Saturday, July 2, 2011

Your Definitive Guide For Kuching Travellers!! *Part 2*


I hope that first part didn't bore you- but i'm sure, the 3rd, 4th and final day at Kuching was simply a blast.

It was Saturday during their 3rd day here in Kuching and I was interested with this new "Eco Theme Park" at Matang area- called

"Sinar Serapi Eco Theme Park".

It was a 20 minute drive from Kuching and from what I've heard from blogs and reviews they say that Sinar Serapi was totally worth the trip. The one that I really look forward was you can kayak and play jet ski at the theme park, for a payment of RM20 and RM60 an hour. As we arrived Sinar Serapi and entered the place; it was totally disappointing.

(Luckily we didn't pay for the entrance fee's..we came in using the exit door and straight away went back to the car). Eco Theme Park? Meh.

Feeling frustrated, we decided to journey on Matang Family Park.

So Matang Family Park it is.

It does sound boring you know- FAMILY PARK. Why the hell we're interested to go to a family park anyways?

The entrance fee to the park was only RM3 and honestly, guys, the trip was simply worth it.

Have you guys tried river crossing before? If you guys havent, then I think this would be the best place to try it. Matang Family Park has two area's, Stage 1 and Stage 2. The one that we entered was Stage 2 and to enter Stage 1, you have to walk 2km through an easy jungle trail. At Stage 1, people were absent as most of them went at Stage 2, so we had the privilege to camwhore and splash around like mad goats. The rivers are very clear.

(Izhan accidently swam while having his phone inside his pocket. Luckily his phone survived!)

We wanted to trail further south of Stage 1, but we couldn't take the risk and we head back to Stage 2 after an hour or so swimming at the river. The best thing about Stage 2 was there's a mini-waterfall at the end; but you have to cross the river, which is very, very challenging to me. To those of you who's lazy, you can walk through the hills and walk down from a cliff. It's not that dangerous, but it's safe.

Here's some photo's of the mini-waterfall. Sangat best.

So to speak, we had a blast at Matang Family Park. RM3, again, well spent.

Meanwhile, Faris, in particular, said that he came to Sarawak because he wanted to try those "ulat".

You mean, "ulat sago", Faris?

Determined, we went to the Satok's night flea market to search for that "unique" delicacy of his and sadly, we couldn't find any (They ended up buying souvenirs instead). I thought Satok's night flea market do have those "ulat", right? I'm not too sure, but still, it was fun going to the flea market. It's been a long time since i've been here. I miss visiting the comic shop where they always had those GTO, Dragon Ball comics and they still have it, btw!

Speaking of Kuching, Kuching travellers, must atleast visit the so called biggest shopping mall in Sarawak, which is The Spring. We went there a bit late tho, around 10pm so we decided to watch a movie at MBO. Surprisingly they said that The Spring was quite nice. Absolute shocker.

That was how the 3rd day was done.

The fourth day, however was a bit boring since we were very tired the night before. Swimming, trekking and river crossing on the day, and pasar malam, movies on the night. We plan to go to Matang Wildlife Centre in the morning but we overslept. So we skipped the plan and did some light travelling and took some rest. (For jungle trekkers/animal lovers, go to Matang Wildlife Park if you're interested, it's fun! A lot of exotic animals and trails awaiting for you, there! The entrance fee is cheap if im not mistaken- it's less than RM10)

We went to the Kuching museum, located next to Merdeka palace (for museum lovers, visit the cat's museum at Jalan Semariang or the Islamic museum which is 5mins walk from the Kuching museum) and Astana, which is near the Dun building to snap some close-up photo's of the DUN building. I still find it weird, why citizen's can't enter that building. I mean, we paid tax and all that. Atleast give us permission to enter and see the insides of the building goddamnit. At Astana, you can visit the orchid garden and to tell you the truth, its nothing special.

We spent the night by hanging out at Safwan's place. Me and my friends, including Safwan studied at the same college and after spending the night out at Safwan's crib, we went to Mc' Donalds and hang out at waterfront. We slept early that night, because..

Tomorrow, ADVENTURE, await's us!!!

Here's some sneak peak-

*Part 2 Ends*

P:S// I didn't bring my dslr for these most of pictures taken during this blog posts are from my friends camera. Panasonic Lumix! Thanks for the pics, Izhan! ;)


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