Sunday, October 31, 2010

Trip to Pedas: Wet World!

I know the title seems to be a little bit porno, but hey, me and my friends went to Pedas, Negeri Sembilan to have a wet splashing day at Pedas wet world.

So, how was it?

To put it in simply, Pedas wet world was boring and was not worth the +- 50km trip we went from Alor Gajah. If you're going to visit there with your family, get ready to experience the most boring and get me out of here day of your life. =P.

Its a good thing that I went with my friends along or else it would've been crazy to stay inside the wet world. The admission wasn't really reasonable, payments as high as RM10 (+RM10 if you want yourself a tube) for an adult.

Why it wasn't reasonable, you might ask?

Because at Pedas Wet World, they only have 1 ride!! (And that requires you to have a tube and a self wet slide which is totally boring!).

Well, the only great thing about the wet world was that it has a nice hot spa and foot reflexology to soothe your mind off from work. (Did I say soothe? The hot spa was boiling hot! But still, for health purposes I dip in and boy, it really took off steam out of my head).

Pedas Wet World is not spectacular, but it was something that I appreciate since Sarawak didn't have one. I've also forgotten to mention that the water river (the ones that we usually swim through a path) is quite dirty as well. I could even see a dead rat and frog. I wished that the management could do something about it, though.

To kill of the time, we went to Seremban and chill out. I bought myself a cap, for 20 bucks and saw a movie, "Life As We Know It", starting Katherine Heigl and Josh Duhamel.

Its a movie which romatic comedy movie lovers would appreciate and to be honest, it was a great movie overall. Good laughs and somehow the movie kinda promotes sex too much, which is a bad influence, here in Malaysia. Anyways, put those stuff aside and you'll be enjoying yourself a good time. 

Rating: 3.5/5

In a nutshell, the weekend was great and tiring. It was nice to hang out with friends and release some tension before the finals starts in a week time. Really need those feel good factor to kick off some studying. :P.

P:S// Since next week would be my studying week and the week after would be my finals, I would be blogging temporarily lesser than usual. Wish me all the best! :D


Albert said...

Thanks for the "it's boring" warning :) Which part of Sarawak do you come from? I am from Miri, currently in Perlis there hahaha

RanDomApple$ said...

Im from Kuching, Sarawak! Hehe..nice to meet you albert! :D

Faris said...

The Carnival Sg Petani lg best kan, hha..

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