Thursday, July 21, 2011

Fashion Statement?

I'm not really a fashion guy and I dont wear any fancy clothes that costs thousands-

But recently, when it comes to jackets/sweaters or coats, I am a bit picky.

Winter is coming up at Sheffield (I know, its on December, its probably Spring now) but I've been scouting some coats and jackets and i'm stuck with three choices.

Zara's Trench Coat (RM399)

Zara's Linen Jacket With Faux Suede (RM279)

And Diesel's Scron Cowl Neck Hooded Sweat (80 pounds)

What do you guys think? I'm thinking of looking for other brands and styles first, but these three really fits the bill for my wallet.

I kinda like the linen jacket though-

Sigh, choices, choices.

Picture credit: Zara and Asos.


Gabrielle Jee said...

Whoaaa seriously??? That's wayyy too expensive for a coat! And it's linen =( not even wool. Go to Sheffield and buy, it's probably way cheaper, way thicker and way nicer. Lol you'll die with a linen coat in WINTER IN SHEFFIELD!

^_^ I bought my red coat for like just USD57 from US, and it's 70% wool with acryllic.


=( It's only coldest at 3C here and I already think that is torturing

Lyn Zamhari said...

i don't think linen is enough. you'll freeze hahahaha. buy wool! :D

Random-Apples said...


The trench coat, isit expensive? I'm not that experienced in online shopping, esspecially when it comes to clothes! haha. i think i'll just skip the linen jacket.

Hmm..i'll try to find any nice wool coat and those percentages..does it really matter? i'm still confused..haha


what about the hooded sweat? mcm kacak jak..but, i do find it quite expensive..@.@

Anonymous said...

seriously dude u're wearing that in winter.. i'll bet you'll feel like you're naked in the freezing water.. you can still feel the cold even when wearing 2inner tshirt.. go find something like this, haha

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