hometown? Kids, for instance would die of boredom since they are no entertainment except for cinemas, bowling or karaoke. For those travelers with wits and brawn they would find Kuching a bit entertaining, with lots of greens and some "explorace theme parks" (like Permai) in which I find "nothing spectacular".

After staying more than a year in the Peninsular Malaysia, I could see there's a lot of vast differences between Kuching, Kuala Lumpur, Melaka, JB..etc. You could buy a lot of cheap stuffs like handphones or laptops (In Sarawak you have to pay more than 20% than what you get here at the Peninsular) and even wet yourself at Sunway Lagoon, A Famosa Wet World, The Carnivall at Sungai Petani and even watching those tall skyscrapers like the Petronas Twin Tower, gave me a wet dream for weeks!

I still remembered how lucky I am, if my parents bring me to a holiday in the Peninsular, because essentially they have everything! I enjoyed my stay in Johor Bahru when I finished my SPM..and a few years back when my best friend, Aizat brought me to KL..and even the time when I won the National History Writing Essay which gave me an opportunity to literally enjoy the vibrant city life of KL.

Somehow though, I find myself truly, deeply and agonizingly miss Kuching, because I do really need a..


Monday, October 25, 2010


Moments ago I've just kiss my carry marks goodbye, since I couldn't answer most of the physical chemistry test. I've prepared myself early, but unfortunately I didn't pay enough attention to those mother-fXXXXXX equation which is totally insane and weird looking, which in my case, happened to pop out during the test just now.

The equation is not that hard, its easy. Its just that I didn't study that particular part and now i've lost 20 marks! WARGHHHHH!!!

When I look back at the question and applied the equation which I've learnt after the test,

"KABOOM, there's the answer!!!"

And to worsen my misery, its the exact question which appeared in my lecture notes which I didn't bother to read!!



Friday, October 22, 2010

Hadiah Daripada JOHO! Yippeee!

It was a typical boring Friday afternoon session for me with my friends here at Micet. Biochemistry lab was the last class that we had to attend today.  It was boring and we seriously look forward for the end of the class.

Its 4pm and it was time to go back to the boys dorm; not until a friend of mine, Naqie who went to the administration office and asked the clerk wether his "package" has arrived.

What package was it exactly?

From the first look, its just a boring old square package, with the number "3410" written on it. Curious, so I asked Naqie, who sent that package?

Its from JOHO!!! :DDD.

I was absolutely delighted when I knew that it was sent from "JOHO". Naqie told me that he bought some stuff from JOHO's website, two t-shirts and some add ons. JOHO's merchandises are simple yet stylish to wear. I remembered I bought a sweater from JOHO's store a couple of months ago at a event organized by them.

Me and my friends were eager to open the package and see the goodies ourselves. Once the package was opened, there was two JOHO t-shirts, a Special Edition red and black and a ringer tee. (Najhan was bragging about his package which hasn't arrived yet when Naqie abruptly opened the package with great intense pleasure- lol).

From my personal view, I like the red and black special edition tee. Naqie bought the size M for the ringer tee which I saw was quite fit when used while the red and black tee however, looks fine and dandy.

There were also some "JOHO" stickers included inside the package. I personally like the bubble speech sticker; could make some awesome and creative photos with it. Here's some that I took a few moments ago.

Stylish, right? =P. I like the apple picture a lot. I wished that I could have that sticker for my own though..=(. (Hoping that JOHO could give me one..hehe)

P:S// For more info about JOHO merchandises, you guys can visit JOHO.

Thursday, October 21, 2010

Islamic Fashion Festival In Malaysia: Penghinaan Terhadap Umat Islam Di Malaysia?

Dewan pemuda PAS pusat akan berhimpun secara aman bagi membantah tindakan isteri perdana menteri, Datin Seri Rosmah Mansor yang didakwa menghina syariat Islam dan Rasulullah SAW pada penganjuran Festival Busana Muslim di Kuala Lumpur, baru-baru ini, lapor Harakahdaily.

"DPPP mengecam sekeras kerasnya tindakan Rosmah Mansor yang didapati menghina syariat Islam dan Nabi Muhammad SAW apabila salah satu fesyen mereka menulis nama Nabi dalam keadaan pakaian itu jelas mendedahkan sebahagian besar aurat mereka.

"Kita desak Rosmah bertaubat dan minta maaf kepada umat Islam secara terbuka," kata Ketua Dewan Pemuda PAS Pusat, Nasrudin Hassan.

Katanya, bantahan berkenaan akan diadakan di masjid negeri seluruh Malaysia selepas solat Jumaat, 22 Oktober ini.

Pada festival itu, perkataan "Muhammad" dalam tulisan Arab secara terbalik didakwa diguna dan dipakai di dada salah seorang peraga fesyen yang tidak menutup aurat.

Tambahnya, pakaian yang diperagakan itu bukan pakaian Islam tetapi “pakaian wanita jalang dan jahiliah”.

"Sungguh memalukan dan jelas menunjukkan Rosmah jahil dan berniat jahat terhadap Islam," kata Nasrudin.

Sehubungan itu, beliau menggesa umat Islam bangkit menyertai perhimpunan itu bagi meluahkan bantahan terhadap tindakan Rosmah dan mendesak isteri perdana menteri itu bertaubat dan mohon maaf secara terbuka kepada seluruh umat Islam.

Rosmah merupakan Penaung Festival Busana Muslim atau Islamic Fashion Festival.

Semalam, ahli parlimen Titiwangsa, Dr Lo' Lo' Ghazali menggesa pPemimpin pertubuhan bukan kerajaan (NGO) Islam suapaya mengkaji tindakan Rosmah berhubung perkara yang sama.

Katanya, festival busana itu jelas menghina Islam apabila menggunakan nama agama untuk mengesahkan tindakan penganjuran pertunjukan yang tidak wajar itu.

"Kita berarak bantah kartun Nabi yang dibuat di Denmark, di sini di Malaysia, seluruh maruah Islam ditelanjangkan oleh IFF tersebut," kata Lo' Lo'.

Photo Sharing: 11

Just incase you guys didn't know..this is our batch..who's going to pursue Meng in Chemical Process to different parts of UK next year..:D The mat saleh in the picture is a lecturer from Queens University. Can't really understand anything at all when he speaks english!

I wonder what would happen if im finally there? Could I speak like Hairy Potter? =P

Monday, October 18, 2010

Back To Blogging With Style, Enthusiasm And Buffered Earnings!! (With A Little Bit Of Gayness)

So far this one whole month I've forgotten about my blog. And my earnings too. Today when I checked my nuffnang account, I was surprised to see a new buffered earnings!

My blog haven't been quite active for a while and yet nuffnang still offer my blog a new buffered earnings.

Thanks nuffnang! :D (Semangat nak berblog balik! Huhu)

Oh yea, while I was checking my nuffnang account, I saw this "impossible to describe page".

I didn't knew that my blog is considered as "GAY".


Not long ago my blog was considered as 18SX. And now GAYYY???!! T_T

Sunday, October 17, 2010

First Time Driving The Highway To Majlis Lan Berambeh

Last Tuesday I drove a car, Proton Saga to KL using the highway. It was my first experience driving on the highway and I could assure you guys that it is freaking boring!

The purpose of going to KL was me and my friends were going to Majlis Lan Berambeh, where university students from Sarawak, scattered all over the universities in Peninsular Malaysia to meet their old friends and have a good time eating buffet meals.

There were 3 cars altogether for the trip and each one us were representatives for UniKL Micet. Majlis Lan Berambeh was held at UPM and it was my first time visiting there. Its a nice university and if compared to Micet, I can say that Micet is just like a small town where UPM is as big as a city.

During the event, I met a lot of my friends. Its nice meeting them and talk. Opportunities like these are hard to come by. After some long speeches by the Sarawak Chief Minister and some uber boring performances, there comes the buffet that everyone craves.

Oh yeah, did I mention that there tons of people inside the hall? I can say that there were 10k+++ Sarawakian people waiting to be fed!!!

As a result;

= Makanan Habis!

I was seriously disappointed because the catering service provided for the event SUCKS bigtime! Imagine we had to wait like for 30mins plus for the food to be refilled and it was like there were 10k of hungry Sarawakian Babarian who's pushing and screaming for food.

Engkah jak makanan atas meja terus lesap! 

I wasn't the only victim, there were tons of us! Hungry, emotional and stressed, a lot of people walked away from the event because they decided to eat outside instead.

I met someone in the toilet at the hall and that guy told me that this event was the worst event ever.

Not just the food, there were not enough table for everyone to place their food on and trash was everywhere! Heaps of it!

Forgotten to mention that the air was hot. The VIP's get all the shits- airconds and available food where we, the attendees didn't get anything at all.

 I felt cheated.

Saturday, October 16, 2010

Liverpool, Sold To NESV!

It has been a roller coaster ride for all Liverpool F.C fans all around the world.

This week alone has been hectic. For those of you who didn't know, Liverpool has been sold to NESV. Who's NESV you might ask? I'll say go Google.

Anyways, for a start, Liverpool tried to find a buyer for the club, who could potentially lift the club from the burden of debt caused by the former Liverpool owners, (ewwwww) Hicks and Gillett and eventually the club was sold to NESV, with much attention from the media due to the court cases it involved.

I never felt this happy in my entire life. As a Liverpool fan you guys should know how I feel right now. I couldn't sleep and keep on stalking infront of my laptop reading the live feeds from the internet regarding the sale, how was the court going to react and so on.

Those two pigs, finally and officially are gone from Anfield. The lies and promises that you guys broke, saying that you guys would build a new stadium for Liverpool and provided the cold hard cash for player transfers during the transfer window showed us how fucking liars you guys are.

Recently in an interview with Hicks at SSN, Hicks labelled Liverpool fans as Internet Terrorists and tried to sue us over damages for 1 billion pounds.



I wouldn't talk much about this matter though, but what important is that the current owners of Liverpool are truly dedicated and willing to hear from us, which Hicks and Gillett never did during their 3 years tenure in Anfield.

I wonder could the Manu Fans do the same against their current owners?

Who knows.

Friday, October 15, 2010

Back To Blogging!!!!

It's good to be back blogging. Seriously.

I miss blogging a lot. Imagine all the tons of stuff that I wanted to write. It has been almost a month now without blogging about anything or entirely I should say- nothing.

There were still some readers reading Random Apples when I was in hiatus and I thought about my readers who occasionally came and read on my blog- sometimes I feel like I miss some kind of connection to them.

There was tons of stuff for me to do during the time of my absence in blogging. Assignments, quizzes and tests were flowing through and through. I didn't have the time to blog and the internet connection that I'm using, Celcom- gives me trash all the time. I pay you guys $$$ every month and you give me crap every day.

Well, that's business. Anyways, Im here to say that I'll be back blogging normally in a few days time- but not as occasionally, though. Finals are just a month away. A lot of things to cover up.

So see you readers on the next blog post! (Hopefully). Oh. I've forgot to mention something. I've already got a twitter account! (I'll be updating twitter regularly). You guys can see it on the right top corner of Random Apples. =)

P:S// Sorry for the emo post for the past month. I was suffering PMS. Yeah.

Pre-Menstrual Shitness.

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