Sunday, October 17, 2010

First Time Driving The Highway To Majlis Lan Berambeh

Last Tuesday I drove a car, Proton Saga to KL using the highway. It was my first experience driving on the highway and I could assure you guys that it is freaking boring!

The purpose of going to KL was me and my friends were going to Majlis Lan Berambeh, where university students from Sarawak, scattered all over the universities in Peninsular Malaysia to meet their old friends and have a good time eating buffet meals.

There were 3 cars altogether for the trip and each one us were representatives for UniKL Micet. Majlis Lan Berambeh was held at UPM and it was my first time visiting there. Its a nice university and if compared to Micet, I can say that Micet is just like a small town where UPM is as big as a city.

During the event, I met a lot of my friends. Its nice meeting them and talk. Opportunities like these are hard to come by. After some long speeches by the Sarawak Chief Minister and some uber boring performances, there comes the buffet that everyone craves.

Oh yeah, did I mention that there tons of people inside the hall? I can say that there were 10k+++ Sarawakian people waiting to be fed!!!

As a result;

= Makanan Habis!

I was seriously disappointed because the catering service provided for the event SUCKS bigtime! Imagine we had to wait like for 30mins plus for the food to be refilled and it was like there were 10k of hungry Sarawakian Babarian who's pushing and screaming for food.

Engkah jak makanan atas meja terus lesap! 

I wasn't the only victim, there were tons of us! Hungry, emotional and stressed, a lot of people walked away from the event because they decided to eat outside instead.

I met someone in the toilet at the hall and that guy told me that this event was the worst event ever.

Not just the food, there were not enough table for everyone to place their food on and trash was everywhere! Heaps of it!

Forgotten to mention that the air was hot. The VIP's get all the shits- airconds and available food where we, the attendees didn't get anything at all.

 I felt cheated.


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