Sunday, July 31, 2011

The Month Of Ramadhan

It's that time of the year again!

To all my muslim friends and families, I hope this year's Ramadhan would bring many joys, create wonderful memories and rekindle prosperous times together.

Please do not forget to visit your local Ramadhan bazaar food stalls (and the mosque) to enjoy those delicious foods that they could offer- murtabak, ayam masak merah, bubur lambok, ayam panggang, roti john, kebabs and ais kacangs! 

Peace Upon You, my fellow readers.


Random-Apples! ;)

Friday, July 29, 2011

Fast Food Cautious

I think most fast food are highly contaminated with saturated fat, yellow sticky oils and generally offer a cup of carbonated drinks which contains a lot of sugars.

Not healthy.

Not healthy at all.

The thing is, whenever I buy something from a fast food chain restaurant, be it McDonalds, KFC or even Pizza Hut, I always felt very cautious on eating them and today was no exception.

I bought myself a KFC snack plate (I thought of eating fast foods to treat myself before this coming Ramadhan) and no, I didn't take the pepsi drink but Cheesy Wedges- 


I wanted to eat it without hesistation, I mean.."Makan jakla..peduli apa aku dengan minyak, saturated fat and all those crap".

But it didn't work.

As soon as I pinch those crispy fried chicken skin, I panicked and get myself a tissue and wiped some oil from the chicken using the tissues.

Most of you guys might think..WTF?

I have this, everytime when I eat deep fried or oily stuffs, I tend to wipe it with that I could avoid myself from eating those excess oils from it.

Sounds weird?


So, in the end, I only ate one chicken (but ate all the side dishes including the wedges) but I had to give away the other piece of the chicken to some stray cats outside searching for food.

Better stay healthy I say. Should've eaten that bar of chocolate instead of KFC!

Thursday, July 28, 2011

Photography Equipment- Completed!

During my KL trip a few weeks ago I've bought myself a present- a new lens!!

This was my 3rd biggest purchase after my Rayban sunnies and Klipsch headphones and most probably i'll be saving my money now, or else i'll end up broke!

Here's a pictar of the lens that I've bought!

Its the 17-50mm F2.8 Tamron lens!

I bought it 2nd hand though (RM880) the price is cheaper than the 1st hand- RM300++ saved. It is still in warranty and looks absolutely brand new (since the seller didn't use it that much) so I guess it was totally money worth spent here.

I didn't have much time in taking pictures with this new lens, but here's a picture that I took recently with it (and edited abit in Aperture).

I took it with a 17mm focal length. (Haven't experimented the lens in various focal lengths yet) I wonder how it would be if I took it at 10mm..i'm sure it would be tad spectacular!!

Oh, here's another one.

One of my favourite drinks..Malta. =P


17-50mm f2.8 [check]
35mm f1.8 [check]
50mm f1.4 [check]
55-200mm f.5.6 VR [check]

Ok- how the hell i'm going to fit those lens in my bag?! =.=

Anyways, it's time to take my photography skills to a whole new level!

Tuesday, July 26, 2011

Photo Sharing: 25


Ok, I was very surprised that, during the Arsenal Vs Malaysia match they were a group of Mat-Salleh's who wore the national jersey's of Malaysia.

I was like- WTF man..Mat-Salleh's in black and yellow!! Haha!

They were a lot of people who stopped by and took a photo with/of them at the stadium and to tell you guys the truth, one of the Mat Salleh's in the picture fell asleep during the 2nd half of the match.

Still, Kudos for them in cheering our National team.

Malaysia ke arah Kuasa Besar Bola Dunia! 

P:S// I'm predicting a 3-1 win for Malaysia this Thursday. Come'on Tigers!

Monday, July 25, 2011


Recently, in the month of July I've received two Internship/Work offers from Oil & Gas companies such as Centrionics (based in Malaysia) and ExxonMobil (based worldwide).

I was flattered to receive these offers and totally shocked, that at the tender age of 20, I've received a few offers from such companies.

But, as flattered and interested I am regarding the offer, I had to reject the internship offer by Centrionics since it is based at Shah Alam (I have no relatives there..but friends, yes- I couldn't afford to stay at my friend's house for a one whole month, do I?)

Maybe once I've finished my studies, probably I could reconsider the internship offer again and just rent myself a house and I might have my own transportation.

Still, regarding the ExxonMobil offer, after much debate with fellow forummers and Google search on the internet, I assume that it's a hoax.

That email did made a job good in convincing me that it was from ExxonMobil. But, oh well, you're messing with the wrong fella.

Beware of scam activities in the internet!

Saturday, July 23, 2011

Paying 150 Pounds Deposit For Accommodation

A tutorial dedicated to Sheffield University students.


First, log in through your id, and view your contract details. After you've accepted your contract, they will prompt you to pay a deposit of 150 pounds. (Roughly RM800)

There are a few ways to pay the deposit- by using a credit or debit card.

I use a debit card since it's the easiest. (Man, i just love debit cards..!)

Okay, on the payment page, deposit is already ticked, so no harm there, but, at the residence charges, there would be three boxes to tick, either;

Single Payment by Credit/Debit card Immediately (means you're paying 4k pounds on the spot using your card)

Single Payment by Credit/Debit card on 05 October 2011 (I chose this, which basically means that i'm going to pay my residence charges on the date issued)

Installments (you'll be paying a certain amount of money using your card)

Once you've decided on which type of payments that you would like to choose, key in your card details and everything. Once done, you'll be sent to a verification page.

After keying your verification codes- your done!!


Anything please write it on the comments section. Thanks!

Thursday, July 21, 2011

Fashion Statement?

I'm not really a fashion guy and I dont wear any fancy clothes that costs thousands-

But recently, when it comes to jackets/sweaters or coats, I am a bit picky.

Winter is coming up at Sheffield (I know, its on December, its probably Spring now) but I've been scouting some coats and jackets and i'm stuck with three choices.

Zara's Trench Coat (RM399)

Zara's Linen Jacket With Faux Suede (RM279)

And Diesel's Scron Cowl Neck Hooded Sweat (80 pounds)

What do you guys think? I'm thinking of looking for other brands and styles first, but these three really fits the bill for my wallet.

I kinda like the linen jacket though-

Sigh, choices, choices.

Picture credit: Zara and Asos.

Wednesday, July 20, 2011

Nile Cruise

I still remembered that a few years ago- I rode the Sarawak River Cruise in which I sat on a big cruise ship and watch the scenes of my city; the city of Kuching.

Did I enjoy it?

Not that much- it was pretty boring. Luckily I had a free ticket, otherwise it would've been a bummer to pay RM30++ for a ride. One thing positive about the cruise was it had free refreshments, though the refreshments was only a few slices of layer cakes and cordial drinks.

If money was not an issue, one of my biggest travel dreams is to get into a holiday trip- to exotic cities such Strasbourg, Cologne and even Vienna and enjoy a Nile cruise- travelling from port to port from each city; where each city is famed for its exclusivity and history.

Imagine- sitting on a cruise ship on a perfectly fine and perfect weather, with a glass of your favourite drink and accompanied with your loved ones.

What an experience would that be, eh?

Besides, after watching scenes of Venice, (my word, what a beautiful city it is-) in the movie of The Tourist, there's no better excuse to enjoy a cruise and experience the wonders of our world.

Sunday, July 17, 2011

Liverpool Vs Malaysia- Incredible. Totally, totally incredible!

You know,

They say- "Form is temporary, but CLASS, is permanent"

That was what I saw, at Bukit Jalil National Stadium at KL, last Saturday, when Liverpool condemned Malaysia XI in a 6-3 demolition during the Liverpool Vs Malaysia match.

Not bad; considering that most of the 1st team Liverpool players are absent. (The likes of Suarez, Lucas, Gerrard, Glen Johnson, Reina and co)

As the King himself said- no one is bigger than the club and that statement was absolutely true when an array of 37000 liverpudlians swarm in the Bukit Jalil stadium during the training session and more than 80000 fans turned up during the match!!

Lagi ramai dari BERSIH rally YO!!

Watching glimpses of the Liverpool players such as Carroll, "Kunyit", Maxi, Aquilani and Adam really made my KL trip simply worth it. Not to mention the Arsenal team too, I had fun watching them, but not as fun as watching my favourite team live in action.

Here's some of my best snaps that I took during the training session and the match. I hope you guys enjoy it, as much as I do! ;) (I had a hard time taking pictures with my 55-200mm f5.6 zoom lens..a faster aperture could really do the trick- mostof my pictures suffered from vignette when zoomed at 200mm!)

Ok. Rant over.


It was one of the most valuable experience that I've had thus far in my whole life, watching Liverpool in a packed Bukit Jalil Stadium. Every goal was cheered with a roar of screams, yells and shrieks. When Safee scored the third goal for Malaysia- I almost dropped down from my seat when I was celebrating the goal.

Good stuff.

I was a bit disappointed though- that during the meet and greet player sessions at Pavilion, only people who had passes could get the players autographs..I really wanted them to sign one of my Liverpool jerseys..but, what the heck, better luck next time I guess.

I wonder when could I see them live in Anfield? day..i guess..maybe one day..

And oh, let me end this post with this picture.

Now that's, candid!

P:S// Liverpool Vs Malaysia, an experience, never to be forgotten.

Thursday, July 14, 2011

Quick Update!

Hi guys! Here's a quick update- yesterday I've watched the Liverpool training was totally awesome! A lot of fans turned up in the stadium; dare I say that it was 2 or 3 times the spectator of the ones who attended the Arsenal training session.

I'll upload the pics when I get back home this Sunday. Was totally tired yesterday and today i'll be on my way to Pavilion to go and attend the Meet and Greet session with the Liverpool players!

So guys, stay tuned, yeah? ;).

P:S// My friends laptop SD card reader is couldn't upload any pictures..sorry guys!

Wednesday, July 13, 2011

Arsenal Vs Malaysia [The Aftermath]

Me and my group of friends left home as early as 4pm and reached Bukit Jalil stadium at 4.30p.m. and to my astonishment, there's a lot of people are already here, waiting to enter the stadium.

People started to queue up infront of the stadium at 5p.m..and we got in, exactly at 6p.m. My seatings were at the yellow gate and honestly guys, I didn't enjoy my time that much when I was watching the match live.

Arsenal was very good, there's no doubt about it- during the first half they deployed most of their 2nd team team and Malaysia was totally awful and wasteful on possession. Theo Walcott's goal was perfectly executed and there was even spectators sleeping since the game was totally one sided. (Malaysia merely attacked the Arsenal defence).

When Nasri, Van Persie and Sagna came in, that was when the stadium roared and cheered gleefully. Sad to see that Malaysia couldn't break their duck against Arsenal, otherwise it would be a good match, overall.

Arsenal   4
Malaysia 0

Bring on Liverpool!!!

Tuesday, July 12, 2011

Arsenal Vs Malaysia [Training Pics]

It was one hell of a day at KL today. Going back and forth in KL meeting with representatives of MARA and UniKL was really tiring- but, as we arrived at Bukit Jalil, approximately on 6pm, our spirits were totally high up in the sky. (Okay..lame sentence)

Soooo..anyways, It's Arsenal- beybeh! And it was their training session.

Pics- As always.

It was totally fun to watch the team live at the stadium; especially when the keeper saved a few shots from the Arsenal players. Totally wow-ed. Van Persie does has this thing on his shots- venomous. There were a lot of fans cheering on the team- but too bad i'm a Liverpool fan; still, it was a pleasure to see them passing the ball around. Can't wait to see Liverpool this coming Thursday!

Hope you guys enjoyed the training session pictures. Arsenal Vs Malaysia on 8.45pm, Wednesday. Who will prevail?

I'm guessing its a 3-1 win to Arsenal.

Heh. :p
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